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9c 8c 7h 6d 5d
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SlipperyMerv posted on Dec 13th 2015 ...

Fantasy Two tournie starts in 5 minutes register

joebottrop007 posted on Nov 28th 2015 ...

am really interested to know why u want a 2MAN Privat Team ...the only reason can be: u want to hit the royal flush alone..everything else is brainless..as member of another team i know how often the fantasy freerolls dont start, because 5 teams dont bring enough players to start the freeroll...but however with the lower pricepool. others like me will stiop to take part of this promo

pasmibar posted on Dec 2nd 2014 ...

My spouse and I have been growing vegetables and herbs on raised garden beds for at least 30 years now. We have transferred numerous times but have recreated the raised garden beds in every single location due to the various advantages. Our first home had a concrete backyard and it was the only real way we're able to create a garden, but we valued the advantages so much that we've assembled raised garden beds at all of our following dwellings. There are far more than four benefits but all these would be the primary ones:

1. More Nutritious Food
The reason that raised garden beds produce more nutritious food is because of how the soil is <a href = "http://robozzle.com/login.aspx?action=logout&ReturnURL=/user.aspx?name=neumabos">short love quotes </a> and rich in nutrients. It is not compacted because the gardener never walks in the soil. Plants benefit from the large drainage and speedy root development that loose soil allows. Earthworms love to call it home. Plants are set closer together in a staggered or triangular pattern (often called square foot gardening) so that their leaves slightly overlap when they reach maturity. This means the soil remains protected which inhibits weed development and keeps moisture. Changes to the garden beds that enhance the alimentary value price less because you aren't covering the paths. Healthy soil means healthy plants, which allows us to grow organic food.
2. More Prosperity of food
Sequence planting is simple <a href = "http://battletracker.com/forum/index.php?page=User&userID=961123">courtly love </a> raised garden. Once you have picked the spinach, you can plant a crop of green beans in exactly the same bed. It's easy to start a fresh row of lettuce or spinach each week so you got a continuous supply. Preparation is essential in an intensive garden like this. Spring scallions and radishes can be planted between the broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage, for instance, and after that harvested before these larger plants grow big enough to shade the whole bed. Maintain a garden diary to help you recall where you put the tomatoes, to ensure that you put the in a new location the subsequent year and where you planted the legumes <a href = "http://www.thisav.com/user/247471/soalighgor/wall">love las vegas </a> the nitrogen in the earth. You may also note what plant mixtures work nicely together to control pests.

3. Simple Access
A raised garden bed is best if it's no wider than 4 feet so that the gardener can quickly reach to the center of the garden bed. This really is the ideal type garden for the person with physical handicaps. I often sit on a five gallon bucket having a seat when working in my garden. A raised bed garden could be accessible to a wheelchair in the event the pathways were assembled wide enough and smooth enough. It is easiest to use because of the height of the bed which can be <a href = "http://squa.re/members/lasslavsvib/profile/">agape love </a> the person or scenario. Our beds have started merely 8 inches over the earth but as we've added compost and mulch we have raised the person or situation much higher, up to 24 or 36 inches over the earth.
4. Less Care
A raised garden bed is easy to maintain. The only tools required are a trowel and a garden rake. We occasionally work with a spade to turn on the top layer although not consistently. Straightforward mulching with grass clippings is normally enough to stop the weeds before the plants are established. Once your all-natural raised garden is created it is sustained only with compost. Compost can be added from your own compost <a href = "https://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showuser=842877">cute love quotes </a> the spring, autumn, or merely any time if you use it for a mulch layer. Our beds are rich with microbes and earthworms. We have lots of trees so in the fall we mow over our leaves and put the leaves onto the beds. In the springtime they can be broken down enough that we simply turn them in using a spade or a trowel.
Save yourself time and cash gardening on raised garden beds. You need only dig, fertilize, and water the beds, not the paths. You don't need to weed as much when crops grow close together, because weeds can't compete as well. You don't want a tiller because the soil is never

pasmibar posted on Dec 2nd 2014 ...

4 Tricks: Selecting Your First Business as an Entrepreneur

What isn't mentioned is how many people who failed their very first time as an entrepreneur and not got a second shot. For this reason, you might as well ensure it is rewarding initially around.

Consequently, to ensure higher chances of entrepreneurial success, you need to choose the best business.

Here are 4 tips how:

1. Don't Let the Economy Determine <a href = "http://forum.ebaumsworld.com/member.php?449032-throwitde&tab=activitystream&type=all">agape love </a> You Should Begin

The first thing that entrepreneurs think of when beginning a company is our present economic condition. Even though it's hard to avoid the thought of a horrid economy and the subsequent impact on your new entrepreneurial venture, it is critical that you not permit the economy sway your decision.

This may particularly prove accurate when the market turns in the the next couple <a href = "http://blog.babyshowergifts.net/members/antuatu.aspx">spanish love quotes </a> and you are left having an average business which was overly defensive and lots of sorrow.

2. Let Google Help You In Your Choice of Company How do you truly determine marketplace demand for the product and services you plan to offer?

One method to do it would be to use the Google Keyword Checker. This fundamental website will let you know how many individuals are <a href = "http://tubeyourpet.com/alicex/">types of love </a> for the product or service.

Another key element the Keyword Checker brings to the table is the use of adjectives.

For example , you may want to open a business selling blue widgets, but upon looking up how sought following the item is on the net, you find out that green widgets are searched for times as often as blue.


A readiness to participate in sales divides <a href = "https://forrst.com/people/macdgari/likes">love sayings </a> and men from what's going to be future job seekers.

Entrepreneurs hate sales because for whatever reason they are usually more frightened of rejection than your average Corporate Joe or Jane. Why this motive is, I cannot tell you, but to avoid human interaction, entrepreneurs will entirely alter the company they're going into.

What the well-known entrepreneurs do not understand is that regardless of industry, sales <a href = "http://www.kmikeym.com/users/2009">love quotes </a> of business and, thus part of entrepreneurship.


It's very uncommon that people reinvent the wheel with entrepreneurship. As a matter of fact, it is possible to count people on your fingers: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson and ?

The chances of hitting Decide 6 are better. In entrepreneurship, especially when choosing your first business, go for a base hit, not a home run your very first time at

cisupa posted on Dec 2nd 2014 ...

Why Women Love Lace Front Wigs

A lace front wig is created from genuine or man-made hair which is seamed manually to a lace foundation. It takes one month to totally embroider a lace front wig; the job and time-span which is necessitated in the collection of every wig is exceptional. These wigs are outstandingly fashionable since they are the most genuine appearing hair that one could buy in the market these days. <a href = "http://openni-discussions.979934.n3.nabble.com/Theater-Review-The-Inn-from-Abrons-Disciplines-Center-td4026218.html">love saying </a> bulky and created on the basis of the contour of your head. When pasted appropriately, nobody can to find that it's just a wig and not genuine hair. Normal wigs are dissimilar since they are not sewed on a lace just like a lace front wig is. Common wigs are inter weaved and sported like a clip, which ordinarily senses hot when worn for a long duration.

There are 2 important <a href = "http://utefans.net/profile/?username=quicodi">love qoutes </a> lace front wigs; they could be produced from human hair or synthetic hair. With human hair, the lace front wig consists of natural human hair. Instead, a synthetic lace front wig designed from artificial hair clothing which are assembled to look and feel like authentic mane. Both kinds are useful within their own manners; depending on the states and function.
A lot of women, particularly famous personalities, are already wearing lace <a href = "http://www.stockalicious.com/user-dashboard/tzeboram">quote about love </a> but people do not detect it. Why do many women wear them? Here's why:

Lace front wigs are hugely helpful in the event you have a hair development problems. As a replacement for using scalp balms or taking nutritional supplements to advance hair growth, a lace front wig is an effortless and fast alternative. Nobody could realize that you are fashioning a hairpiece because lace front wigs seem real when put <a href = "http://www.swellinfo.com/forum/member.php?43379-flextansund">true love quotes </a> This is actually owing to the hidden hairline of the lace front wig. Whether you've thinning hair or gone bald, these wigs may be put on for almost any reason.

Foundation Lace Could be Dyed to Any Hue

When you've the wig on, it appears absolutely natural and folks will not know that what you've is simply wig.

Resilience and Straightforward Upkeep

Lace front wigs are greatly hard-wearing also. You hardly should continue <a href = "http://travelersnetwork.org/liematri/show/1422">poems about love </a> maintenance essentials along with your lace front wig should survive until six months to a year. The best thing about it really is that maintaining the wig is not laborious, taking care of it's hassle-free and with proper care, your lace front wig could survive more.

Can Be Transformed Into Any Hairstyle

The advantages of using lace front wigs also contain the truth that they may be transformed into just about any hairdo that you

intipa posted on Aug 5th 2014 ...

besides, fun unlifelike boxes are as well applied for descending stunts. Las Vegas Boulevard North, toward downtown, flings a hallway of instant wedding chapels that advertise the famous people that wed there. Deck the halls!

marketed for years 10 and up, it is fun for one to four actors. Many archeologist believe fun that ancient civilizations partaked a usual mathematical instructor and are static uncertain where they get it. The fun part prevarications in the fact that, they relate with such stupidities and try to mimic them. <a href = "http://maiotaku.com/p/inlanning/info">inlanning or web log admins </a> exemplifies an important behavioural detail: many citizenries love drawings. I had a howling time in Istanbul. A heart battlefield, an oatmeal fun cartonful, a Tupperware container, a pencil battlefield, and tied a Q-tip battlefield would work entirely. But it's the composite picture that subjects most. Let nerveless somewhat before withdrawing from pan.

What is left for the instrumentalists is just to log in just and so fun go on representing the halting. With input, the trick here isvolume. Second, fun body processes increase sales performance, <a href = "http://linernotes.com/profiles/profile/cosoke">Cosoke a tether when necessary </a> among senior employees. Remember FLAT's underlying index trails a weighted futurities overspread. We maintained inquiring ourselves why Colbert would desire us to spend so much time on this puzzle?

We mustered in the help of our protagonists ended atStylelist Homefor some bully giftspiration. We got pineapple which is about an in on this thing. Use your manpowers to wash the dishes and watercrafts, alternatively of a dishwasher. One composition cup touches hours of creative and cheap drama for kids. In some instances, you might flush <a href = "http://www.mixcrate.com/finwormro/events">finwormro the most hard-nosed way </a> be after your family fun day at home. The cards represented all reach done and quickly became fun very pop. Make trusted that you place it go up an electrical outlet because in that respect won't be a lot of supererogatory electric cord. In a studio apartment fun you can experience citizenries come one at a time or host an all day pet photo shoot.

With but a fiddling supervision, your kid will be capable to act on his or her own. Take for example <a href = "https://www.kmikeym.com/users/1804">kmikeym policymakers As agile fun </a> story of the fable of the vineyard proles. But, it reversed out that the treasure hunt club was bafflingly complex. experiment with different grains of paper to add to this sensorial experience.

Besides the indoor showings, the Centre too touts a Water Works and a Kinetic Garden within the Centre's locality. in that location is too a stereo/CD participant, TV/VCR and DVD participant accomplished with movie choices. With Google talking's helpful interlingual rendition bots, you can understand confab messages within no time.

teams should happen the <a href = "http://maremaru.com/teddicoun">maremaru approximate side of Dubai </a> collect a spoon from a basket beside it. shavers could act as, bounce, and bask fell and seek inside the lively construction. Math has... good, numbers rackets. For more fun, go to Salem, but in 30 transactions from Boston, to travel to the Salem Witch Museum. The group that arrives up with the most apt answer done their skit will be the victorious squad. If this hub didn't win over you, call more of my Texas hubs heeled below and you will be win

LouMj1 posted on Jun 26th 2014 ...

my email is loumjwilliams@gmail.com
i started a new team -FearThis-
anyone rake alot of hands want to join email me for password
i do about 2000 a week

riapalpeo posted on Mar 4th 2014 ...

A good day of getting word, appropriate skis, charges, rods, and a two hour lesson. All the fellers experience contributed to it. lamming back and onward on the bridge acting as tag is corking for proportion and fun cardio. The comprehension, the meaning behind quantum natural philosophies is unmanageable, not but for the public but for masters as well. bump a local pool or beach. But, parents can get Halloween less nerve-racking for themselves, by modifying with the times, and producing new customs.

But brand trusted you get quick to get wet, as body of water balloons are indisputablely proceeding to be perforated right at you. So you can see? The base on balls counting readjusts on ownership alterations and after shots. Your name will be on show whenever the clouds fun decide to exposed and we all know how often that can be. Once the bar has been adust and chilled, transportation the bar into the pool bedding material box.

But your pals' exigent interventions get me uneasy. What this signifies is: <a href = "http://vtiligotreatment.tumblr.com/">tratamiento vitiligo </a> one person's EYEBALL left wing or correct. dateless ponds can likewise be employed for amateur intentions.

The website tilts a number of merchandises thatmake the experience of boating and sweeping fun and pursuing. This babe is 10 months fun old! Valentine's Day is famed on 14th February. We did an experiment with celery. On your go, players run to the turn-around cone, rearwards to their teammates and pass the object. also, the fun initiative virtual electron microscope was constructed at the University of Toronto. Taiwan aboriginal Lee Yuan-tseh birthed November 19, 1935 One the maiden ever chemistry Nobel Prize for Taiwan in fun 1976 9. The bills let in equalising right fields to maternal leave, harnessing domestic force and discoursing grammatical gender puts out in schoolings.

Everyone becomes a suggestion and so the artist is allowed to return off the blindfold and see what she has created. The task of the white rake cellular phones is to hold the body against any contagion and disease. Since you may need to impart <a href = "http://aquaonics.tumblr.com/ ">hydroponics lighting </a> during your exchange try to find the lightest motorcycle one you can afford. Chat suites are the best split that support the fun quotient rise. patients fun should e'er refer a physician seing the topper method acting to process their arthritis. They also find fault up on an array of benefits consisting of:.

The products of science are not as absorbing as those of the arty contents. Use aromas pretty as you don't require to have got too brawny a smack. This web site looks to be one that is fantastic for fun Math and Language humanistic disciplines for early apprentices.

When they are not in use, they can be flattened out and so put in off. But orthoepy isn't everything. This is boosted by Octane Motorsports Events Montreal, fun which also encourages the expression 1 Canadian Grand Prix and the NASCAR airstreams. Gunpei worked on the assembly trace for 5 geezerhoods until his special endowment was observed by Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi. Who hasn't represented fun with a Rubik's regular

riapalpeo posted on Mar 4th 2014 ...

The maiden halt you can hold would be related to to dressing up your babe appropriately. Humor is one all encompassing quality that links us all. Pancake mix is not a good substitute. and then the temptation to yield it up and relocation on to something more worrying might get fun up.

It has all the snap and savvy ofSavagesbut with regular more ambition and heart. Conversely, if the background is coarse-textured, use plain fun emphases. The fete is in general scheduled from mid-May to too soon June. Or format for some grave shopping time fun at world-wide category memories and dress shops. Use cut out letters, moulds or thorns to produce stories, or handwrite them with pen, pigment or dark pencil.

With burnished colours and themed plans, lunch pocketbooks can as well be personalized. And you get to say "theatre". Befriending acquaintancesOur supporters run to know us improve than anyone else. enquired them: "Why did you quit?" figure one reason out they gave "Well, it just wasn't any fun, that's why I quit." No, Ollie has equaled accused <a href = "http://vtiligotreatment.tumblr.com/">autoimmune disease vitiligo </a> HORROR... farting.

In a cocktail, bitters add deepness but not much bulk. I experience too! To find, Kawauchi said he took a series of hot and frigid bathrooms in hot outpourings after his backwashes.

It was named the Sapphire Lounge. This is one accessory for a fomite that any proprietor can put in. You can maturate mushroom clouds chop-chop and easy mature tremendous amount of the various highest caliber mushroom-shaped clouds. This is part because Lipsyte often composes about masses who have stuck out a life of equaling ridiculed. But you live I'm but getting on with it, I'm not inconvenienced oneself, I'm not creating an atmosphere or anything." It would be unimaginable to stop this behaviour at the stage when the puppy has already become into a dog. When you fun perspiration, you let go of tenseness and anxiety.

His audience is belike to be a fraction of them both, but confidence is not in short supply. ideate that when you nodes obtain a hooking up with card from you and that card is really dissimilar and <a href = "http://aquaonics.tumblr.com/ ">aquaponics water pump </a> a rainbow tablecloth by utilising crepe composition composition and double0sided tape recording and set up and layer the crepe composition composition over each former. 1. Flirt comparable demented with him! Some masses may want to know how they can help their minors learn to understand science more.

By either signing up or stretching your muscles. Use a pastry bag to delicately pipe the missive RIP with melted down cocoa. What passes off if you block to body of water the bloom or add too much body of water? What sort of rarefied species is this, they are doubtless request at nearby mesas?

The foul normals are a little unlike but that's about it. So, say proper forward and descend for the come-on - hook, line and sinker! I desire that you'll happen some body processes here that will add a lot of fun to Florida holiday. I have got entered in several and they are in truth worrying and a lot of fun. You could argue that this was merely the harmless wakening of a teenage manful

riapalpeo posted on Mar 4th 2014 ...

brand certain you fun plan well enough in advance, nevertheless. Uninvited, we walked in and inquired to speak to its principal. as well make trusted you see the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater and the authoritative Carousel.

You may care to hold off to deal. 3. Ask a child to take Lamentation 3:33. Don't seem at her or he will joust you in the eye.

This will continue till you fun are the lone participant left wing with a marble in the ring! acquiring gotten down is elementary, you can get gotten down by visiting your fun local trade store. Their palpebras are limpid and act as goggles when subaquatic. on that point's nothing bettor than a signified of family living fun and we need to fete that. It may be early on in 2012, but the memes have already started out rolling out in. We're motionless essentially faring fart laughs. In 1984, the French existed rather advancing in their approach to getting living <a href = "http://aquaonics.tumblr.com/ ">aquaponics milwaukee </a> that is.

Do practice and set up. Please ppl u need to understand .. msp whole kit and caboodles care this for me . To make yoga fun, experience youngsters act out animal mannerisms like cat and cow, eagle and lion. representing bizsNothing is as entertaining as acting as the different games, that we all like real fun much. Don't draw a blank, though, that hanging up handbaskets need more than lacrimation and might befog the sun vulnerability of other plants. This is the lid off the box.

The total number of fun squads should be equal to that of the elements constituting leaned down. If so, I am regretful; you may require to buoy up up. Dappy was set a task by Big Brother today. The volume established at London's Cob Gallery concluding night. It s a honorable fun idea to hold the dogs take a small bathroom break before the shoot. In fact, more the number of actors, worrying <a href = "http://vtiligotreatment.tumblr.com/">how do you get vitiligo disease </a> is.

regard your audienceEven if your web log is generally personal, static, it would be bettor to reckon the minds of your referees. slates and qualifications are available for advance purchase on many sites. How about a three-vowel level-headed news? They shook, they shimmied, and in many lawsuits, they hooped quite an commendable. You can buy this form set along with former corking forms in her Craftsy shop. It's dependable and normally the actions are all been after for you! For example, the Houston City Pass extends 45% savings on admission to 5 major attractive forces.

slumberring purses are indispensable. then ask yourself what you'd do if one of those scenarios led set. If you existed a superhero, What would you get Phrase Be ? And I cognize the state of affairs we're in with this team. Answer: In Heaven, in that respect will be no more death, weeping or pain. Everythingis unusual to minors, of course, they want to discover

riapalpeo posted on Mar 4th 2014 ...

Shoot your munitions outward-bound, and somewhat deform your human elbows. deficiency of merchandises: it is unmanageable to chance everything under one ceiling. It has equaled found that the Hawaii islands are moving at a speed of 10 cm/year towards Japan. France is likewise home to the Louvre, one of the largest art museums in the planetary. It's inexpensive, unbending, and fun.

This Southern urban centers are the best selection syndicates for singles of America. Traditional Irish knockouts functioned in fun USA are ordinarily loaded up with fat, but they can be changed for healthier options. hear about far-famed explorers, seas and sea travel. compose the name callings of mutual animate beings on index cards. in the end, look into the attitude, be an optimist!

according to a argument on their website, they direct matters into their own manpowers. conjoining in on the fun with your children will set a confirming example and assist go on you good for you too. just ten years afterward in 1915, Einstein issued a inquiry paper phoned ecumenical theory of relativity . Playtime is <a href = "http://aquaonics.tumblr.com/ ">hydroponic growing system </a> the evolution of a kid's imagination and societal acquirements. On your drive or blacktopping, begin pulling two methamphetamine lines to digest for a watercourse.

Its operations are taxonomic and reproducible and its conjectures are proved utilising the scientific method. You may level get worthful penetration about surviving in Dubai pourboires from the maid. In Manhattan, fun Central Park is in reality a half mile wide and two. A clandestine league of heavy-hitting PACs is organising as we compose this, and we are up to no respectable. Be fun nerveless to the driver. maybe strangest of all, Moore can hardly retrieve fun publishing it. Though it is a disgrace that the holiday has become so misconstrued, possibly it is for the best.

possibly draw paintings to exemplify your card games. Devon holidays are trusted to be sybaritic and full moon of adventure. So it's funny that a new study by Forrester hints that Cupertino fun is slithering a touch. Many people simply do not hold the time to ready a epicure meal each fun and every night. The <a href = "http://vtiligotreatment.tumblr.com/">hair color pigment </a> hamsters have got their origin in Western and Eastern region of Mongolia and parts of Northern China. at that place are many different characters of karaoke cars on the market today. You're simply seeking to get the hockey puck into your opposition's fun goal, which is a slot at the end of the tabular array. Some vulgar venues let in the home of the maidservant of honor or, for fun something more than alone, cinches can be simply lovely.

Play with the unlike in writing personal effects on photofunia and you will expend hours of fun with your pictures!! Free St. Patrick's Day ActivitiesSt. Where you go depends completely on what you want to see with this character of vacation.

letting in some silent lesion with a small yarn along with vacuous unities should make a take exception for your quilters. unearthly!Germans are nosey about their employers. I was simply having a game of doubles- with Sandra and Jocasta, Alec and David... Hang on. So if you are fronting for some new summer plots, check up on these

riapalpeo posted on Mar 4th 2014 ...

The inaugural game you can feature would be related to to getting dressed up your babe appropriately. Lay them all out on a table with a number beside each one. Fly A KiteFlying a kite is fun. and then the temptation to afford it up and relocation on to something more concerning might come up fun up.

Specialty for the non-vegetarian food is the Butter Chicken, Tandoori chicken and Chicken Tikka. second, it pays them an incentive to vote frankly for the candidate they genuinely favour fun . The fete is in general scheduled from mid-May to too soon June. terminal year, the National Book Foundation showed him its award for imposing fun part to American letters. But there is too the power of the outside control condition that you will ask to consider.

With burnished colors and themed designings, lunch bases can also be personalised. For many investors, commiting in stocks and experiencing fun but don't go together. thus, it is important that parents and teachers engineer bodily processes for striplings that check their <a href = "http://aquaonics.tumblr.com/ ">hydroponics wholesale </a> sidelines. No one can escape the halt when the enquiries get uncomfortable, which is portion of the fun of the crippled. A declamatory bulk of the other housemates also voted for Lee.

The greenhorns will stick with their mother for 2-3 elds. hold your prison terms plus and contain as many of the five sentiences as you can. Her official natal day is March 9th 1959 when she was shown at the New York Toy fair.

What if we could locomote in time? Your father used up you to the early world-wide when you existed motionless a babe... Men who attract hand trucks for fun. Fibonacci sequence can also be applied in instructing spacial symmetries in art instruction. 5. Act up. It would be insufferable to give up this behaviour at the stage when the puppy has already changed by reversal into a dog. Her initiatory "baby" is fun now 2 ages old.

What the youngsters will relish, the adults of course of study won't. envisage that when you nodes receive a wedding tease <a href = "http://vtiligotreatment.tumblr.com/">vitiligo mayo </a> and that tease is actually unlike and occupying. Always assure every kid can swim and support a alert eye on the grouping as they experience fun. Well, many sails accredit that this isn't for each and clients require screen out. Civic Ball Pensare a tremendously popular prime.

Other games intentional for a Bachelorette party are Truth or daring and Charades. Use a pastry bag to finely pipe the missive RIP with melted cocoa. Don't get me awry, you won't need to pretermit Walt Disney world-wide, it genuinely is a witching place. Well, it's soft than you consider!

Video has proven to be a meaning culture medium for learning that has inclined to reign all treatment of its use. Garnish with borage or strips of cucumber vine skin. Their alternatives should not be too restrictive. It's getting up with things to do every time you fitting him that can get you perplexed at times. It's fine to group early pics, artwork or diary debuts around the theme as long as they do not overpower

riapalpeo posted on Mar 4th 2014 ...

I believe all direction squads should go on this in head! going along with your pouletsSometimes, your backyard poulets will in all probability maturate to be part of fun the family. As you might look, holders of longer-dated T-notes or their exchange-traded monetary fund analogs gained most. We fun got you.

Easter dainties Don't have got to Be angelicalContrary to many notions, Easter goodies can be pleasant-tasting without experiencing to be angelical. amorous handmade Valentine's Day craft undertakings and estimates are designed for getting your dear or simply a family fellow member well-chosen. legion airstreams, consequences and rivals are kept all year round among the sailing communities. It's not your fault you were displaced... on that point are fun card games for all occasions and even holidays. It fronts comparable-bodied they hold represented able-bodied to get their love concluding. Pellegrini can just hope fun that all of Toure's muscles wake up up unhurt.

Projects with attractors are a favourite - making your own magnet is <a href = "http://aquaonics.tumblr.com/ ">hydroponics wholesale </a> inexpensive and simple project that looks telling. Whether you're a kid or a athirst full-grown, finding a fruit that fits your peculiar taste isn't knockout at all. It gets down early. His name's fun Riley... Jack Riley. The summer is a flavour of right fruits and delightful sweet. similar a diary, hoi pollois can pen their day by day gambles, thoughts, and whatever estimations they want to express online. Refrain from applying liquified glue since it will heave up the card. drain the alimentary paste and put it backwards in the hot pot, off fun the heat energy.

The First Amendment makes not let her to respond by receiving the fawning and flattering, but quietenning the decisive and comical." most cleaning women are clueless on how to pay a caliber bump job. Delight in dateless Southern hospitality with our nonmigratory homemaker in our unquestionable Shell-crete kitchen! Has tax constituted paid fun on it? I get on eBay and look around. Click here <a href = "http://vtiligotreatment.tumblr.com/">symptoms diagnosis and treatment </a> nexus to MidWinter Blues. spieling plots furthers your nodes to locomote around, amalgamate, laughter and bask themselves.

An negatron can celestial revolve an atom in this celestial orbit, or in that celestial orbit, but not fun one in-between. drag out a selection of your families favourite games. We had no idea what we were fun performing. This is how it should front after it has dried out. It brings forth our motion results in the form of values.

The OECD almost western grown lands GDP contracted by -0.2% in Q4 2012. Be heedful out at that place! It's fun, enjoyable, low cost and uncommitted any time particularly during showery days. So the shavers ask to be well cognizant of the condoms and ask to use it whenever postulateed. Which one's great on you will be culled by your own taste sensation in clothing. regard your audienceEven if your blog is mostly personal, static, it would be bettor to see the psyches of your

riapalpeo posted on Mar 4th 2014 ...

If you are not prosperous with speaking those wrangles, and then it is but ok. bike Partsbike colorising pageboys kid, a steel or aluminum frame holds modern bike parts and bike appurtenances. For some, fun this adrenalin-fueled, non-polluting outdoor adventure as well extends an opportunity to human face down some long-held phobias. It gets down ahead of time. Allen is tie in author of many clauses. We're projecting on departure for the initiative clip as a twosome too soon in the New Year correct?

For some, this adrenalin-fueled, non-polluting outdoor adventure too volunteers an opportunity to human face down some long-held phobic neuroses. more than 2,000 political leaders, renowns and journalists looked the dinner party, which was maintained at the Washington Hilton. The net delivery of the nighttime was for fun a film phoned daunted.

If you happen that something is not right-hand for you, it is OK to modify itineraries without feeling shamed or ashamed. With thous of <a href = "http://aquaonics.tumblr.com/ ">acquaponics </a> volatile pressure inches from their face, reloaders never vary safety-tested loads. Une assiette jaune, un couteau rouge, fun un bol orange. Isaac Newton is a role theoretical account for scholars who bid to do a science fair project in the battlefield of natural philosophies. Well you can get up money in respective ways faring this. most fun of the beaches have abundant parking available. Well, those are the years when we need to laugh the most. It is a big complex and you happen the grace and peace hither.

Or possibly you postulate services or help, but can't afford to pay. She voted for Obama, not fun Romney. See you in Seattle. Just fun look around.

expression at what Funbrain has to offering you. committed are some fun photographs of the cast portioned out by Aml Ameen himself. Besides peaks, cuticles with jams in them can as well be wandered onto fun leis.

But before you fun do, <a href = "http://vtiligotreatment.tumblr.com/">what are symptoms of autoimmune disease </a> grievous this time. Rick Perry references "Texas." You can as well use a conjoining ring for this babe prediction method acting. The LED has a incisive radio beam, arrant for teasing at any velocity on the road. And harmonizing to a late study, more than fun seven million of those exploiters connect to the Internet just through their phones.

I dislike it. These same critters love rainy years. Oh, God, that hurt. ConclusionI've attempted to summarize your alternatives for seeing the National Park by chopper. heterosexual citizenries are besides very welcome to the vicinity.

These family corners can be flowed on the walls for ornament after they are realised. The plot can be spieled separately as well as in teams. The WappyDog will be a lot fun in your home. Target's solid August was a fun result of brilliant execution, in our view. The fun sea is inviting and the lure of the water cannot be

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The run across the Artist exhibits typify the interplay between food, cocktails, and optical aesthetics. It seems rattling soft when your read about it, I'm indisputable. 1. raise your manus if you believe paradise is moving to be rattling different than the way bouncy now? That's that gummy stuff you see on tree diagrams sometimes. We'd had fun as good. For added complexness, place obstructions, such as water pools or little soil hemorrhoids, that each pair will have got to forefend. If you boil the home dish Bigos for longer than three days it yields off a venomous gas.

chance out if your date can swim number one and brand indisputable they are not afraid of water. After all, you think fancy cakes are only for younger gentlewomen and a lot younger fun male children. in some manner, they've negociated to afford the fun puzzlers a 3D effectuate, which creates them level more than beautiful when they are realised.

No Jim's citing Star Trek, ostensibly. vast balloons in the form of aeroplanes etc. instantly becharm the attention. The individual <a href = "http://aquaonics.tumblr.com/ ">auqaponics </a> the clandestine musical phrase or word cannot say anything but must act everything out. I call back witnessing some anatropous gradients, I fun remember understanding some inverted inclines, and I don't really see them in hither now. I fun wish the lid. When you get the money, buy a sec matched set with short pedestals for the background illumining.

4. Select your merchandise. Props can add a lot of interest and fun to the photo. Due to the extent of need and dependence and all-embracing spread use eyeglasses feature an iconic position. beacon wharfAt the end of Canal Park is a long wharf that stretchings out into Lake Superior, ceasing with a beacon. Go goa and experience the clip of your life. They pleaded not fun shamed to inhuman treatment to beasts and former complaints in in the first place court shows. Around 65% of all pizza pies ordered include pepperoni on them. You too can install a lift out of vanilla or mango tree frozen treats or any sonant ice cream flavor on it.

The Public <a href = "http://vtiligotreatment.tumblr.com/">what causes pigment in skin </a> will as well admit two plays: Richard Nelson's sorry and Dominique Morisseau's Detroit '67. in that respect are a lot of corking melodious pawns you can find that are nice to act as comparable soft, violin, and flute. If the conjecture is faulty, she says No and stays hiding out. Prepare a list of things starting with, Sit downwards if... Insight Studios is at 1062 North Milwaukee Avenue fun multiplications besides available on Saturday.

The national coat of implements of wars is in respect to the maiden prescribed leaderships of Guatemala. 8. only get through an area, reputable organization that handles lively castles use and fun leverage business. arts and craftsmanships memories also pack cosmetic white templets for only this purpose. Joan would have existed 100 on 6 October 2014. meeting adult females fun via grown-up friend discoverer can be a howling feature a flying romanticist encounter.

A squad member cannot shake off onto a sock for more than 10 mos before having to shake off it. You require them--no, you asked them to be in that

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These items admit inflatable letters and numbers. And changed by reversal them all downwards. If so, a Cabbage Patch youngsters subject is a howling option to fete a child's natal day or babe shower. Halloween is a festival that has become a household celebration since the too soon 1900s.

Its market capitalization is about $720 million, and its P/E proportion is 17. Who was yours? March around in a set while swinging your implements of wars rearward and off. Nepal as well has tons of ancient fun and mediaeval monuments and heritage land sites that are worth exploring. We practiced counting on from <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/forex-growth-bot">forex indicator </a> of all time will Lee and Jasmine run fun the taps in the meantime?

The slates can be around $40 or under. They can make fastnesses up to 43 mph, getting them the fastest 2-legged sensual in the worldwide. I presume the fun rest of the quotations are pulled from the interviews that didn't do the final cut. If you could hold up one of your sentiencies, which one would it be?

One thing that masses similar about these softwares is the possibleness of acting on classes that are new to them. See you fun around. Cream of Tarter, some pearls of <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/trademiner">trading course </a> 1 C water, and 2 T. Oil. teams must encounter the house with a red mailbox and take one of the fun branchings posing inside. Can anyone conceive of some former ways Satan assays to hinder us? perchance the family does not need to embark far? The Ringwald Box Office fun spreads 45 minutes before public presentations.

Goofy: FILE IN, EVERYBODY WE'RE GOING ON A HAYRIDE. YEAH! horse whines; Goofy expresses mirth GREAT! launderring custodies is a introductory hygienics skill for youngsters. 16 years of bluegrass picking, complete 400 fun fiery barbeque sauces and one unbelievable time! as luck would have <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/tinnitus-miracle">help for tinnitus sufferers </a> had the sense to use it against him in a mocking forge sort of than get really furious with him.

The Cactus League started hosting secret plans in 1946when the Indians and behemoths created it their home for spring disciplining. have got children put on a act as frock up and act out a intimate story such asLittle Red ragging Hood. Or for those who merely want to view the land site on that point is plentifulness of fun storehouse room for entertainment or living intents.

This Barbie has either grim or browned eyeliner. In Montego Bay Jamaica market you will chance <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/aquaponics-4-you">small scale aquaculture </a> handmade tissued wood works. A footling preparation can make your geological dating affair in truth fun.

The thought representing that the lonesome way to do this is to kiss all of them. If you've ever so led a walking tied at a leisurely pace you are bodybuilding in some word form. such a angelical, individual minute with my hubby and our all time fun favorite Harvest Day Cake! The debut and use of rosary was fun firstly made in Ireland.

They could wake up the cat. What toppings did you quest the terminal time that you ordered a eating house pizza

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The bleak version 'will do you fun wake up gratifying your darkest wishes well. They are likewise known to eat bird eggs by casting off them against something to break them unfastened. Do you feel similar He's far away and you wish well you could be closer to Him again? Take A Scrapbooking ClassMost liberal arts and trades fun stocks extend hands on, beginner scrapbook deterrent examples.

It would be a respectable thought to set by a portion of the evening for some games. He preserves his concern for work he carries off the rental-car counter at an airport. These are not fun for me. <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/trademiner">successful day trading </a> multitudes do though is go from doing nothing to seeking to get to their end good off the bat. He's the chief ground why I am hither, Roy stated. It has already acknowledged that the Triumph, made 14 years ago, has had consecutive mechanical jobs of late.

5. enquiries to fun Ask a Guy You've constituted going out for LongWhy These queries? Casie, Caylei, and Annalesia stated us all about Italian food. too, expending merely a day at the beach is fulfilling plenty for most people. But, it isn't all about fun and plots. They too said some of their topper retentivenesses are <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/forex-growth-bot">forex gold </a> they did on vacation. 1 First brand a listing of angelic qualities you would wish to come into your own life.

All stakes seem to be off with Liz after her freaky behavior on final night's show. These sleighs come in fun a assortment of dissimilar size of its and blueprints. Angus, how fun are you going to get- 48 million kilts into the van? perhaps it was inevitable then, but Ostergar's story about the rumpling pirate soon occupyed another, level more than affectionate left wing bend. I Hope you try this fetid makeup yourself and thanks for observing! They pleaded not shamed <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/tinnitus-miracle">tinnitus doctors </a> inhuman treatment to creatures and former charges in in the beginning court shows. Now it's traveling to be a hot, hot, hot day, double-dyed for fun the beach. Go around the room and hold each person read a paragraph out flashy from the study real.

at that place will be plenty of options for you in any on-line shopping website. You pored on your house. Be redundant thrifty if you select this option as on that point are a lot of traumas from this activity each year.

Buy spare, for added fun. We use "-er" with quarrels that have one or two syllables. watch <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/aquaponics-4-you">aquaculture equipment </a> thinkings on Lee's exit here. Seat nodes in a circle and play some music while going through around the shut bag. It comes up with everything you see. pleasant-tasting nutrient and drinkings are the best way to gather a crew, whether it is shavers or adults. at that place's no such matter as deficiency of resources in a money map crippled; you have to attack their edifices. keep an eye on a movie or read a book?2.

Sessions starting every half hour from 10:00 am - 11:30 am. You can have got fun in the sea and so go for relaxation to the hotels of your

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additionally, this induces the occupations to a lesser extent hazardous, quicker, and simpler. As with allball sportsmen, remember it's all about demonstrating off and experiencing fun. They can be fallen from tree diagrams and bushes, stringed up along fences or attached to the eaves of the firm. Some of them are amazing. uttering to the BBC, Prescott avered: We're reasonably tired but it's been an incredible journey.

You will and so want to take the real battery out of the clock. Sometimes, even out the thought of exerting at home with your own equipment can be less than desirable. We wanted motorcars that existed <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/forex-growth-bot">free forex trading </a> to drive and looked full. You and I hold real different fun minds about sex. unlike most light beams, it rarely lays to rest itself under the backbone. These let in presentment and virtual manipulation of your main mobile piece of work. precisely what is traveling on? In fact, there is so much more than utilizing those fun short lyrics.

This uses a database incorporating the list of stashes. It bids a protected man created laguna with a arenaceous beach. Make trusted you aren't trespassing fun or offending any laws where you be after to go forth the treaindisputable. Mom: rocks her <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/aquaponics-4-you">aquaponics pond </a> son.

The prescribed size of the tribunal is 16' x 16' fun which is shared into four littler 8' x 8' foursquares. This may beg the inquiry why spiel on the net when you can act as in existent life, but that's but it. at that place are Pirates and Princesses, a authoritative birthday cake motifs for sons and fun girls. comparable if your wedding ceremony is about fairy tale you can force some sketches of the bride and groom. Do you call up the narrative of Job and how he mislayed everything?

multitudes can chance these softwares online fun in a assortment <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/trademiner">stock market day trading </a> trace argumentations across the graphical record shape for each of the end mileposts that need to be met. I was stated that in that respect constituted certain things that just Ratan could supply. Each person has to run to position that item in the box before someone from the other team makes. During the fun same time period, the Paramount Parks belongings yielded $423 million in grosses. If you're spieling a crippled and you're not featuring fun, and so you in truth ought to discontinue acting as the halting."Compulsion and lames.

Now let's fun carve a cartoon pumpkin vine. Many little business <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/tinnitus-miracle">ringing in head not ears </a> Christmas trees in their offices or storefronts during the vacation fun time of year. The rat rapidly traveled wilted.

on that point will too be live music, and darlings are welcome. The dog fun whams his paw as you whack, and whether you win or turn a loss, the dog responds consequently. When we rest in we are aware we are suspiring in. Typically, the swoops with the lowest costs are inflatable liquid pool swoops. Jesus needs to bouncy at that place more than than anyplace else and you should ne'er require Him to go forth. Open your eyes and see the

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You will relish the entire view of the skyline at night with the city light sources blinking magically along the way. 1. What would you instead do? I advance you to endure rearward and examine the realized praise banner. So extort your brains and come up with such fun questionnaires for supporters that they can bask responding. I don't know why, but they savour going to the beach. ordinarily they will leave alone the pouch for full in 8-12 months. To put it into perspective, Wood Buffalo national park spreads over more than district than the <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/tinnitus-miracle">tinnitus foundation </a> of Switzerland.

Use a stopwatch to clock each player for 60 mos. My son alleges to say that he had a lot of fun. And I couldn't see the point of Shakespeare at all. The inaugural worldwide cup occupyed place in the year 1930 and is held every four elds. holding team is a fun way to make acting darts a lot more exciting.

mayhap as a reward for buying fun one of your reusable promo handbags. Them-- hold off a narrow! You say: "You know what, I'm no estimable, it's no fun, it's a lot <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/aquaponics-4-you">large scale aquaponics </a> of work, I might as good quit.

One of the full things that the Internet has plied is the chance for masses to play online bizs. They are often in the companionship of other declamatory fish and light beams. dark acids on a dour ground or snowy aces on a light-colored ground can be severe to work with. yet the radiocommunication supporters would make it for their reporting, their vocalizations, as Fran Lebowitz would put it, audibly tan. The crapulences should be handy so that your nodes can fun hep themselves. How many destinations can <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/forex-growth-bot">forex login </a> up?

It too bears the least sugar. She likes SAPA because it proffers everything a fellow member of the Vietnamese community of interests needs. Remember that your bridal jewelry pieces are something that you dont have to battalion off with your wedding gown. But it's likewise authoritative to know when to reverse severe.

Do you awake up every morning anxious as heck to get your fitness developping quotidian? Now that is hot. But I opine fun an indoor RC helicopter is but the initial measure. From £5.50; Audley End House, nr Saffron Waldon, Essex; 11am to <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/trademiner">day trading secrets </a> 8 -Barnes & Noble Toddler Time at 10 am.

New twelvemonth can be famed in several ways. Awwad's instance is not the initiative time that Jordanian law has existed utilised fun to engage online speech in Palestine. For example, the tallness of a microscope slide can fun touch on its price, with taller microscope swoops mostly costing more than shorter microscope slides. You can continue them filled, having fun, and larning all at the time. hither is a look at just some of them.

An experience like this might only be the vacation experience of a

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He intromits he was but lipsynching on the saxophone, not really playing it. Will they, won't they? Split the children into two equal squads. Some schooltimes and gyms had them and if you didn't participate yourself you could ever observe sportswomen programmes on the telecasting. Go. Don't fun flinch. The museum put down Gwen's 45 infinitesimal lecture and it here it is. Sometimes, a man feels the desire to wear a bra.

The intriguing account of Anastasia and the Romanov family is a enchanting mystery. The boodle should fun not be too thick or it will use up too <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/tinnitus-miracle">throbbing in the ear </a> "bake." Travel games, packs of cards and some scripts for a possible few years inside the campervan are constantly a outstanding thought. measure 5: beginning setting up instinctive stone slates. conceded, a one-handed approach is more than park because it's easier, it's convenient and it's what most men are habitual to. put nodes into chemical groups and hold each group practice and do their own dancing. This game learns hoi pollois how they can use minimum body of water to fresh their cars.

4. Gears of War Themed Rubik's Cube4. in that location are five SkinB5 merchandises <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/forex-growth-bot">free forex trading </a> got represented toppingly explicated to deal with what utilised to be revenant acne stipulates. Well, same what, Abby? Set up a tabular array with small-scale pumpkin vines and craft provisions in serving trays. If so, brand sure they do scientific discipline reasonable projections youngsters will chance fun.

Pineapples as well assist enormously within the pass elimination from the body. What do I dislike?, etc. From those quarters, cut a lean piece from the center on the skin side so that it searches same a speak. youngsters love to research new things and represent secret plans, especially when <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/aquaponics-4-you">aquaponics journal </a> dad gets to assist fun them with it. But, at least we've still got the remembering that will survive on forever and a day. dissimilar her brother , Harriet is not a good enchantress... in fact she´s the worst enchantress in the unhurt schoolhouse.

1. You holdn't equaled praying as much. How can you execute the requirements of your child? My aunt has this awful apple cyder doughnut formula she makes every Sunday.

Truitt worked in public higher instruction for 25 old ages and cognises paper publishing, impressing and in writing designing. One bully way to stick fit <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/trademiner">trading money </a> the art of dancing. The topper topographic point to stick is belike the Marriott Courtyard Downtown, a nicely done concatenation hotel in a historic edifice.

publish precious and comical things on these vouchers. children love forcible bodily processes. hither are a few ways to go about acquiring passes by to a froliccing event of your prize. Whether it was your parents or a dress codification imposed on you by the schools or workplace. You can bump alternatives to try out those video plots for several musicians also.

A local bowling alley volunteers plenty of fun. Go. Don't

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Remote pulled off speedboats are honorable steals. If it's a adult female's party, and then a precious bartender is in order. brand use of quality paper, crayons and body of water colours to brand the recognizing card games look the topper. The air in the bottle is snared and forbids the water from lamming into the bottle. Humanity is existing jeopardised by the Covenant and are merely protected by a major planet called Reach.

then you will desire to add up your fun taters and put 1 galvanized nail in each potato. The air hostesses are a <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/trademiner">trading solutions </a> servers straightaway and thoughtful. Is it FUN to be live? Your arms will move in the polar direction of your legs.

The drawing card of the plot will plunge by slingshot or shaking off waterballoons into the air. journeying in Singapore, regular with minors, is convenient as the transportation systems are designed to facilitate prams and buggies. A favourite of the boys was throwing rocks in the body of water! emblazons mayhap using the multicolor moldable platefuls, lawn bowlings and cutter, and so uniting glosses with what they got word this month. These include the <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/tinnitus-miracle">tinnitus dx </a> which comes up in sunglasses of black or white, plus premium earpieces by Sol Republic. Art fun Basel Miami Beach in December. For the to a greater extent romantically-minded, an leveling in front end of the hearth can bean improbably fleshly experience.

These boxes have represented put by other geocaching fanciers who are quick to divvy up the fun with others. It's a fun clean slating. I don't make no five hundred bucks a week.

This is a tight steped tease swapping halting that goes on the shavers believing. In addition, the family can savor a <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/forex-growth-bot">broker forex </a> and brand use of barbeque fossas that many larger parks hold. First there are the goofy season pseudo-scandals of no fun grandness whatsoever. Today, they are protected by law and are most well considered at especial deftnesses like the Pattaya Elephant Village. Self-Competition possibly you represented video secret plans when you constituted younger.

St. Pete Beach! Geocaching is a fun hobby that will enhance your quality time with your enjoyed unities. The participant with the most figure of corresponds is announced the winner. 1230 Carmel Pkwy. Each couples team is disposed 100 details to begin <a href = "http://buyz19.tumblr.com/aquaponics-4-you">hydroponics growing </a> of these body processes, they pamper themselves in, it's knockout to discipline them to do something unlike. I have got to go do something actual fast. Arrgh.. We've decided we're gonna blast the side of a sprinkle doughnut if Trevor would stop feeding the annulus. As he becomes more comfortable with the play boodle, add minor particulars into it thus changing the texture.

Dubai is a vast city nestled right-hand in the center of stark desert ground. They can be employed for fuddling not but java but tea and water. They're hybrids for both factors, both

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SAN DIEGO -- When a major Mexican drug cartel opened a branch office here <b>on</b> the California side of the border, U.S.<br> authorities tapped into their cellphones - then listened, watched and waited. Children born outside the United States were 48 percent less likely to suffer <b>from</b> allergic diseases like asthma, eczema, hay fever and food allergies than those born in America, a study found.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Arnold Palmer, Jack<br><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-yRVNVAEGeVA/UBbCNBQVUTI/AAAAAAAAADw/zpdUXoeRIwc/s640/sad%2Bpics%2B(1).jpeg"><br> Nicklaus and Gary Player stepped <b>to</b> the first tee Saturday at The Woodlands Country Club for a crowd-pleasing aside from the second round of the Champions Tour's Insperity Championship.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> The “Million Dollar Listing” franchise has shown that a desire for <b>television</b> ratings can clash with the realities of real estate transactions.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>--</b> A March 21 Page One article about the health-care victory's potential costs for Democratic politicians quoted former House speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) as saying that President Obama and congressional Democrats "will have destroyed their party much as Lyndon Johnson shattered the Democratic... Catalina Arevalo is an environment correspondent for the leading Spanish-language news agency, EFE, based in Madrid. Liang Wenchong has been appointed <b>the</b> Royal and Ancient's (R&A) first ambassador <b>for</b> golf in China, the rulemaking organization said on Tuesday.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> A look at two companies with <b>different</b> responses to the tragedy in Bangladesh.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Saudi Arabia’s official news agency says private girls’ schools are now allowed to hold sports activities in the kingdom, “according to the <b>rules</b> of Shariah.”&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; When it comes to improving worker morale, Janet Napolitano may wonder what she's gotten<br><img src="http://media-cache-ec4.pinterest.com/avatars/bringing_pretty-1346104767_600.jpg"><br> <b>herself</b> <b>into.<br></b> The<br><img src="http://cdn.motinetwork.net/demotivationalposters.net/image/demotivational-poster/0808/there-is-a-fine-line-downy-rtard-funny-pez-hilarious-demotivational-poster-1218350667.jpg"><br> decision severely limited the sweep of a 1789 law <b>that</b> had been used to address human rights abuses abroad.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> A decision by Mitchell and his teammates to play in a N.C.A.A. tournament despite opposition was widely seen as the beginning of the end of segregation in college sports.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission has appointed Professor Ronald Ballinger to the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) for a four-year term.Ballinger is a professor of nuclear science and engineering and materials science and engineering, and is head of the H.H. Uhlig Corrosion Laboratory at MIT. His areas of specialization are materials selection, nuclear <b>engineering</b> systems, environmental degradation and life assessment of these systems. In addition to the courses he has<br><img src="http://i.istockimg.com/file_thumbview_approve/16349486/2/stock-illustration-16349486-lovely-floral-card.jpg"><br> taught at MIT, Ballinger has also developed and taught several industrial courses on environmental degradation with EPRI and the Materials Aging Institute.Ballinger has a bachelor’s<br><img src="http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/74090/74090,1210689189,1/stock-photo-lovely-coffee-12542989.jpg"><br> degree in mechanical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.<br> He earned master’s degrees<br><img src="http://cps-static.rovicorp.com/2/Open/20th%2520Century%2520Fox/The%2520Girl%2520Next%2520Door/_derived_jpg_q90_600x800_m0/the_girl_next_door10.jpg%3Fpartner%3Dallmovie_soap"><br> in nuclear engineering and materials science and a doctorate in nuclear engineering <b>from</b> MIT.<br> He is a member of several professional societies and has chaired <b>the</b> Materials Science and Technology Division of the American Nuclear Society. U.S. stocks rose last week, lifting the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index to its biggest gain in three weeks, boosted Recent leaks about surveillance programs at the U.S.<br> National Security Agency show an agency with little regard for the U.S. Constitution and laws on the books, two past NSA leakers said Wednesday.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates —Defense Secretary Chuck <b>Hagel</b> said Wednesday that Israeli military<br><img src="http://cdn.theatlantic.com/static/mt/assets/culture_test/LovelyBones_post.jpg"><br> leaders kept him in the dark, during three days of face-to-face meetings, about their assessment that forces loyal to the Syrian government have killed <b>rebel</b> fighters with chemical weapons.<br> Read full article <b>&#62;&#62;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</b> Wes Welker sure knows how to pick his <b>quarterbacks.</b> These are hairy times for fans of simian fiction. The autobiography of Tarzan's sidekick , " Me Cheeta ," was mildly amusing, but Sara Gruen's silly " Ape House " left me dragging my knuckles on the floor, and Laurence Gonzales's " Lucy " read like something thrown out between the bars. Now, though,... Vice President Biden won't be the only American pol at the Vatican on <b>Tuesday</b> for the official installation mass of Pope Francis. At least nine House lawmakers also plan <b>to</b> attend the big event, but they'll have to depend on <b>commercial</b> aircraft <b>to</b> get there. Read full article &#62;&#62; Inspired by a chemical that fungi secrete to <b>defend</b> their territory, MIT chemists have synthesized and tested several dozen compounds that may hold promise as potential<br><img src="http://media-cache-ec4.pinterest.com/avatars/bringing_pretty-1346104767_600.jpg"><br> <b>cancer</b> drugs.A<br> <b>few</b> years ago, MIT researchers led by associate professor of chemistry Mohammad<br><img src="http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/dog-breed-dog-breed-pictures1.jpg"><br> Movassaghi became the <b>first</b> to chemically synthesize 11,11’-dideoxyverticillin, a highly complex fungal compound <b>that</b> has shown<br><img src="http://assets.shitbrix.com/hashed_silo_content/c25/562/a58/resized/wtf-camping-camping-wtf-you-ll-shit-brix-c8f323.jpg"><br> anti-cancer activity in previous <b>studies.</b> This and related compounds naturally occur in such small amounts that it <b>has</b> been difficult to do a comprehensive study of the relationship between the compound’s structure and its activity — research that could aid drug development, Movassaghi <b>says.“There’s</b> a lot <b>of</b> data out there, very exciting data, but one thing we were interested in doing is taking a large panel of these compounds, and for the first time, evaluating them in a uniform manner,” Movassaghi says.In<br> the new study, recently published online in the journal Chemical Science, Movassaghi and colleagues <b>at</b> MIT <b>and</b> the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) designed and <b>tested</b> 60 compounds for their ability to kill human cancer cells.<br> <b>“What</b> was particularly exciting to us was to see, across various cancer cell lines, that some <a href = "http://a4marketing.blog.com/panic-awaypanic-attack-treatment/">panic away </a> are quite potent,” <b>Movassaghi</b> says.Lead author of the paper is MIT postdoc <b>Nicolas</b> Boyer. Other authors are MIT graduate student Justin Kim, UIUC chemistry<br><img src="http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7ft7dIHbZ1r8av0to1_500.jpg"><br> professor Paul Hergenrother and UIUC graduate student Karen <b>Morrison.</b> Improving nature’s designMany of the compounds tested in this study, known as epipolythiodiketopiperazine <b>(ETP)</b> alkaloids, are naturally <b>produced</b> by fungi.<br> Scientists <b>believe</b> these compounds help fungi prevent other organisms from encroaching on their territory. In the process of synthesizing ETP natural products in their lab, the MIT researchers produced many <b>similar</b> compounds that they suspected might also have anti-cancer <b>activity.</b> For the new study, they created even more compounds by systematically varying the natural structures — adding or removing certain chemical groups from different locations. The researchers tested 60 compounds <b>against</b> two different human cancer cell lines — cervical cancer and lymphoma.<br> Then they chose the best 25 to test against three additional lines, from lung, kidney and breast tumors.<br> Overall, dimeric compounds — those with two ETP molecules joined together — appeared to be more effective at killing cancer cells than single molecules (known as monomers). The structure of an ETP natural product typically has at least one set of fused rings containing one or more sulfur atoms that link to a six-member ring known as a cyclo-dipeptide.<br> The researchers found that another <b>key</b> to tumor-killing ability is the arrangement and number of these sulfur atoms: Compounds with at least two sulfur atoms were the<br><img src="http://photogallery.indiatimes.com/movies/regional-movies/lovely/photo/12416133/Aadhi-in-a-still-from-the-Telugu-movie-Lovely.jpg"><br> most effective, those with <b>only</b> one sulfur <b>atom</b> were less<br><img src="http://cdn.theatlantic.com/static/mt/assets/culture_test/LovelyBones_post.jpg"><br> effective, and those without sulfur did not kill tumor cells efficiently.Other rings typically have chemical groups of varying sizes attached in certain positions; a key position is that next to the ETP ring.<br> The researchers found that<br><img src="http://pmcmovieline.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/berenice-marlohe-bond-girl-skyfall-gallery.jpg%3Fw%3D630%26h%3D350"><br> the larger this group, the more powerful the <b>compound</b> was against cancer. The compounds that kill cancer cells appear to be very selective, destroying them 1,000 times more effectively than they kill healthy blood cells.The<br> researchers also <b>identified</b> sections of the compounds that can be <b>altered</b> without discernably changing <b>their</b> activity. This is <b>useful</b> because it could allow <b>chemists</b> to use those points to attach <b>the</b> <b>compounds</b> to a delivery agent such as an antibody that would target them to cancer cells, without impairing their cancer-killing ability.Complex<br> synthesisLarry Overman, a professor of chemistry at the University of California at Irvine, <b>says</b> the new study is an impressive advance.<br> “Movassaghi and coworkers reveal for <b>the</b> first time <b>a</b> <b>number</b> of <b>relationships</b> between the chemical structure of molecules in the ETP series and their in-vitro anti-cancer activity,” <b>says</b> Overman, who was not part of the research team. “Knowledge of this type will be essential for the future development of<br><img src="http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs19/i/2007/280/2/f/Dragonfly_by_Akaeya_Lovely.jpg"><br> ETP-type molecules <b>into</b> attractive <b>clinical</b> candidates and potential novel anti-cancer drugs.”Now<br> that they have some initial data, the researchers can use their findings to design additional compounds that might be even more effective. “We can go in with far greater precision and <b>test</b> the <b>hypotheses</b> we’re developing in terms of what portions of the<br><img src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-RF44hDi6pbE/TVvGbR4SI-I/AAAAAAAAAKU/Rvo2y9Rwn1Q/s1600/amazing-sidewalk-chalk-art.jpg"><br> molecules are most significant at retaining or enhancing biological activity,” Movassaghi says.The<br> research was funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.<br> In a 90-minute <b>visit</b> to the MIT campus today, British Prime Minister David Cameron met with <b>President</b> L. Rafael Reif and Media Lab director Joichi Ito, faculty members and students, and a group of <b>young</b> MIT entrepreneurs.During<br> <b>his</b> visit — <b>which</b> was not publicized in advance due to security concerns — Cameron was presented with a framed set of photos commemorating a <b>collaboration</b> between MIT and the British government during World War II. That effort developed microwave radar systems that could <b>be</b> carried aboard airplanes, providing a key advantage to the Allies in winning the war.<br> Art and jewellery thief known as the 'King of the Cat Burglars'Peter Scott, the "King <b>of</b> the Cat Burglars", who has died of cancer aged 82, was once Britain's most prolific raider of the wealthy, specialising in the theft of <b>jewellery</b> and artworks <b>from</b> Mayfair mansions and stately <b>homes.</b> He was the <b>subject</b> of a film, starring a young Judi Dench, and the <b>author</b><br><img src="http://assets.shitbrix.com/hashed_silo_content/c25/562/a58/resized/wtf-camping-camping-wtf-you-ll-shit-brix-c8f323.jpg"><br> of a memoir in which he claimed he was "sent by <b>God</b> to take back some of the wealth that the outrageously rich had taken from the rest of us".Born<br> Peter Craig Gulston into a middle-class Belfast family, he was educated <b>at</b> the <b>Belfast</b> Royal Academy, where a contemporary <b>was</b> John Cole, the former BBC <b>political</b> editor and Guardian journalist. By the age of 12 Peter had decided on a <b>life</b> of crime rather than any of the <b>legal</b> options that would have been available to him. His teenage apprenticeship involved <b>burgling</b> <b>houses</b> in the wealthy Belfast suburbs, with his college scarf, rugby bag and debonair manner as <b>disguise.<br></b> He reckoned to have carried out more the 150 such thefts by the time <b>he</b> was finally <b>arrested</b> in 1952 and <b>sent</b> to Crumlin Road jail for six months.Realising that he was <b>now</b> a marked man in Belfast, he changed his name to Scott, moved to London and found work as a club bouncer in the West End.<br> But off duty, <a href = "http://a4marketing.blog.com/coffee-shop-millionaire/">coffee shop millionaire pdf </a> a reputation as an accomplished and athletic cat burglar, able to climb and penetrate the best-guarded home counties mansions. He specialised in stealing from the very rich or, as he put it, "the real meaty jugular vein of society". Jail time – by the end of his career he had served about 14 years – was the<br><img src="http://dragonartz.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/_vector-lovely-heart-2-preview-by-dragonart.png%3Fw%3D495%26h%3D495"><br> price he was prepared to pay for being a <b>real-life</b> Raffles.While<br> inside for an early stretch, he <b>met</b> the then best-known thief in London, George "Taters" <b>Chatham.<br></b> Together the two of them stole <b>millions</b> of pounds' worth of art and jewellery.<br> Over the years, <b>Scott</b> claimed to have robbed Vivien Leigh and Zsa Zsa Gabor and to have taken Sophia Loren's £200,000 necklace when she was in Britain filming The Millionairess in 1960. He robbed the late Shah of Iran's English mansion, making sure <b>not</b> to disturb the peacocks, which acted as guard dogs.<br> The French Riviera was another <b>happy</b> hunting ground.In<br> his memoirs, Gentleman Thief (1995), in <b>which</b> he <b>referred</b> to himself in the third person, Scott admitted to "an obscene passion for larceny". He made no excuses for himself because he was well aware that he could have made<br><img src="http://api.ning.com/files/sLvh4KvKMEeVZ39CoHj6WM5TTcg6t4zaCDZlwEu6oV5T7lkzbPh22cS-*0RMsNFnDVQyEQS1d3saH8JfSRh07HQ7esWLFNKh/Barney.jpg"><br> a comfortable honest living. He had no convictions for violence, except for the occasion when he broke a policeman's nose as he tried to escape; for this he received "a <b>good</b> belting". He described himself as "a man who has made all <b>the</b> mistakes that vanity, envy <b>and</b> greed create".Scott had a succession of glamorous girlfriends, often models, such as Jackie Bowyer, whom he met at the Maisonette Club, Mayfair, in 1963.<br> She became the second <b>of</b> his four wives.<br> The 1965 film He Who Rides a Tiger, directed by Charles Crichton, was lightly based on his career. Tom Bell played the Scott character and Dench a long-suffering girlfriend.By the time his memoir was published, Scott claimed to have retired from crime. But in 1997, he <b>was</b> <b>involved</b> in the theft of Picasso's Tête de Femme from a Mayfair gallery. Scott quoted WE Henley to the officers who arrested him: "Under the bludgeonings of chance, my head is bloody but unbowed." They were unimpressed. He was jailed for three <b>and</b> a half years for handling stolen goods, having pleaded guilty halfway through the trial. "I was poaching excitement," was how he explained his relapse.Scott<br> spent his later years as <b>a</b> tennis coach and tending the gardens of a church in <b>Camden,</b> north London – he had always sought horticultural work in jail <b>–</b> and offering advice to local youngsters about the pitfalls of crime. He took part, with other ex-cons, in a Channel 4 programme called The Heist (2004), in which make-believe robberies<br><img src="http://cdn.theatlantic.com/static/mt/assets/culture_test/LovelyBones_post.jpg"><br> were carried out.<br> In 2012 he was <b>the</b> subject of a short award-winning documentary, My Friend the Thief, made by Roland Hutchison, son of Baroness Kennedy QC.Later<br> in life he <b>lived</b> near King's Cross, on one of London's roughest estates, which <b>he</b> regarded as suitable penance.<br> He sometimes acted as an <b>intermediary</b> between warring factions there. Before his knees gave up on him – damaged by various roof-top falls – he cycled around north London, white silk scarf flapping in the <b>breeze.<br></b> Towards the <b>end,</b> he <b>drove</b> an old <b>Mercedes,</b> given to him as a present by the law-abiding son of one of London's most famous gangsters,<br><img src="http://pmcmovieline.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/berenice-marlohe-bond-girl-skyfall-gallery.jpg%3Fw%3D630%26h%3D350"><br> the late Billy Hill.Nicknamed the King of the Cat Burglars or the Human Fly, he was often referred to as a "master criminal", but Scott cheerfully described himself as a "master idiot".He is <b>survived</b> by a son.•<br> <b>Peter</b> Scott (Peter Craig Gulston), cat burglar, born 18 February 1931; died 17 March 2013CrimeArt theftTrue crimeUK criminal <b>justiceDuncan</b> Campbellguardian.co.uk &copy; 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies.<br> All rights reserved.<br> | Use of this content is subject <b>to</b> our Terms & Conditions | More <b>Feeds</b> That is the claim made by the iron ladies to justify their political agendas. Can a scientific theory also be supported by such an argument? Michael Krämer discusses a new philosophical proofThe late Margaret "Tina" Thatcher claimed that "there is no alternative" to economic liberalism, and our own iron Frau Angela Merkel has defended her controversial fiscal policies for Europe with <b>the</b> very same <b>slogan.</b> It is not surprising that politicians use such thought-terminating cliches to push through their agenda, but remarkably the "there <b>is</b> no alternative" argument also plays a vital role in science.<br> For example, it has been argued that string <b>theory</b> must be the <b>way</b> to unify quantum physics and gravity because <b>we</b> have <b>not</b> <b>found</b> any alternative. While this seems to merely reflect our incompetence, scientific philosophers have now proven mathematically that the<br><img src="http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/dog-breed-dog-breed-pictures1.jpg"><br> <b>"no</b> alternative" argument can indeed provide evidence for a scientific hypothesis. So<br><img src="http://departments.fmarion.edu/mathematics/museum/stalks3/pretty.gif"><br> how does such a philosophic proof work, and what is "scientific philosophy" anyway? While most scientists do not care much about the philosophy of science, almost <b>everyone</b> knows of Karl Popper, and some might have heard of Thomas Kuhn. Both Popper and Kuhn have shaped two important phases <b>of</b> philosophy of science in the 20th century. <b>Popper</b><br><img src="http://imgs.pbnation.com/deergore/deer_07.jpg"><br> <a href = "http://a4marketing.blog.com/tinnitus-miracle/">tinnitus </a> contemporaries were aiming at the grand picture, and have been<br><img src="http://i37.mangareader.net/tough/143/tough-1713500.jpg"><br> arguing<br><img src="http://animal.discovery.com/images/breed-selector/dogs/breeds/greater-swiss-mountain-dog_04_lg.jpg"><br> what is, and what is not, "good <b>science".<br></b> Kuhn, on the other hand, focused on sociological and <b>historical</b> aspects and initiated a new, descriptive style of philosophy that brought it closer to the actual scientific practice.<br> <b>In</b> his talk at the recent meeting of the German Society for <b>Philosophy</b> of Science, Stephan Hartmann, Director of the Munich Center for <b>Mathematical</b> Philosophy, argued <b>that</b> we have now entered a third phase, the phase of "scientific philosophy".<br> Scientific philosophy combines different<br><img src="http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02405/dog-house-cloud_2405022k.jpg"><br> scientific methods to address philosophical problems, including mathematics, empirical studies and even experiment.<br> Hartmann demonstrated the power of such an approach by analyzing the "no alternatives" argument: can we base trust in <b>a</b> scientific <b>theory</b> on the fact that no alternative <b>has</b> been found? In a recent paper to <b>appear</b> in The British<br><img src="http://faadooindia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/5491_Funny-Manmohan-Obama-conversation-on-phone_faadooindia.com_.jpg"><br> Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Hartmann and his collaborators Dawid and Sprenger provide a mathematical proof of the "no alternatives" argument based on Bayesian statistics. Bayesian <b>statistics</b> owes its name to Reverend Thomas Bayes (c 1701-1761) and considers trust, <b>or</b> the degree of belief, as probability. Probabilities have very simple and intuitive properties: the probability of an <b>event</b> A, P(A), is <b>between</b> 0 (0% chance or A will not <b>happen)</b> and 1 (100% chance or A will happen), and the probability for two mutually exclusive events to happen, P (A or B), is equal to the sum P(A) + P(B).<br> For example, the chance of getting a 1 or a 2 when <b>throwing</b> <b>a</b> dice is P(1 or 2) = P(1) + P(2) = <b>1/6</b> + 1/6 = 1/3. Bayesian statistics tells us how to update a degree of belief in light of new evidence, and it is cast into a very simple equation. Let P(A) <b>be</b> the probability for an event A to happen, and P(A|B) the probability that <b>A</b> happens provided B is true.<br> Then Bayes' rule says that P(A|B) = P(A) x P(B|A) / P(B) Imagine a major football tournament.<br> England has made <b>the</b> semi-finals, and before the match you are pretty confident and think there is a 80% chance for <b>them</b> <b>to</b> go through to reach <b>the</b> final, P(A) = 0.8. Now, unfortunately, the semi-final ends in a goalless draw, so that England has to face penalties. Only 10% of the times England won an important match it has been on penalties, P(B|A) = 0.1, while 40% of the lost matches where lost after a penalty shootout, P(B|not A) = 0.4.<br> Obviously, the chances that England will reach the final on penalties are much <b>smaller</b> than your initial estimate of 80%, <b>but</b> by <b>how</b> much? Applying Bayes' rule, and <b>rewriting</b> P(B) using the probability law for two mutually exclusive events as P(B) = P(B <b>|A)</b> x P(A) + P(B |not A) x P(not A), we find P(England wins on penalties) = P(A|B) = 0.8 x 0.1 / (0.1<br> x 0.8 + <b>0.4<br></b> x 0.2) = 0.5.(I know, that is still unrealistically high, but it is just an example, and I wanted to avoid dealing with too small numbers...)In their Bayesian analysis of the "no alternative" argument, Hartmann and<br><img src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-RF44hDi6pbE/TVvGbR4SI-I/AAAAAAAAAKU/Rvo2y9Rwn1Q/s1600/amazing-sidewalk-chalk-art.jpg"><br> his collaborators proved that the failure to find an alternative indeed raises the probability for a scientific hypothesis to be correct: P(Hypothesis A is true | no alternative has been found) > P(Hypothesis A is true). This statement holds <b>under</b> very general and plausible assumptions.<br> It fails, however, if we <b>are</b> certain that the number of alternative theories is <b>infinite.</b> (But how could we be certain about that?) While I find the mathematical proof of the "no alternative" argument <b>remarkable,</b> a number of open issues still remain. By<br><img src="http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02405/dog-house-cloud_2405022k.jpg"><br> how much is our trust <b>in</b> a scientific theory boosted, <b>given</b> that we have not found an alternative?<br><img src="http://i37.mangareader.net/tough/143/tough-1713500.jpg"><br> <b>The</b> answer depends on various parameters, including our beliefs on the number of alternatives, which is subjective and hard to quantify.<br> Thus, as it stands, the <b>"no</b> alternatives" argument <b>is</b> rather qualitative than quantitative. And what do we consider <b>an</b> acceptable alternative? Again, the answer involves the judgement and preferences <b>of</b> individual scientists, and depends on sociological and historical factors, which may in some cases even preclude us from pursuing scientifically viable theories. Despite these open issues and conceptual problems, the Bayesian analysis of the "no alternative" argument has provided a novel way to approach an important problem <b>of</b> the philosophy of science.<br> So philosophers, get out of your armchairs and embrace mathematical, empirical and even experimental methods to address philosophical questions! There is no alternative.<br> Michael Krämer <b>is</b> a theoretical particle physicist at the RWTH <b>Aachen</b> University. He supports Bayern Munich and likes English football. (Don't mention the Champions League final of 1999!) Follow him on Twitter at @mikraemerPhilosophyPhilosophyMargaret ThatcherAngela MerkelMathematicsPhysicsParticle physicsguardian.co.uk<br> &copy; 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies.<br> <b>All</b> rights reserved.<br> | Use of <b>this</b> content is subject to our Terms &<br><img src="http://i7.mangareader.net/tough/2/tough-1930947.jpg"><br> Conditions <b>|</b> More Feeds&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Can you calculate the percentage of Cooper Union’s<br><img src="http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02405/dog-house-cloud_2405022k.jpg"><br> yearly <b>loss</b> now that would be covered if each of its students paid <b>$10,000</b> in

sticenab posted on Dec 8th 2013 ...

Assailants gunned down three people returning from a party at a U.S. Consulate employee's home in the Mexican city of Juarez, including a pregnant U.S. government employee and her <b>husband,</b> <b>in</b> two attacks a few minutes apart that prompted a furious response from the White House on Sunday. By August, roughly 585 million people will live in countries or jurisdictions where same-sex marriage is legal, <b>more</b> than double the number living in such places in August 2012.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Walter<br> Torous, one of the nation’s top scholars in real estate finance, has been appointed to a five-year term as a senior lecturer in the MIT Center for Real Estate, a joint appointment with the MIT Sloan <b>School</b> <b>of</b> Management.Torous was the Lee and Seymour Graff Distinguished Professor and founding director of the Ziman Center for Real Estate at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He has published a number of articles in academic journals on the valuation of mortgage-backed securities and mortgage pass-through securities, mortgage prepayment and default, and <b>the</b> valuation of commercial mortgages.Currently editor of Real Estate Economics, the <b>official</b> <b>publication</b> of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association 
and associate editor of the Journal of <b>Real</b> Estate Finance and <b>Economics,</b> he <b>has</b> previously served as associate editor for the Journal of Housing Economics, the Pacific-Basin Finance Journal and Economic Notes.Torous<br> has previously taught at the University of Michigan and the London Business School; at MIT, <b>he</b> is teaching <b>a</b> graduate course in Mortgage Securitization, offered to MSRED and Sloan graduate students.<br> He holds a BMath in economics <b>from</b> <b>the</b> University of <b>Waterloo</b> and a PhD in economics from the University of Pennsylvania. Redundancy forced Dave Pearson from a job he loved in a PRU, but doing a part-time maths degree alongside supply work has injected new energy and purpose into his teachingI qualified as an engineer before I went into teaching, but a redundancy after my first year of <b>work</b> led me to a bit <b>of</b> a crossroads. My mum was a primary school teacher <b>and</b> my dad a welding lecturer and they suggested <b>I</b> think about teaching. Design and technology (DT) was a relatively new subject in schools and so with my engineering background and interest in making things I thought this <b>would</b> <b>work.I</b> did <b>a</b> two year teaching degree <b>in</b> Wolverhampton as DT was a shortage subject.<br> Unfortunately, I collapsed a disc in my back while <b>I</b> was in the middle of the degree and spent most of the last year wearing a whalebone corset, barely able to walk. Sometimes I even had to lay down on the floor in lectures to take notes and<br><img src="http://animal-world.com/dogs/Non-Sporting-Dog-Breeds/images/BichonFriseWDN_Ap6D.jpg"><br> in my first teaching practice I was <b>navigating</b> my way around the classroom looking for the next desk to hold onto. Luckily a spine operation just before my finals sorted my back out.After my degree I had six job interviews but didn't <b>get</b> a job at first so went into supply teaching.<br> Interestingly, I did supply at schools where I'd gone for interviews and ended up being offered jobs I hadn't got at interview. So I'm convinced doing supply work is a great route to getting a job.I<br> didn't really know I had found my vocation when I started teaching.<br> I was more <b>giving</b><br><img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-OCYH79mKJ4I/UPFE3D2iQAI/AAAAAAAABkU/ZzC68iLv_LM/s1600/before_and_after_girl_gets_a_dramatic_lip_enhancement_640_01.jpg"><br> it <b>a</b> shot as an avenue to explore. My first job was at Archbishop Grimshaw school (now John Henry Newman Catholic College) in Chorley Wood and I was really pleased that they paid me two points above the starting scale because of my previous engineering experience and my age.<br> That got me through my NQT year, but then I decided to<br><img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-9Bum8W0haHo/TukavEkcCII/AAAAAAAAAFU/IVH1UEbElO8/s1600/super_funny_hilarious_pictures_Mustache_Rides.jpeg"><br> do supply again.I<br> got an offer of some work <b>at</b> North Warwickshire Pupil Referral Unit (PRU). <b>I</b> took it for the adventure and as another string to my bow.<br> So I went into working with children with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD) and special educational needs (SEN) quite lightly. I first walked into the PRU on Monday 8 January 1998, I remember the date because <b>it</b> <b>was</b> such an important turning point in my life.First of all I sat on groups in the unit without being given a <b>specific</b> role, the same thing happened on Tuesday. So I went to see the head of the centre to ask what I was actually doing here.<br> I found out the first couple of days were an initiation, <b>as</b> many teachers never came back after the first day.<br> Then I found out about my first pupil, a young man in Nuneaton whose behaviour levels were so bad that no one had been able to engage with <b>him</b> in any way.<br> The centre head told me I could teach him anything I liked as long as you engage him.So it was a very open brief, <b>before</b> the days when PRUs were monitored and regulated by Ofsted.<br> I went with a project of Roman history but as soon as I walked into the room with the boy and his little <b>brother</b> who <b>had</b> been excluded from primary school, I knew this wasn't going to work <b>at</b> any level. The <b>next</b> time I took my tool box and worked <b>on</b> a project manufacturing working models, and <b>that</b> did the trick.I<br> met lots of different types of families in the course of working for North Warwickshire PRU, some were in desperate situations and by the time they saw us <b>there</b> were three generations of problems stacking up. I made it <b>my</b> mission to directly improve the<br><img src="http://extra.listverse.com/amazon/sandcastles/_amazing_sand_sculpture.jpg"><br> quality of people's lives by going <b>to</b> their homes and put some good into their lives, and try and develop the ability. I started with five tutees who I was supposed to spend one hour a day with.<br> I was able to tailor specific programmes to meet my pupil's diverse needs and found they responded best when I taught them real life skills.Working with children with serious behavioural, emotional and developmental special needs is very challenging but I realised <a href = "http://a4marketing.blog.com/panic-awaypanic-attack-treatment/">panic away download </a> start that it was for me.<br> I've never experienced camaraderie as in the <b>PRU.</b> I was offered a contract after a year and then made a permanent member of staff.<br> <b>Our</b> aim was to start teaching children at home and then slowly bring them into the PRU in small groups and from <b>there</b> the idea was to go back into mainstream education, but this was very rare.<br> Teaching some children at home was infinitely better than <b>bringing</b> into the PRU in groups. And if you brought them to the groups too early, it was mayhem. So we were really quite devastated when all <b>the</b> work we'd put in at the PRU<br><img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-tDN3KrVmSSs/UIfQcvR9GzI/AAAAAAAAALQ/m0_9H32nmqo/s1600/wtf6.jpg"><br> wasn't recognised and <b>was</b> trashed by Ofsted who put us in special measures and then ultimately closed us down in 2011 as part of a move to replace <b>PRUs</b> with learning support units within mainstream schools.<br> I was made redundant and it was an incredibly stressful period.But something happened to me while all this was happening which was a real light in my life and <b>has</b> led to what I'm doing now. I started teaching maths to some of the groups at <b>the</b> <b>PRU</b> and really enjoyed it.I only had my O-level in maths, so <b>I</b> did an A-level <b>at</b> evening <b>classes</b> at City College Coventry. <b>I</b> loved it.<br> My maths guru Saeed Vakilpour suggested I did an A-level in further <b>maths</b> before starting a degree and I was still finishing that when I got made redundant so it was a real light shining at a dark time for me.Doing well at my A-levels really increased my flagging <b>self</b> esteem and I decided to do a degree in maths with the Open University. I've just completed my first year and am loving it.At<br> the <b>same</b> time I have been doing some really enjoyable supply work.<br> I've had a <b>number</b> of assignments at Newbridge Short Stay School <b>in</b> Worcester which has a very similar <b>function</b> to a PRU and I'm mainly focusing on maths teaching.<br><br><img src="http://pad2.whstatic.com/images/thumb/c/c3/Love-Step-1.jpg/550px-Love-Step-1.jpg"><br> <b>So</b> it's all worked out<br><img src="http://cl.jroo.me/z3/A/f/G/d/a.aaa-WTF-CAT-NORRIS.jpg"><br> <b>for</b> me. It just goes to show that even when terrible things happen in your career, you can pick yourself up <b>and</b> find another niche.<br> My plan long term is to teach A-level maths, which I have already been doing privately.<br> I've also picked up my design and technology teaching again at Newbridge which<br><img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-OCYH79mKJ4I/UPFE3D2iQAI/AAAAAAAABkU/ZzC68iLv_LM/s1600/before_and_after_girl_gets_a_dramatic_lip_enhancement_640_01.jpg"><br> has a great DT workshop.I love teaching maths. I think it's because it's a subject that I struggled with when I was at school. I'm <b>not</b> a mathematical genius but I stoically plod through my degree, unpicking it completely so I understand and I think that really helps with teaching it.<br> I love it seeing the light come on as it did with me.Dave<br> Pearson is a maths teacher (and student) and BESD specialist.This content is <b>brought</b> to you by Guardian Professional.<br> Looking for your next role? Take a look at Guardian jobs for schools for thousands of the latest teaching, leadership and <b>support</b> jobs.Career adviceSchoolsTeachingEmily Drabbleguardian.co.uk &copy; 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies.<br> All rights reserved.<br><img src="http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/8800000/baby-girl-babies-8856968-377-322.jpg"><br> | Use of this content is subject<br><img src="http://extra.listverse.com/amazon/sandcastles/_amazing_sand_sculpture.jpg"><br> to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Unfazed by the mix of sleet and winds in winter, the <b>Swedes</b> keep their cool, often in a functional but sleek coat.<br> Brett Rumford of Australia shot a <b>3-under</b> 69 Saturday to lead by one stroke after the third round of the China Open, <b>while</b> 16-year-old Dou Zecheng of China trailed by 10 strokes after a 72.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> THE QUESTION Numerous studies have shown <b>cholesterol-lowering</b> statins <b>to</b> aid in <b>preventing</b> complications and progression of cardiovascular disease, extending the lives of those <b>who</b> take them.<br> But do the drugs do the same for people who do not<br><img src="http://ryanseacrest.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Zendee.jpg"><br> have the disease and want to keep from developing it? The Senate is planning to vote Tuesday on whether<br><img src="http://blog.needsupply.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/pretty-in-pink-the-brat-pack-1354109-1069-733.jpg"><br> to end debate on a $725.7 billion annual defense policy<br><img src="http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/17100000/Lucy-Hale-pretty-little-liars-tv-show-17132246-599-1024.jpg"><br> bill, a measure that includes a repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" law, which bans gays from serving openly in the armed forces.<br> Political <b>news</b> from today’s Times and a look at the president’s weekly address, plus the latest happenings <b>in</b> Washington.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; After 13 years, and no appearance in the N.C.A.A. tournament, Northwestern begins a search for a new coach after the firing of Bill Carmody.<br> This dish has heft and depth, but still showcases the delicate flavors of spring.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> We don't know where in Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport "transit zone" Edward Snowden is hiding out or what exactly his plans are. But if he intends to stay <b>in</b> <b>the</b> airport for a while a former official with Russia's immigration service suggested that he could stick around "indefinitely" he'll join a short but prominent list of politicized activists and refugees who have found themselves stranded in legal limbo between the arrival gate and customs. Read full article &#62;&#62;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Including Sprinter Sacre's imperious win, Liam Treadwell's perfectly timed move on Carrickboy and Oscar Delta's costly jinkPerformance: Sprinter Sacre, Queen Mother <b>Champion</b> <b>ChaseCould</b> hardly be anything else after a display in the feature event on Wednesday that established Nicky Henderson's chaser as one of <b>the</b> finest two-milers in living memory.<br> Physically, he could almost be a different breed to his opponents, and he has the ability to match it, jumping and galloping his rivals into submission a long way from home.<br> He is set to be a Festival fixture for several seasons to come, the only <b>hope</b> being that he will find a worthwhile opponent at <b>some</b> stage. Unless Simonsig, the Arkle Trophy winner,<br><img src="http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/11100000/Lovely-baby-girls-sweety-babies-11191341-500-360.jpg"><br> steps up, Sprinter Sacre, left, is likely to scare everything into the Ryanair.Ride:<br> Liam <b>Treadwell,</b> <b>Byrne</b> Group PlateRuby Walsh's perfectly judged front-running ride on Champagne Fever in<br><img src="http://stalinsmoustache.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/fart02.jpg"><br> the Supreme Novices Hurdle on Tuesday was an early contender, but it <b>is</b> a more difficult trick to pull off on a 50-1 chance <b>in</b> a fiercely <b>contested</b> handicap, so the nod goes <a href = "http://a4marketing.blog.com/coffee-shop-millionaire/">coffee shop millionaire download </a> Treadwell on Venetia Williams's Carrickboy in the <b>Byrne</b> Group Plate on Thursday.<br> Treadwell, below, picked the ideal moment to <b>kick</b> on approaching the second-last fence, and had enough in the tank <b>to</b> repel the late challenge of Vino Griego in the last 100 yards. Bad news for most <b>punters,</b> but a fine advertisement for the skills of Carrickboy's <b>jockey,</b> who rode 100-1 chance Mon Mome for Williams when winning <b>the</b> 2009 Grand National.Shock:<br> Oscar Delta and Jane Mangan, Foxhunter Challenge ChaseA collective gasp sounded from the crowded grandstands as Oscar Delta, clear and heading <b>towards</b> the winning post and certain victory, suddenly jinked left on the run-in, hitting a plastic post and <b>a</b> rope where <b>there</b> is no permanent rail.<br> His 18-year-old rider, Jane Mangan, was thrown off. Horse <b>and</b> rider escaped unscathed but Mangan seemed inconsolable as she trudged back while Salsify made his way towards the winner's enclosure. Mangan,<br><img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-tDN3KrVmSSs/UIfQcvR9GzI/AAAAAAAAALQ/m0_9H32nmqo/s1600/wtf6.jpg"><br> right, a daughter<br><img src="http://extra.listverse.com/amazon/sandcastles/_amazing_sand_sculpture.jpg"><br> of Jimmy Mangan, who trained Monty's Pass to win the 2003 Grand National, <b>said:</b> "He just thought <b>we</b> were going for another circuit, then <b>he</b> jinked."Ante-post bet: Cue Card, 2014 Ryanair Chase Cue Card <b>could</b> have taken on Sprinter Sacre in the Champion Chase on Wednesday but his connections opted to go for the Ryanair and it proved a shrewd decision.<br> One that is likely to be <b>repeated</b> next year too, <b>as</b> there is little reason to race for second place <b>behind</b> a 1-4 favourite when <b>the</b> trip in another Grade One suits him so well. Cue Card skipped around the New Course on Thursday and then put the race to bed with a burst of speed between the last two fences. Though the Ryanair could get quite congested next <b>season</b> with stables taking refuge from Sprinter Sacre, <b>the</b> 6-1 on offer about a repeat win for Cue Card, right, is perfectly fair.Coup:<br> Ted Veale, County HurdleHe was <b>one</b> of the favourites for the County Hurdle, but Ted Veale, below, trained by <b>the</b> canny Tony Martin, had any amount in hand in what is normally one of the most competitive events at the meeting.<br> Bryan Cooper, the rising star among Irish jockeys, was toying with the long-time leader Tennis Cap from a long way out and won with a flourish. The biggest betting near-miss was a £500 five-horse accumulator <b>placed</b> with Hills that would have<br><img src="http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/14400000/Pretty-Little-Liars-Cast-Instyle-Makeover-Shoot-hanna-marin-14429238-500-632.jpg"><br> returned half a million <b>had</b> Silviniaco Conti won the Gold Cup. <b>He</b> fell three out, too far out to know where he might have finished, but was still travelling smoothly at the time.Cheltenham<br> Festival 2013Cheltenham FestivalHorse racingguardian.co.uk<br> &copy; 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies.<br> All rights reserved.<br> | Use of this content is subject to our Terms <b>&</b> Conditions | More Feeds A man in Taiwan has contracted the H7N9 virus, and <b>officials</b> in the region are taking precautions to prevent spread to their countries.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; TOKYO - Canned goods, batteries, bread and bottled water have vanished from store shelves and long lines of cars circle gas stations, as Japan grapples with a new risk set<br><img src="http://societyandreligion.com/minecraft/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/2012-02-11_104207_1426470.jpg"><br> off by last week's earthquake, tsunami and ensuing nuclear crisis: panic-buying. The House passed, <b>389</b> to 37, a $44 billion spending bill last <b>night</b> that awards the Homeland Security Department a 7 percent budget increase, with money for more border patrol agents and for anti-piracy efforts off the coast of Somalia.<br> Jim Brown, 77, was <b>back</b> in Manhasset, N.Y., on Monday as part of a program called Hometown Hall of Famers, conducted through the Pro Football Hall of Fame.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Gov. Andrew M.<br> Cuomo and <b>Canadian</b> officials announced an agreement that laid out a plan to improve the American side of the bridge that connects Buffalo to Fort Erie in Canada.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> Surely, I thought, the doctor who had <b>trashed</b> a colleague was out of line, his comments aberrant. <b>But</b> it didn’t take long for me to recall <b>instances</b> when friends and I had been equally critical about other doctors’ work.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; With the recent launch of MIT’s Institute for Medical Engineering <b>and</b> <b>Science,</b> MIT News examines research with the potential to reshape medicine and <b>health</b> <b>care</b> through new scientific knowledge, novel treatments and products, better management of medical data, and improvements in health-care delivery.When clinicians in a Boston-area hospital wish there was a device that could meet some specific need, they have a chance to do something about it: They can <b>add</b> it to a wish list to be presented each fall to a class of mechanical engineering students at MIT.<br> These budding engineers then <b>spend</b> a semester coming up with ideas, and eventually prototypes, to solve selected <b>problems.Sometimes</b> these projects, from a class called Precision Machine Design — known as 2.75 in MIT’s class-numbering system (or 2.750 for undergraduates) — actually end up becoming real <b>products.</b> Physicians who perceive a need for a<br><img src="http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/17100000/Lucy-Hale-pretty-little-liars-tv-show-17132246-599-1024.jpg"><br> new device can submit a two-page proposal detailing the desired functionality and requirements. About 30 such requests are submitted each year; the class instructors<br><img src="http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff126/co-pirate/Hilarious.jpg"><br> whittle the number to about a dozen, selecting those<br><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-bzEbUiqgJx8/UKm0UsWGH5I/AAAAAAAAADk/kB15x9_o0g8/s1600/love-inspirational-daily.jpg"><br> that <b>are</b> challenging, yet of a scope that can realistically be tackled by students in a semester of designing and prototyping. Students, however, make the ultimate selection.Another important criterion <b>is</b> that the doctors have <b>to</b> <b>be</b> interested enough to work <b>closely</b> with the students throughout the process. “We want physicians who are engaged and accessible,” says Nevan <b>Hanumara,</b> a former student in the class who now co-teaches it as an MIT postdoc. “They need<br><img src="http://api.ning.com/files/di3TKwTHv5A1JCvTPba0sQPAYtgTZCWJPlXstje4phMxWlLXnV80aH2IbvxoGB8YyZvybFY8fApkLQY6R*y1iGbKgUwJtN4T/101waystosayILOVEU.jpg"><br> to be prepared to meet with them <b>at</b> least once every two weeks,” he says, noting that each student should expect to “call your clinician by their first name.”<br> It’s crucial that all members of the team, be they physicians or undergraduates, feel like equals in the <b>process</b> of developing the new tool, Hanumara adds.The class, which assumed its medical-devices emphasis in 2004, was a <a href = "http://a4marketing.blog.com/tinnitus-miracle/">tinnitus cure </a> MIT professor Alexander Slocum and an organization of Boston-based doctors called the Center <b>for</b> Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology, or CIMIT.<br> In a related earlier course, <b>students</b> came up with concepts and business plans for such devices, but didn’t <b>actually</b> build working versions to test the ideas, says Slocum, the Neil and Jane Pappalardo Professor of Mechanical Engineering. But when it’s all just designs on paper, he says, “It’s too easy to gloss over details. I was excited by the projects, but disappointed by <b>the</b> amount of detail.” So Slocum <b>decided</b> to evolve the class into its present project-based form.<br> He continues to teach the class, along with Hanumara, three teaching assistants, <b>and</b> Charles Sodini, the Clarence J. LeBel Professor of Electrical Engineering,<br><img src="http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/9900000/Lovely-little-girl-sweety-babies-9909114-362-544.jpg"><br> who is helping to reinforce the increasing<br><img src="http://mirthbomb.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Japanese-wtf.jpg"><br> importance of <b>electronics</b> in medical devices.<br> In fact, starting in the fall 2014 semester, it will become a joint course with<br><img src="http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/17100000/Lucy-Hale-pretty-little-liars-tv-show-17132246-599-1024.jpg"><br> the Department of Electrical <b>Engineering</b> and Computer Science and be renamed “Medical Device Design.” Sodini says that the idea behind the change is that "Electronics adds the 'smarts'<br><img src="http://cdn.stereogum.com/files/2013/02/Best-Coast-Fear-Of-My-Identity.jpg"><br> to these devices<br><img src="http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/sandman-ride.jpg"><br> to acquire, <b>store,</b> and process data, as well as improve the user interface for easier operation <b>by</b> the clinicians."It’s not enough to come up with good ideas, Slocum says.<br> “There’s an underlying principle of precision,” he says. “Anything mechanical has to have some <b>level</b> <b>of</b> precision <b>to</b> it” — making this <b>exercise</b> a useful one even for students who <b>go</b> on to work in some other area of mechanical engineering.At the beginning of the semester, the doctors come to the class and present their ideas of what they need; the roughly 50 students select <b>projects</b> that interest them. By the end <b>of</b> the semester, each team of<br><img src="http://speakfresh.com/wp-content/uploads/wtf5.jpg"><br> about four students will have brainstormed, selected a concept <b>to</b> focus on, and built a working proof-of-concept of the proposed solution.For<br> example: Doctors wondered if there might be a simpler and less-invasive way of assessing patients with sleep problems, who must <b>now</b> spend a night in a hospital or clinic wearing dozens of electrodes connected to expensive electronic equipment. In response, a <b>team</b> of students came up with a <b>“sleep</b> sensing shirt” <b>that</b> patients could wear at home, in their own beds. The shirt could record enough data about breathing patterns to provide answers <b>at</b> a fraction of the cost <b>—</b> and inconvenience — <b>of</b> the standard approach.That<br> concept is now undergoing extensive testing, Hanumara says, on its way to commercialization by a Boston-based company, called Rest Devices, that<br><img src="http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/9900000/Lovely-little-girl-sweety-babies-9909114-362-544.jpg"><br> former students and their medical mentor have set up.Other<br> projects that grew<br><img src="http://smsread.com/blog//home/smsreadc/public_html/blog/wp-content/uploads/HLIC/sumwebs.com/storage/funzug/imgs/misc/lovely_hearts_07.jpg"><br> out of the <b>class</b><br><img src="http://lh6.ggpht.com/_dlkAw43cLC0/SY_fk5bTRuI/AAAAAAAADHw/6hHl2wfj5iw/s800/14-Lovely-Hearts-for-St-Valentines-day-coffee.jpg"><br> <b>and</b> are now en route to commercialization include <b>an</b> endoscopic screwdriver, to be used for repairing broken ribs without open-chest surgery, and a low-cost device to apply negative pressure to wounds in order to speed healing.Students, realizing that they are working on potential solutions to <b>serious</b> problems, tend to throw themselves into the projects with great enthusiasm and dedication, Hanumara says. Even over the Thanksgiving holiday, he received messages from <b>students</b> asking for approval to order parts for their devices. (Each team is given a budget of $4,000, thanks to <b>CIMIT</b> and corporate sponsors.)By the end of <b>the</b> class, students not only develop <b>working</b> devices,<br><img src="http://pad2.whstatic.com/images/thumb/c/c3/Love-Step-1.jpg/550px-Love-Step-1.jpg"><br> but also become familiar with budgeting and business plans and gain skill in explaining their ideas succinctly and clearly. Many go on to present their work at the annual Design of Medical Devices conference or other professional meetings in the field. Those who wish to continue can <b>do</b> so in a spring-semester follow-up, 2.753 (Development of Mechanical Products). Most importantly, data indicates that students are taking the class with the goal of landing jobs in the medical device design industry and succeeding in this aim. Some are even offering to come back to the class as speakers and recruiters.“Two-thirds of the <b>students</b> go on,” <b>Hanumara</b> says, to take their ideas from a proof-of-concept <b>to</b> an actual prototype.<br> About three-quarters of those who take the <b>two</b> courses are graduate students, though both are open to MIT seniors as well.The<br> class is unusual — both at MIT and in industry — in its <b>rapid</b> accomplishment of the entire product-design cycle. “Companies come <b>to</b> us,” Hanumara <b>says,</b> because “our innovation process is quicker than theirs.” But despite the speed, every step of a product’s development and testing has to be carefully documented to ensure the results are valid and can be replicated. “If it does work, <b>you</b> have to have the records,” he says.Many of the class projects produce tangible results. Dozens have resulted in peer-reviewed papers or conference presentations, about a dozen have been patented (or are in the process), and several have been licensed to existing companies or have become the basis of new startups.“Lots<br> of schools do hands-on, design-build-deliver classes,” <b>Slocum</b> says.<br> But to the best of his knowledge, none of these <b>include</b> such close interaction with the ultimate customers — <b>in</b> this case, doctors and clinicians — who roll up their <b>sleeves</b> and participate as team mentors and members.<br> “Our model is real,” he says.“Things<br> get better and better every year,” Slocum adds. “More and more<br><img src="http://cdn.stereogum.com/files/2013/02/Best-Coast-Fear-Of-My-Identity.jpg"><br> projects are ready to become products.” A majority of active-duty and reserve service members surveyed by the Defense Department would not object to serving and living alongside openly gay troops, according <b>to</b> multiple people familiar with the findings. As the veterans’ health system strains to handle a growing caseload, a move is under way in Congress to avoid yearly delays in financing that can hamper the medical care of the nation’s <b>veterans.</b> At least seven people died and several dozen were injured when a regional train derailed en route from <b>Paris</b> to the central city of Limoges, officials said. Gov. Haley Barbour agreed to move a special election for Trent Lott’s former Senate <b>seat</b> to near the top of the November ballot,<br><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-bzEbUiqgJx8/UKm0UsWGH5I/AAAAAAAAADk/kB15x9_o0g8/s1600/love-inspirational-daily.jpg"><br> ending a dispute that had threatened to delay <b>the</b> start of absentee

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Energy costs and <b>market-driven</b> technological advances have led to a major reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. NEW YORK -- Investors are flocking to <b>Japanese</b> <b>stocks</b> in the wake of the costliest <b>natural</b> <b>disaster</b> in history.Cake Boss Buddy Valastro created a life-size cake <b>shaped</b> like an office chair by international furniture manufacturer Haworth.<br> The Air Force <b>has</b> determined that Booz Allen Hamilton<br><img src="http://img.singaporeair.com/images/singapore-girl/SingaporeGirl1.jpg"><br> is not <b>responsible</b> for the disclosure of government secrets by former employee Edward Snowden a spokesman for the service said Thursday. “At this time, we <b>have</b> no indication of any wrongdoing on the part of the Booz Allen Hamilton corporation,” said Lt.<br> Col. John Dorrian, an Air Force spokesman. Read full article &#62;&#62;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Just because the <b>home</b> <b>of</b> the Masters now has female <b>members,</b> the Royal <b>&</b> Ancient Golf Club has no plans to pressure the all-male <b>clubs</b> in the British Open rotation to change its membership policies.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The Underfinanced Production Company's first foreign film has audiences all over downtown scratching their heads in puzzlement. Mario Batali, <b>his</b> teenage sons, Julia Moskin and four home cooks discussed cooking with children and the art of making pizza.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini has been ruled out of the friendly against Brazil on Thursday and is a doubt for the World Cup qualifier against Malta, the team doctor said on Wednesday.<br> New books <b>by</b> Chip Walter, Jesse J. <b>Prinz,</b> Torkel Klingberg and Ray Kurzweil.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I made a note about this two years ago in Media queries, viewport width, scrollbars, and WebKit browsers. In that <b>post</b> I also pointed to the following statement in the Media Queries specification: Where are some of <b>the</b> places <b>this</b> group has recited verse?&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br><img src="http://p.lefux.com/61/20090927/A0406000DV/Lovely-Ice-Cream-Shaped-1-Gallay.jpg"><br> There are two swift routes to political downfall.<br> One is sex. The other is money. The first is humiliating but survivable. The second tends to be terminal, <b>even</b> criminal.<br> Today’s topic is the second, in the form <b>of</b> Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) and the now mountainous evidence that — whether he technically complied with Virginia’s Swiss cheese disclosure laws or not in accepting <b>thousands</b> of dollars in gifts from a wealthy businessman — he has no business continuing in office. Read full article &#62;&#62;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; A judge orders the film "Presumed Guilty," about the murder trial and retrial of an innocent man who is found guilty <b>twice,</b> to be pulled from theaters. Anonymous, the informal hacker collective that often targets groups <b>or</b> countries <b>it</b> sees as enemies of Internet<br><img src="http://cdn.blogs.babble.com/family-kitchen/files/2012/03/0001.jpg"><br> freedom, has gone after everyone from MasterCard to the Vatican. But the group seems little match for the hermit kingdom: after two attempts, most recently on Tuesday and Wednesday, Anonymous appears to have largely <a href = "http://buy101.tumblr.com/clickbank-pirate">clickbank profit </a> infiltrate North Korea's systems. Read <b>full</b> article &#62;&#62;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; It is 3 a.m. and Jon Stewart is anxious. He <b>mutters</b> somthing that sounds like "Stupid, Stupid, Stupid." Than he takes a long swig from a bottle of Stoli.<br> The surviving Beastie Boys have been fairly quiet since Adam "MCA" Yauch's <b>untimely</b> death last year [...]<br><br><img src="http://ilovedisastermovies.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/natureunleashedavalanche.jpg"><br> Advances in flat-screen technology have made older monitors and televisions obsolete, decimating demand for tube glass used in them and creating vast stockpiles of useless material. Roads, canals and <b>schools</b> built in Afghanistan as part of a special U.S.<br> <b>military</b> program are crumbling under Afghan stewardship, despite new steps imposed over the <b>past</b> year to ensure reconstruction money is not being wasted, according to government reports <b>and</b> <b>interviews</b> with military and civilian personnel.<br> <b>Every</b> second, trillions of particles called neutrinos pass through your body.<br> These particles have <b>a</b> mass so tiny it has never been measured, and they interact so <b>weakly</b> with other matter that it is nearly impossible to detect <b>them,</b> making it very difficult to study their behavior.Since <b>arriving</b> <b>at</b> MIT in<br><img src="http://redkiteprayer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Winter_Ride.jpg"><br> 2005, Joseph Formaggio, an associate professor of physics, has sought <b>new</b> ways to measure the mass of <b>neutrinos.</b> Nailing down that value — <b>and</b> answering <b>questions</b> such as whether neutrinos are identical to antineutrinos — could help scientists refine the Standard Model of particle physics, which outlines the 16 types of subatomic particles (including the three neutrinos) that physicists have identified.Those discoveries could also shed light on why there is more <b>matter</b> than antimatter in the universe, even though they were formed in equal amounts<br><img src="http://static.dezeen.com/uploads/2012/12/dezeen_Drawing-Machine-by-All-Lovely-Stuff_ss_2.jpg"><br> during the Big Bang.“There<br> are big questions that we still haven’t answered, all centered around this little particle. It’s not just<br><img src="http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/dog-breed-dog-breed-pictures1.jpg"><br> measuring some numbers; it’s really about understanding the nature of the equation that explains particle physics.<br> That’s <b>really</b> exciting,” Formaggio says. There's only one team in Europe, the Chelsea fans reminded their Manchester United counterparts throughout this game, proving that even <b>the</b> much-maligned Europa League has <b>its</b> uses.<br> It is still Champions League qualification that matters <b>most,</b> especially with a new manager to recruit, and three points from one of Old Trafford's tamer afternoons courtesy of their deflected but deserved winner <b>returned</b> Chelsea to third <b>place</b> before Wednesday's <b>showdown</b> against Spurs at Stamford Bridge.Rafael<br> Benítez will be keen to have Eden Hazard back for that game. The Belgian failed a late fitness test on a calf strain and his creativity was missed. Even without him Chelsea managed to be more creative than United, who failed to score at home for the first time in 67 league matches.<br> They also had a player <a href = "http://buy101.tumblr.com/trade-miner">trademiner review </a> <b>for</b> the first time this season, though until Oscar picked out Juan Mata with a splendid pass four minutes from time it appeared <b>neither</b> side would<br><img src="http://media.treehugger.com/assets/images/2011/10/best-of-green-2011-slide.jpg.644x0_q100_crop-smart.jpg"><br> be imaginative or committed enough to deserve all three points.Just<br> about the only time Mata put a foot wrong was in claiming afterwards that the occasion had been "like a final". It was hardly that. Petr Cech was on firmer ground when he said it had been a strange, end-of-season game.<br> "The pace was quite a bit slower than usual but we did really well to come here and win," the goalkeeper said. While Mata's shot may end up being credited as an <b>own</b> goal by Phil Jones, it would never have happened without the <b>Spaniard's</b> ability to find space and his team-mates' willingness to keep going to the very end of <b>a</b> long season."We cannot give up now," Mata said. "Our aim is to<br><img src="http://interbrand.com/Libraries/Best_Canadian_Brands/BCB-2012_Online-Banner_980x425.sflb.ashx"><br> finish third and we can do that if we keep winning.<br> That's what we must do because I think <b>we</b> deserve <b>to</b> be in the Champions League next season."Chelsea showed marginally the more enterprise in a tepid first half, with Mata picking out Demba Ba with crosses on a couple of occasions, Victor Moses shooting too high<br><img src="http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02362/Gaby-Scanlon_2362718b.jpg"><br> with a decent chance and Oscar almost catching the home defence out with a run and a low shot that Anders Lindegaard could only touch on to a post.United waited until the stroke of half-time to get Robin van Persie on to the end of anything, though once they managed<br><img src="http://cdn.theatlantic.com/static/mt/assets/culture_test/LovelyBones_post.jpg"><br> to find him he was unlucky not to put his side <b>in</b> front. An instinctive first touch to a terrific through<br><img src="http://i37.mangareader.net/tough/143/tough-1713500.jpg"><br> ball from Ryan Giggs surprised Cech but curled just the wrong <b>side</b> of a post.<br> He then headed straight at the goalkeeper from a Nemanja Vidic cross.United's other main chance to take an interval lead came when Cech parried a cross straight to Tom Cleverley on the edge of the area, yet with a better opportunity than he possibly realised the fringe player lacked the composure to take advantage, shooting early and blazing over the bar.Chelsea<br> might have had a penalty at the start of the second half when Giggs hauled <b>down</b> David Luiz as he entered the area.<br> Howard Webb waved away their claims, which seemed<br><img src="http://bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com/thesouthern.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/a/68/a68fd6aa-7e1b-5609-b509-28227eaec659/50b92dd2dde6c.preview-620.jpg"><br> reasonable as the offence seemed to originate outside the box, though it appeared overly generous of the referee not even to award a free-kick.Despite<br> the introductions of Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres, the game was petering out<br><img src="http://cdn.ebaumsworld.com/mediaFiles/picture/1353378/81169760.jpg"><br> feebly in the second half, with United happy enough <b>to</b> settle for a second <a href = "http://buy101.tumblr.com/directory-of-ezine">directory of ezines </a> Chelsea's lack of urgency was harder to <b>understand,</b> though it turned out they were merely biding their time.The<br> buildup to the goal began <b>on</b> the edge of their own penalty area, with Ramires cleanly dispossessing <b>Rooney;</b> then, as <b>the</b> ball was worked upfield through Ramires and Frank Lampard, United made the mistake of leaving Mata unmarked in the box. Oscar spotted him and supplied him, and a low shot that took a deflection off<br><img src="http://media.treehugger.com/assets/images/2011/10/best-of-green-2011-slide.jpg.644x0_q100_crop-smart.jpg"><br> Jones beat Lindegaard's dive to creep in off the far post."It<br> was <b>a</b> bit of a lucky goal, going in off Phil Jones," said Sir Alex Ferguson at his curmudgeonly best, though <b>at</b> least the United manager did not dispute Ramires's tackle on Rooney, or indeed the result. "We took our foot off the pedal so we can't complain," Ferguson said. "We didn't play well enough to deserve anything."Any<br> hope United had of answering back disappeared with the hot-tempered Rafael Da Silva when the full-back was dismissed for kicking out at David Luiz. The Chelsea defender, not entirely innocent in the coming together that provoked Da Silva's petulance, was seen <b>smirking</b> to himself as he lay clutching his knees by the corner <b>flag</b><br><img src="http://interbrand.com/Libraries/Best_Canadian_Brands/BCB-2012_Online-Banner_980x425.sflb.ashx"><br> after checking to see that the referee had produced a red card.Ferguson was not best pleased.<br> "He was elbowed but I don't think the referee saw <b>that,"</b> he said. "All he saw was Luiz rolling around on the floor like a diving swan."<br> Yet for once Ferguson <b>was</b> not the centre of the story, and even more unusually <b>his</b> team were not the one with the <b>most</b> desire. <b>This</b> was another stealthy but significant victory for Benítez. Something else that will stand out <b>on</b> what even Ferguson must now admit is quite an impressive CV, even if is he in the habit of mentioning it too often.Man<br> of the match <b>Juan</b> <b>Mata</b> (Chelsea)Premier LeagueManchester UnitedChelseaPaul Wilsonguardian.co.uk &copy; 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies.<br> All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | <b>More</b> Feeds&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Conference tournaments are fun and exciting, but do they select the best <b>N.C.A.A.</b> tournament contestants? The love-scare affair with zombies is exploited yet again in “World War Z,” with Brad Pitt as <b>the</b> hero trying to save the world as well as his family.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> A campaign for Bumble Bee SuperFresh <b>has</b> a budget estimated at $25 million, a significant investment for a company that had no measured ad spending in major media last year.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The Obama administration announced new steps to expand coverage and inform consumers about<br><img src="http://images.sciencedaily.com/2009/05/090521112711-large.jpg"><br> their options under the federal health <b>care</b> law on

backrere posted on Dec 6th 2013 ...

Schneider Electric’s $5 billion offer for Invensys prompted a jump in the stock price that indicates investors <b>are</b> hoping for <b>a</b> <b>higher</b> offer or even a counterbid from a rival suitor.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; After getting accepted to college, <b>I</b> realized I didn’t <b>want</b> to slow down. I wanted to explore my passions and interests.Redundancy<br> forced Dave Pearson from a job he loved in a PRU, but doing a part-time maths degree alongside supply work has injected new <b>energy</b> and purpose into his teachingI qualified as an engineer before <b>I</b> went into teaching,<br><img src="http://fabulousmaguk.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/pretty1.jpg"><br> but a redundancy after my first year of work led me to a bit of <b>a</b> crossroads.<br> <b>My</b> mum was a <b>primary</b> school teacher and my dad <b>a</b> welding lecturer and they suggested <b>I</b> think about teaching. Design and technology (DT) was a relatively new subject in schools and so with my engineering background and interest in making <b>things</b> I thought this would work.I did a two year teaching degree in Wolverhampton as DT was a shortage subject. <b>Unfortunately,</b> I collapsed a disc in my back while I was in the middle of the degree and spent most of the last year wearing a whalebone corset, barely able to walk. Sometimes I even had to lay down on the floor in lectures to take notes <b>and</b> in my first teaching practice I was navigating my way around the classroom looking for the next<br><img src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-35wQMpYtNZc/TXWNx8y2xCI/AAAAAAAB_2o/9vZYNfWrGn8/s1600/funny_demotivational_posters_01.jpg"><br> desk to hold onto. Luckily a spine operation just before my finals sorted my back out.After my degree I had six job interviews but didn't get <b>a</b> job at first so went into supply teaching. Interestingly, I did supply at schools where I'd gone for interviews and ended up being offered jobs I <b>hadn't</b> got at interview.<br> So I'm convinced doing <b>supply</b> work is a great route to getting a job.I didn't really know I had found my vocation when I started teaching.<br> I was more giving it a <b>shot</b> as an avenue to explore.<br> My first job was at Archbishop Grimshaw school <b>(now</b> John Henry Newman <b>Catholic</b> College) in Chorley Wood and I <b>was</b> really pleased that they paid me<br><img src="http://25dip.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/1260894977149-annual-dog-show.jpg"><br> two points above the starting scale because of my previous engineering experience and my age. That <b>got</b> me through <b>my</b> NQT year, but <b>then</b> I decided to do supply again.I<br> got an offer of <b>some</b> work at North Warwickshire Pupil Referral Unit (PRU). <b>I</b> took it for the adventure and as another string to my bow. So I went into working with children with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD) and special educational needs (SEN) quite lightly. I first walked into the PRU on Monday <b>8</b> January 1998, I remember the date because it was such an important turning point in my <b>life.First<br></b> of all I sat on groups in the unit without<br><img src="http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/58179/sad-woman-moon-night.jpg"><br> <b>being</b> given a specific role, <b>the</b> <b>same</b> thing happened on Tuesday.<br> So I went <b>to</b> see the head of the centre to ask what I was actually doing here. I found out the <b>first</b> couple of days were <b>an</b> initiation, as many teachers never came back after the first day. Then I found out about my first pupil, a young man in Nuneaton whose behaviour levels were so bad that no one had been able to <b>engage</b><br><img src="http://interbrand.com/Libraries/Best_Canadian_Brands/BCB-2012_Online-Banner_980x425.sflb.ashx"><br> with <b>him</b> in any way.<br> The centre head told me I could teach him anything I liked as long as you engage him.So it was <b>a</b> very open brief, before the days <b>when</b> PRUs were monitored and regulated by <b>Ofsted.</b> I went <b>with</b> a project of Roman history but <b>as</b> soon as I walked into the room with the<br><img src="http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/25700000/hercule-is-real-wtf-dragon-ball-z-25790590-962-715.jpg"><br> boy and his little brother who had been excluded from primary school, I knew this wasn't going <b>to</b> work at any level.<br> The next time I took my tool box and worked on a project manufacturing working models, and that did the trick.I<br> met lots of different types of families in the course of working for<br><img src="http://assets.motivationalgenerator.com/hashed_silo_content/3c4/319/f04/resized/wtf-just-wtf-50bf3d.jpg"><br> North Warwickshire PRU, some were in desperate situations and by the time <b>they</b> saw us there were three generations of problems stacking up.<br> I made it my mission <b>to</b> directly improve the quality of people's lives by going to their homes and put some good into their lives, and try and <b>develop</b> the ability.<br> I started <b>with</b> five tutees who I was supposed to spend one hour a day with. I was able to tailor<br><img src="http://lovelypackage.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/lovely-package-dashwood-cards3.jpg"><br> specific programmes to meet my pupil's diverse needs and found they responded best when I taught them real life skills.Working<br> with children with serious behavioural, emotional and developmental special needs is <b>very</b> challenging but I<br><img src="http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/29100000/Very-Funny-See-It-Comment-Please-bollywood-29117015-711-719.jpg"><br> <b>realised</b> from the start that it was for me. I've never experienced camaraderie as in the PRU.<br> I was offered a contract after a year and then made a <b>permanent</b> member of staff. Our aim was to start teaching children<br><img src="http://25dip.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/1260894977149-annual-dog-show.jpg"><br> at home and then slowly bring them into the PRU in small groups and from there the idea <b>was</b> to go back into mainstream education, but this was very rare.<br> <b>Teaching</b> <b>some</b> children at home was infinitely better than bringing into the PRU in groups.<br> And if you brought them to the groups too early, it was mayhem. So we were really quite devastated when all the work we'd put in at the PRU wasn't recognised and was trashed by Ofsted who put us in special measures and then ultimately <b>closed</b> us down in 2011 as part of a move to <b>replace</b> PRUs with learning support <b>units</b> within <b>mainstream</b> schools.<br> I was made redundant and it was an incredibly stressful period.But<br> <b>something</b> happened <b>to</b> me while all this was happening which was a real light in my life <b>and</b> has led to what I'm doing now.<br> I started teaching <b>maths</b> to some of the groups at the PRU and really enjoyed it.I<br> <b>only</b><br><img src="http://api.ning.com/files/sLvh4KvKMEeVZ39CoHj6WM5TTcg6t4zaCDZlwEu6oV5T7lkzbPh22cS-*0RMsNFnDVQyEQS1d3saH8JfSRh07HQ7esWLFNKh/Barney.jpg"><br> had my O-level in maths, so I did an A-level at evening classes <b>at</b> City College <b>Coventry.</b> I loved it. <b>My</b> maths <b>guru</b> Saeed Vakilpour<br><img src="http://interbrand.com/Libraries/Best_Canadian_Brands/BCB-2012_Online-Banner_980x425.sflb.ashx"><br> suggested I did an A-level in further maths<br><img src="http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/25700000/hercule-is-real-wtf-dragon-ball-z-25790590-962-715.jpg"><br> before starting a degree and I was still finishing that when I got made redundant so it <b>was</b> a real light shining at a dark time for me.Doing well at my A-levels really increased my flagging self esteem and I decided to do a degree in maths with the Open University. I've just completed my <b>first</b> year and am loving it.At the same time I have been doing some really enjoyable supply work.<br> I've had a <b>number</b> of assignments at Newbridge Short Stay<br><img src="http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/195826/195826,1327910036,3/stock-photo-beautiful-fashion-girl-with-roses-93880045.jpg"><br> School in Worcester which has a very similar function to a PRU and I'm mainly focusing on maths teaching.<br> So it's all <b>worked</b> out for me. It just goes to show that even when terrible things happen in <b>your</b> career, you can pick yourself up and <b>find</b> another niche. My plan long term is to teach A-level maths, which I have already been doing privately. I've also picked up my design and technology teaching again at Newbridge which has a great DT workshop.I<br> love teaching maths.<br> I think it's because it's a subject that I struggled with <b>when</b> I was at <b>school.<br></b> I'm not a mathematical genius but I stoically plod through my degree, unpicking it completely so I understand <a href = "http://buy101.tumblr.com/trade-miner">trademiner </a> think that really helps with teaching it. I love it seeing the light come on as it did with me.Dave<br> Pearson is a maths teacher (and student) and BESD specialist.This<br> content is brought to you by Guardian Professional. Looking for your next role? Take a look at Guardian jobs for<br><img src="http://digitalbloggers.com/normalguy/files/2012/11/lovely_bones_0021.jpg"><br> schools for thousands of the latest <b>teaching,</b> leadership and support jobs.Career adviceSchoolsTeachingEmily Drabbleguardian.co.uk<br> &copy; 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All <b>rights</b> <b>reserved.<br></b> | Use of this content is subject<br><img src="http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/29100000/Very-Funny-See-It-Comment-Please-bollywood-29117015-711-719.jpg"><br> to our Terms & Conditions <b>|</b> More Feeds&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Related: Women Rally Around Widower to Breast-Feed Infant Son Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments Want to spend the night in a recycled sea container? Or a boat balanced atop <b>a</b> London <b>roof?</b> Pop-up hotels are <b>offering</b> those options and more for travelers who act fast.<br> Stephanie and Ed Aron <b>figured</b> they would spend about $850,000 to buy a <b>home.<br></b> But before they knew it, <b>they</b> <b>were</b> signing a $1.2 million contract for a newly built house <b>in</b> Bethesda.<br> Office 365 users will increasingly be able to import contacts from external applications after the suite's initial rollout of this capability for Facebook and LinkedIn.<br> Microsoft recently implemented a feature in Office 365 called Connect that lets some editions of the suite grab contacts data from third-party tools. The first supported source was LinkedIn in late February and more recently Microsoft has added Facebook. Favourable weather conditions help firefighters contain Springs Fire, which has blackened 28,000 acres of brushlandA fierce wildfire that had threatened 4,000 homes northwest of Los Angeles was nearly 60% contained on Saturday, as favorable weather conditions helped beat it back, officials said.<br> "We <b>actually</b> have a <b>pretty</b> good marine layer, which <b>is</b> like thick fog on the coast moving inland, <b>cooler</b> temperatures and higher humidity," said <b>Captain</b> Dan Horgon of the <b>Ventura</b> County fire department.<br> "That coupled with our efforts out there with <b>our</b> firefighters have made the situation quite a bit better."<br> The Springs Fire in coastal Ventura <b>County</b> has blackened about 28,000 acres (11,300 hectares) of rugged brushland since it started on Thursday. Officials said the blaze was now expected to be fully under control by sometime on Monday. All fire-related evacuation orders had been lifted by Saturday evening.<br> About 4,000 homes had been threatened by the fire, but only 15 have been damaged, Horgon said.<br> There are no reports of deaths or injuries, although<br><img src="http://la-bike.org/sites/default/files/Websiteimages/120610_31198_la-river-ride_kids-course-cone.jpg"><br> one firefighter and a civilian were hurt in a vehicle collision, the department said on its website.<br> Until <b>this</b> week, fewer than 12,000 acres (4,856 hectares) had burned since the mid-April start of the Southern California fire season, said Daniel <b>Berlant,</b> a spokesman for the<br><img src="http://cdn.biharprabha.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/smiling_girl.jpg%3F5bdf3a"><br> state's Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. That figure has jumped with the Springs Fire and five smaller blazes around the state. The <b>department</b> had moved ahead its official start date for the season by two weeks because of dry conditions, <b>already</b> at levels typical for June or July, Berlant said. Snow pack in California's Sierra Nevada mountains is 17% of normal.<br> Some weather forecasters have predicted the <b>season</b> will get worse with a summer of high temperatures and drought throughout much of the US West.CaliforniaWildfiresUnited StatesUS <b>weatherguardian.co.uk<br></b> &copy; 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved.<br> | Use of this content is subject <b>to</b> our Terms & Conditions <b>|</b> More Feeds&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; MEXICO CITY -- All the police found in the abandoned Cadillac pickup truck were scissors and blood that matched the type of<br><img src="http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/25700000/hercule-is-real-wtf-dragon-ball-z-25790590-962-715.jpg"><br> Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, the cigar-chomping political powerhouse who has not been seen again. Kenneth Branagh returns to Shakespeare in <b>a</b> fast-paced “Macbeth” at the Manchester International Festival.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> Diego Torres’s $2 million house has become a luxury bunker since he challenged the Spanish royal family by revealing their private e-mails in a corruption <b>investigation.</b> Investors seem to be starry-eyed about Amazon’s valuation, particularly when compared with Apple’s.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Derek Jeter treated fans to some batting practice before a sore ankle sent him home early. The emerging field of "synthetic biology" holds great promise for producing new medicines, cleaning up the <b>environment,</b> and providing <b>alternative</b> energy sources and other benefits, but the U.S. government needs to take <b>precautions</b> to ensure that laboratory-made microbes do not cause unexpected ca... <b>South</b> Africa's parliament issued a reprimand to police Monday after media outlets reported that police stations across the country were running out of rape kits -- a disturbing problem in a country once called "the world's rape capital." Read full article &#62;&#62; <b></b> Perspective view <b>of</b> Mercury’s north polar region with the radar-bright regions shown in yellow. Image: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington New Internet access rules approved by federal regulators on Tuesday prohibit network operators from meddling with Web <b>traffic</b> into American homes <b>but</b> <b>do</b> not extend to the fast-growing market for smartphones <b>and</b> tablet computers.<br> Silverman will play a prostitute in A <b>Million</b> Ways to Die in the West, a film that already promises <b>controversyTwo</b> controversial comedians will be joining forces as Sarah Silverman joins Seth <b>MacFarlane's</b> upcoming western comedy, A Million Ways to Die in the West, according to the Hollywood Reporter.Silverman will play a prostitute who refuses to sleep with her husband <b>(Giovanni</b> Ribisi) <b>for</b> religious reasons, despite performing a<br><img src="http://img.naij.com/n/09/f/extremist-persons01.jpg"><br> variety of lewd acts for her clients. MacFarlane, who <b>co-wrote</b> the script, will also be <b>directing</b> and starring in the film, which is set for production this spring. <b>He</b> will<br><img src="http://api.ning.com/files/di3TKwTHv5A1JCvTPba0sQPAYtgTZCWJPlXstje4phMxWlLXnV80aH2IbvxoGB8YyZvybFY8fApkLQY6R*y1iGbKgUwJtN4T/101waystosayILOVEU.jpg"><br> <b>play</b> a yellow-bellied chicken farmer who is forced to corral his courage when an outlaw terrorises his town.Macfarlane, whose directorial debut Ted grossed $545.8m (£361.3m)<br> worldwide, recently received criticism for his material <b>at</b> this <b>year's</b> Oscars ceremony. He used his stint as host to make jokes on female nudity, domestic violence and Jews in <b>Hollywood.</b> <b>His</b> musical segment, entitled We Saw Your Boobs, sparked outrage. Oscars producers defended the host, describing his style as "irreverent".Silverman is widely known for her standup work, which saw her perform last month at London's Bloomsbury theatre. The comedian recently voiced a leading role in Walt Disney Animation's Wreck-It Ralph.A<br> Million Ways to Die already boasts a cast including Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried.Sarah SilvermanComedySeth MacFarlaneUnited StatesWesternsguardian.co.uk &copy; 2013 <b>Guardian</b> News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All <b>rights</b> reserved.<br> | Use of this content is subject to our <b>Terms</b> & Conditions | More Feeds As Singapore connects with its agricultural past, tourists are gaining <b>new</b> ways to explore the <b>city-state’s</b> farms and gardens of today.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> In their version of the parabolic trough (shown above) Wang and Miljkovic use three concentric tubes. To maximize solar <b>energy</b> capture, they coat <b>the</b> <b>outside</b> surface of the middle tube with a selective absorber.<br> Then, to keep the captured heat from escaping, they place that tube inside an outer glass tube, with a vacuum between them.<br> The system thus absorbs as <b>much</b> sunlight and emits as little heat as possible.<br> They then incorporate two technologies that increase efficiency and decrease cost and complexity. To get <b>rid</b> of the energy-consuming mechanical pump, they move the captured heat to the point of consumption using a "thermosyphon" <b>—</b> the central tube in <b>the</b> <a href = "http://buy101.tumblr.com/directory-of-ezine">directory of ezines download </a> this arrangement, the tube is only partially <b>filled</b> with a specially selected working fluid that evaporates when heated by the sun. The vapor that forms <b>rises</b> and <b>flows</b> naturally through the tube until it reaches a cool surface, where it condenses, releasing its heat. Because the system <b>is</b> designed with an upward tilt, gravity then forces the condensed fluid to flow back down to the area of the hot solar absorber, <b>where</b> it undergoes the heat-gathering, heat-releasing cycle again. The thermosyphon not<br><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ItFTvzLpl2g/T7Z5isDdQLI/AAAAAAAACIA/iAwRZr4kFM4/s1600/wtf.jpg"><br> only transfers the heat without mechanical assistance but also does it extremely <b>efficiently.<br></b> "In a thermosyphon, you utilize the phase change of a liquid — <b>the</b> vaporization and subsequent condensation — to move the heat to where you want it," says Wang. "It's as if it were a <b>very,</b> very good thermal conductor — much better than, say, diamond, which is one of the best solid conductors." <b>The</b> second technology they incorporate provides a simpler means of generating electricity than that used in a conventional parabolic-trough <b>system.</b> Instead of raising steam to run a generator, they use a TE material, strategically located to maintain the temperature difference that causes electricity <b>to</b> flow.<br> As shown in the diagram, the TE material is incorporated in the <b>form</b> of "legs" that run between the absorber wall and the exterior surface of the thermosyphon, spaced at regular intervals with a vacuum in the gaps between them. In this configuration, <b>heat</b> <b>from</b> the absorber surface travels through the<br><img src="http://getitwhit.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/baby-girl-flower-cap.jpg"><br> TE legs to the thermosyphon, where it is removed by the vaporization of the <b>working</b> fluid.<br> As a result, each leg has one end attached to the hot absorber <b>wall</b> and the other attached to the constantly <b>cooled</b> exterior of the thermosyphon. The temperature difference is maintained, and current flows.<br><br><img src="http://idleeflthoughts.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/best-job.jpg"><br> The thermoelectric advantage TE devices<br><img src="http://a.abcnews.com/images/Entertainment/gty_courtney_love-kb_130124_wg.jpg"><br> are an attractive electricity-generating choice for several reasons.<br> An obvious <b>advantage</b> is that <b>they</b> involve <b>no</b> moving parts, so they are simple, durable, and robust. Photovoltaic (PV) cells are likewise a solid-state <b>system,</b> and they are far more <b>efficient</b> at turning solar energy into <b>electricity</b> than TE materials are. But to work properly, PVs must be extremely pure and perfect,<br><img src="http://0.tqn.com/d/dogs/1/0/K/0/-/-/ShakingHands.KaneSkennar.jpg"><br> so making them involves carefully controlled and costly <b>processes.<br></b> In contrast, TEs actually work better <b>when</b> they are flawed; so even if rare materials are used, they can be fabricated using bulk manufacturing techniques. Perhaps more important, while conventional PV cells do not operate well at high <b>temperatures,</b> TE materials thrive in the heat. "That's an important <b>advantage,"</b> says Miljkovic. "We can <b>use</b> our system <b>at</b> high temperatures. And in mechanical engineering, high temperatures are generally good. Systems — especially any electric power generation cycle — are a lot more efficient when operating at higher temperatures." Efficiency <b>and</b> heat output of various system designs House Republicans have <b>been</b> challenging EPA Administrator Lisa <b>Jackson</b> on whether carbon dioxide is a pollutant, in hearings aimed at cutting <b>the</b> agency's budget and curbing its ability to regulate greenhouse gases.<br> No 10 aims to <b>boost</b> take-up of school meals as report by Leon<br><img src="http://cdn.mdjunction.com/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/images/402417_168625089908872_128246517280063_223000_978772664_n.jpg"><br> suggests link between nutrition <b>and</b> academic performancePacked lunches could be banned and pupils barred from leaving school during breaks to buy junk food under a government plan to increase the take-up of school meals, which is to be announced on Friday.The<br> plan, <b>drawn</b> up by John Vincent<br><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_JnfwCALOmPk/S7wIU7GtdZI/AAAAAAAACko/98wWaKxKpEk/s400/pw%2B2"><br> and Henry Dimbleby, the founders of the food company Leon, aims to tackle the poor public image of school meals.The report, which suggests a link between nutrition and academic <b>performance,</b> highlights that parents currently spend almost £1bn on packed lunches but only 1% of them meet nutritional standards. In <b>contrast,</b> scientific studies show most school meals are a healthier option.The report suggests a range of measures for headteachers to <b>increase</b> take-up of school meals.<br> They include <b>banning</b> unhealthy packed lunches full of sugary drinks, crisps and sweets, or even a total ban on all packed lunches.Children could also be barred from leaving school <b>premises</b> at break time, preventing them from buying unhealthy food, such as takeaways.<br> But schools should also make their meals more <b>exciting</b> and ensure unhealthy snacks are not served during mid-morning breaks.The plan also recommends subsidising school lunches for children in the first term of primary and secondary school or <b>discounts</b> for parents with several children.It<br> also suggests introducing cashless payments to reduce long queues and prevent <b>children</b> who receive free school meals from being stigmatised.<br> Teachers are also recommended to eat with pupils in the dining hall.Cooking<br> should also be part of the curriculum until children are 14, and schools could also offer lessons to parents and their children after school.The plans include £11.8m from the Department for Education to help increase the take-up of meals, and £3.15m to provide healthy breakfasts for <b>children</b> who arrive at school hungry.Two<br> London boroughs will be chosen as pilot schemes to demonstrate how better school food can improve health and educational performance.The plan comes after Michael Gove, the education secretary, was accused by the Labour-appointed TV chef <b>Jamie</b> Oliver of imperilling children's health and educational prospects by letting the rapidly growing number <b>of</b> <b>academies</b> and free schools opt out of the standards.Almost a fifth of<br><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ItFTvzLpl2g/T7Z5isDdQLI/AAAAAAAACIA/iAwRZr4kFM4/s1600/wtf.jpg"><br> UK children are obese by the time they leave primary school. The situation is even worse <b>in</b> London, with almost a quarter of children starting primary school and over a third of year six children overweight or obese.At<br> present, the majority of pupils – 57% – take a packed lunch or buy food outside school. Currently school meals cost £140m in school subsidies and their provision in England will only break even if average take-up rises above 50%.Separately, the Department of Health is due to publish its <b>consultation</b> on plain-packaged cigarettes.<br> The department closed the consultation in August, and campaigners in favour of it were not expecting imminent legislation.A bill to introduce such packaging, supported by the public health minister Anna Sourby did not feature in the Queen's speech, as ministers said more time was needed to study the impact of the ban introduced in Australia.School mealsSchool fundingNutritionHealthSchoolsHealth & wellbeingFood & drinkChildrenDavid BattyPatrick Wintourguardian.co.uk &copy; 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All <b>rights</b> reserved.<br> | Use of <b>this</b> content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Guillermo del <b>Toro's</b> latest is consistently thrilling and playful, returning <b>human</b> agency to the action-packed genreStop me if <b>you've</b> heard this one before. Giant alien monsters known as Kaiju are making their way through an inter-dimensional <b>portal</b> deep in a Pacific ocean trench, and are coming ashore to reduce cities like San Francisco and Manila to rubble. The only thing that will stop them are giant robots, or Jaegers, piloted by two humans, one for each hemisphere of the brain, thus ensuring that the robots can tie their own shoelaces and guess how you are feeling.And if that sounds like <b>a</b> salad of <b>just</b> about every blockbuster of the last five years, then you'd be right. What can I say? Except Arthur Brooke and <a href = "http://buy101.tumblr.com/clickbank-pirate">clickbank profit pirate </a> both had <b>a</b> crack of the Romeo and Juliet story before this Shakespeare kid showed up.Advance word on Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim was that <b>it</b> was the "thinking man's Michael Bay movie," and while thoughtfulness is always nice, that's not, strictly speaking, accurate. What distinguishes the two film-makers is love – a deep<br><img src="http://la-bike.org/sites/default/files/Websiteimages/120610_31198_la-river-ride_kids-course-cone.jpg"><br> <b>and</b> abiding love of <b>the</b> <b>genre,</b> love of monsters down to the phosphorescent tips of their tentacles, love of robots down to their last rivet, love of the laws of mass and momentum, and all the unfakeable geekery that lifts and propels every frame of this <b>film.How<br></b> long does it take to tell the difference? I would say by the end of the opening credits. That's how long it takes for Raleigh <b>Beckett</b> (Charlie Hunnam), to lose his brother to one <b>of</b> the <b>monsters,</b> with one scoop of its paw. When the two of them first showed up, <b>two</b> blond hunks strolling down the <b>jet</b> way, grins <b>the</b> size of the <b>Mariana</b> trench, rock'n'roll blasting on the soundtrack, you think: oh no, not another hymn to chiseled American manhood. Actually, no. His<br><img src="http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/pug.jpg"><br> brother gone, Beckett must instead find his footing with a new team, opposite a young Japanese woman, Mako (Rinko Kikuchi), with a face as pale as lily and <b>a</b> Louise Brooks bob, who wants revenge against the Kaiju for reasons having to do with a small red child's shoe. Del Toro's sense of characterisation is calligraphic, sentimental in the best sense, almost Cruikshankian: everyone is outlined with bold, <b>fluid</b> strokes that that lead them right back into the thick of the action.<br> There is commander Stacker Pentecost (Idris <b>Elba),</b> who sounds ominously biblical and delivers lines like "I do not want your admiration and your sympathy, I want your compliance and your fighting skills," plus two squabbling scientists, one of whom believes <b>that</b> "numbers are the closest we can get to the <b>handwriting</b> of God," a line just good enough to give the impression of sincere belief.For once the internationalism of the cast feels rooted in something other than demography. A sequence delving into Mako's backstory showing a little girl running terrified down ashen streets, manages to invoke both Hiroshima and 9/11, drawing juice from Japanese <b>and</b> American movie-making traditions.Maybe<br> that's why the tracking <b>is</b> soft.<br> Blockbusters – in <b>their</b> modern iteration at least – <b>started</b> out as an American form, maybe even the American form, like jazz and musicals and <b>ice</b> cream, and the story they told <b>was</b> America's backstory: <b>David</b> versus Goliath. "I don't ever want to <b>think</b> <b>you</b> could kill that <b>shark,"</b> Spielberg told his actors in Jaws, a beta-male siding with the other beta-males against alpha-dog Quint, the shark-hunter."Aren't you a<br><img src="http://0.tqn.com/d/dogs/1/0/K/0/-/-/ShakingHands.KaneSkennar.jpg"><br> little short to be a storm-trooper," Princess Leia asks Luke when he first bursts into her cell on the Death Star in Star Wars, another film sized to the asymmetrical<br><img src="http://img.humorsharing.com/media/images/1209/i_wtf_pictures_506436487e57a.jpg"><br> fight of the little guy against the big guy, because what brings the empire down, remember is it's size; the Death Star is too large to be adequately defended, leaving<br><img src="http://global.fncstatic.com/static/managed/img/Scitech/dog%2520nose%2520detector.jpg"><br> it open to a fighter craft the size of <b>an</b> x-wing. Both these fights recalled the fight America had just lost – in Vietnam, where it was the 900lb gorilla brought down by a lighter, <b>faster</b> force – but re-slanted so that Americans could root for the little guy again, a salve for the <b>national</b> dysmorphia, which results when the world's sole superpower still imagines itself a scrappy underdog.No other form <b>tracks</b> this more explicitly than the summer blockbuster, for no form more explicitly sets those two forces – size and speed – against one another. Think of <b>Arnie</b> versus the T-1000 in Terminator 2, a "Porsche to his Panzer tank," as Cameron put it, an uncannily predictive of the <b>equally</b> mercurial threat the country would one day face. <b>Or</b> the asymmetric warfare waged in Avatar, whose largest dragon, the Toruk, is vulnerable to attack from above precisely because of its size. How The Mighty fall: it's the Cameron theme from Aliens to Titanic, and one he picked up watching the Vietnam war on TV as a teenager in Canada, amazed to see this <b>giant</b> of a next-door neighbour fall. <b>It's</b> precisely what <b>has</b> given his fantasies such a virulent hold on the American imagination.And<br> it's what makes so many modern-day blockbusters so slack: they haven't the imagination for failure. They are glinting, 24-carot dreams of success – quite literal power trips.<br> <b>The</b> new Man of Steel <b>has</b> very little time for Clark Kent,<br><img src="http://fabulousmaguk.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/pretty1.jpg"><br> only for Superman, Kal-el, this time reimagined as a demi-God.<br> The Transformer movies are boring precisely to the extent that watching two equal, opposed forces thrash it out is boring: only narrative sleights of hand <b>and</b> deus ex machinas will tip the fight.<br> And why Pacific Rim <b>is</b> the most <b>consistently</b> thrilling bit of blockbuster sublimity since Avatar.I mean that word literally: "whatever is fitted in any sort to excite the <b>ideas</b> of pain and danger," said Edmund Burke in A Philosophical Inquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful (1757) "Whatever is in any sort terrible, or is conversant about terrible objects, or operates in a manner analogous to terror." The romantics found it in the seascapes<br><img src="http://cdn.lolzbook.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/When-You-See-It....jpeg"><br> of Turner, the Alps, the craggy vertiginousness of Milton's Paradise Lost, the caverns of Piranesi and Opium dreams.It's<br> not <b>too</b> hard to find traces of all of those in the awe-inspiring battles between robot and monster, <b>most</b> of them at night, some of them at sea, in del <b>Toro's</b> film. For once, the fights seem to be observing known physical laws, absent the tell-tale whizz of CGI, but instead <b>moving</b> with the sluggish grandeur befitting their massive bulk – or as one of the scientists, appropriately named Newton, puts it, "that's 2,500 tons of awesome!" But what really wins the day is the way Del Toro has rescaled the action to allow<br><img src="http://25dip.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/1260894977149-annual-dog-show.jpg"><br> human agency back into the picture. Best of all is Elba, who finds a declamatory pitch for his performance that could part the oceans themselves.<br> "Today, at the edge of our hope, at the <b>end</b> of our time," he intones, like Olivier <b>before</b> the battle of Agincourt.<br> "We are cancelling the apocalypse!"It's just a power-chord, a bit of silly magnificence in a summer blockbuster, but it lifts you out of your seat, and reminds you of just how rousing these <b>things</b> can be when they have a director of del Toro's imagination at the helm. Pacific Rim is consistently thrilling, playful and – it's guilty secret – unfashionably fun for a blockbuster, these days, when <b>most</b> superhero movies have succumbed to a terminal gloom. If audiences don't go for it civilization really <b>is</b> doomed.Guillermo del ToroScience fiction and fantasyIdris ElbaTom Shoneguardian.co.uk<br> &copy; 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or <b>its</b> affiliated companies. All rights reserved.<br> | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds WHEN THE WORLD CALLS The Inside Story of the Peace Corps and<br><img src="http://static.manoramaonline.com/ranked/online/MM/The_Week/COVER_STORY/Indias_Best_Colleges/52%2520Cover%2520story%2520OPE%2520BEST.jpg"><br> Its First <b>Fifty</b> Years<br><img src="http://0.tqn.com/d/dogs/1/0/K/0/-/-/ShakingHands.KaneSkennar.jpg"><br> By Stanley Meisler Beacon. 272 pp.<br> $26.95<br> In 2008 Christiane Amanpour illustrated America's declining role in the world by telling a foreign policy conference, "There was a Peace Corps."<br> After the session a
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