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Looking for players for friendship, respect and indeed poker and more poker.

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9h 9c 9d Tc Th
Full House, Nines over Tens

As Ks Qc Js Td
Ace High Straight

5h 4d 3c 2h Ad
Five High Straight

Qd Qh Qs Td 3d
Three of a Kind, Queens

3s 3d 3c 5c 2d
Three of a Kind, Threes

Team Comment Wall

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pokerprofi posted on Aug 5th 2011 ...

hi wonderkidz
in this team only you make RH.
You cann joined me team when you will
Austrian Poker Players
Gl and see you

wonderkidz posted on Jan 13th 2011 ...

nice solid team!!!

Calmheho posted on Oct 14th 2009 ...

Thx for joining the team guys... gl @ BetMost ;-)

lynx2012 posted on Oct 11th 2009 ...

Very happy to join your team!!
Thx to Calmheho ..

NaWeZ11 posted on Oct 6th 2009 ...

hello guys Im new here happy to join ur team!!

Calmheho posted on May 10th 2009 ...

Good luck for those in the PI freerolls at BetMost. If I do okay, will let you know here.

Calmheho posted on May 9th 2009 ...

Yes but not very active like I am here. It would be very difficult though because it's against the rules to promote PI there. Also finishing in the top 10 is hard too, as you said we need around 8000 raked hands. The best finish we had is 23th I think with only 2 players though. So we'll see but if your target is really to be in the top 10, feel free to search for an another team who usually finish there. Thanks and good luck.

leopepe posted on May 8th 2009 ...

Calmheho, are you active at railbirds? You could try to find aome players there.

leopepe posted on May 8th 2009 ...

We need at least 8000 raked hands per week
to finish in top 10. It is almost imposible with 2-3 players. Anyway, I can make around 2000 raked hands per week, so we need 6000 more. Any thoughts how to reach this number? New players in team, some inactive players to be contacted if they intend to contribute, ...

leopepe posted on May 5th 2009 ...

I got an impression that no one in team is playing at the moment. Last month this team was one of the best, and I have an impression that with similar effort like last month we could be in top 10.

Calmheho posted on May 5th 2009 ...

Oh sorry I meant we are 4 active and not 5. But anyway if you want to be in a more active team, don't hesitate. Thanks.

Calmheho posted on May 5th 2009 ...

Actually we are only 5 active + you, it makes it 6. The 2 others I think don't have a bankroll right now.

leopepe posted on May 5th 2009 ...

Are you guys still active or should I look for different team?

Calmheho posted on May 4th 2009 ...

I'm not 100% sure but I think it's 50 rake hands that SnG is worth.

leopepe posted on May 4th 2009 ...

Do you know how much raked hands is worth 1 Dirty Dozen Jackpot SnG?

Calmheho posted on May 4th 2009 ...

Yes, they count. Most of my... came from Sit & Gos. Because I don't like playing real money Mtts, only freerolls.

leopepe posted on May 4th 2009 ...

Are you sure that SnG or MTT count as raked hands? I think that only cash tables are counted.

Calmheho posted on May 4th 2009 ...

The best strategy is very easy, in my opinion you should play at least $2.40 Sit & Gos or MTTs up to $... its your choice. Then for cash games I see you like Omaha Pot Limit so I would recommend you to play at least 0.10/0.20 up to $... once again its your choice and mainly depend on your bankroll. If you play these limits, you'll get lots of Rake Hands and will not take too much time to join me (over 14k rake hands) so wlecome to the team and good luck.

Calmheho posted on May 4th 2009 ...

Yes, the challenge is monthly...

leopepe posted on May 4th 2009 ...

Is there a May Fantasy Poker Chalenge?

leopepe posted on May 3rd 2009 ...

what is the best strategy?
Playing low or hi limits?
You can count on me,

Mvieira86 posted on May 2nd 2009 ...

Here is my email : sepulcro_de_lagrimas_666@hotmail.com ill be glad to join u guys ... im a medium player but consistent one

Calmheho posted on Apr 10th 2009 ...

Well, once again we were so close to hit a jackpot. See our fantasy hands for details, but this time we missed it in 2 hands and not 1. Keep up the good works, I have a feeling we'll be rewarded very soon.

Calmheho posted on Apr 5th 2009 ...

Haha, you're not yet a potential danger but I'll keep an eye on it... good luck all playing in coming up PI freerolls :-)

darkishbet posted on Apr 5th 2009 ...

Well Calmheho I've already beaten other team members, will try to beat you as well :D
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