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8h 8d 8c 7s 7d
Full House, Eights over Sevens

Ah Jh 7h 6h 3h
Flush, Ace High

As 9s 7s 4s 3s
Flush, Ace High

Qs 9s 6s 5s 2s
Flush, Queen High

Js Ts 9s 6s 3s
Flush, Jack High

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joebottrop007 posted on Nov 29th 2015 ...

am really interested to know why u want a 2MAN Privat Team ...the only reason can be: u want to hit the royal flush alone..everything else is brainless..as member of another team i know how often the fantasy freerolls dont start, because 5 teams dont bring enough players to start the freeroll...but however with the lower pricepool. others like me will stiop to take part of this promo

vuk1982 posted on Sep 12th 2015 ...

Im looking for a new team!vukmuk1982@yahoo.com send the password here!thanks

joebottrop007 posted on Sep 8th 2015 ...

aha..we quali for the freeroll #1 last month, they credit me a tokken vaild 7.9. and tourney is on 13.07 ..others with same problem ?

DeathMan posted on May 9th 2015 ...

PokerInside Fantasy Poker 1 $500
Registration begins: 2015. 05. 09. 18:05
Tournament starts: 2015. 05. 10 18:05
Min players: 10

cplbear posted on Jun 19th 2013 ...

hey sleepy the Eh team has an opening for a active player top 5 every month if your interested email me @ martin_s@shaw.ca

Filocarp0 posted on Feb 21st 2013 ...

Hello, I would like to join in your team, I can do 200/300 RH per day. Thanks

misterno1 posted on Jan 30th 2013 ...

hi, can i join your team?
Displaying #1-7 of 7 total comments

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