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Bun venit pentru toti jukatorii moldoveni

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Ts 9c 8h 7h 6d
Ten High Straight

3s 3h 3c 7d 5h
Three of a Kind, Threes

Qh Qd 4s 4c 7d
Two Pair, Queens and Fours

Ah Ad Kc 9d 5c
Pair of Aces

Kd Kh Jd 9c 7d
Pair of Kings

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Winchester posted on Dec 4th 2009 ...

Noroc! Eu azi mi-am facut diabea contu' si cred ca am sa depun myine niste bani pe cont. Vreu in echipa.
Displaying #1-1 of 1 total comments

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