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We're a rag-tag group of poker mis-fits! This is a bit more than a team...we're a community within a community (join-up & see)

And keeping to the Canadian tradition, all are welcome to apply.

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Ah Kh Qh Jh Th
Ace High Straight Flush

Qs Qh Qc Qd 8d
Four of a Kind, Queens

8d 8h 8s 8c 3h
Four of a Kind, Eights

4h 4d 4c 4s Jd
Four of a Kind, Fours

Ah As Ad Jd Jc
Full House, Aces over Jacks

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mothersquatch posted on Aug 1st 2008 ...

Welcome to the team Merv and Rosie!!!

Man, did we get some lousy hands last round!!!
But that won't happen again!! steel is on vaca this round, but with the extra help arriving now, we're set to do battle with the evil doers!!! (I luv it when a plan comes together!!! ;)!)

This round I'm setting my personal RH goal at 5000, the last 2 rounds I had a little interuptions at the beginning and end (my sis and bro-in-law, with the 6 month old twins were in and out visiting from Aussieland for the month of July, GD, it's hard enough with the boy's PS3 going in the same room, but 2 babies cryin' and people running in & out of the house during the first week and last week of this month made it impossible to concintrate!!!)
I'm also (again) recommending we all get into the Ultimate League next round, I've got the Chapionship tomorrow (Rosie just missed this round, how many events did you get to play in?)
Also if anyone doesn't know another teammates screen name at BetMost, just let me know and I'll email them to you (I don't think anyone has a prob with that? I've got you all on my "buddy" list at BetMost, but let me know if it is).
That's about it, I'm still waiting for my buddy to get signed up and I'm hoping to hear from Jeff S. about joining up soon too!


SlipperyMerv posted on Aug 1st 2008 ...

Howdy Guys: Glad to finally hook up again! Now lets kick some butt!!!

mothersquatch posted on Jul 30th 2008 ...

I got 2 emails today from former Team Canada members (SlipperyMerv and Rosie) They'll be joining us for the next round!!!

Also, Max please reply to my email (that's if you're not on Vaca, if that's the case, NP, I just am trying to see if all is well!!)

steel69 posted on Jul 30th 2008 ...

Hey Mother:

Whats up? Tonight is my last tourney for a while!! I leave tomorrow for my east coast vacation. I am back on the 11th of August. I wish you all the best of luck and may the poker gods be with you all EH!!! My wife is bringing her laptop but she has warned my not to use it to play games!! LMAO so you may find my on for a few hours maybe!!! I might risk it LOL. Anyway I think we have enough team mates now that it is ok if dont on to the tourneys for the raked hands. If I can I will but I doubt it. I will see you tonight however and a little tomorrow.

Later EH!! team

mothersquatch posted on Jul 27th 2008 ...

GREAT FINISH EVAN IN THE LB2!!! To bad for that Q on the turn!!!
I got done in both by chasers!!

mothersquatch posted on Jul 24th 2008 ...

I'm back in the saddle again...
Back where a friendis a friend....
Thanks Cody for fixing my screw-up


mothersquatch posted on Jul 24th 2008 ...

Well a long time ago (or at least it seemsthat way) I was a Big Raiders and C'boy's, then in the early 80'ss I got on the Maimi boat with Dan Marino. Now I just want to "Good Games" on the weekend. God I hated the early 90's and having to watch the Bills all the tiime, I would die for thier off week just so they'd show a full slate of games!! I did like the Bills in the early 80's when thhy had good team, but a terrible QB!! BUT I COULD NEVER STAND THE STEELERS!!!! ( I thought you might be a Hamilton Ti-cats fan, I guess you'll have to go!!!! ;) ) The Imaculate reception (deception more like it, was just watching that1 on the NFL network yesterday) knock out my Raiders, then beating the C'boys in 76 &79. Every time I see Bradshaw (or hear someone say he was a great QB?!) I want to scream!!!! That guy couldn't take a hit and when he did he sat for a couple of downs!! Hell my mother coulda QBed the Steelers at that time!!!
BTW I used to run a football pool at my work in the late 80's (the guys wouldn't let me play in it, I had collected stats going back 77 and they tought it was unfair!! Before computers and no-one had the time to look these things up!)

As for the $2000 vip, I let riverdevil in my head and he caught me with 5,5 vs KK. He had the pokergodz with him this time, but we'll meet again in the $10g vip!!!

steel69 posted on Jul 24th 2008 ...

Hey mother what is your favorite team? Steelers rule the world!!! LOL hence my name steel69

mothersquatch posted on Jul 24th 2008 ...

We're got another player joining us, a friend of mine from my home games, he'll introduce himself shortly. His been playin' at Fultilt for a while now and we go back close to 30 yrs, quite a few home games during football season!!!

mothersquatch posted on Jul 24th 2008 ...

Welcome to The "EH" Team Evann!!! We've got a couple more to come at the end of this round of the challenge!!! I've also been in touch with PI's techie and things should be fixed very soon!!!

mothersquatch posted on Jul 24th 2008 ...

Fantastic news!!!! I got an email from Evan and he's coming over!!!


mothersquatch posted on Jul 23rd 2008 ...

Nice game there Steel69!! Another money finish for The "EH" Team!!! Now to send in another email to Ryan!!! I did talk to Simon yesterday, so they do know about this situation and they'll get to it soon (Ihope!!!).
I'm also suggesting to all members to join in to the Ultimate League 4 when it starts! Cheap buy-ins and the field isn't too big and the final pay-off can be quite good. I wish I had of caught 3 when it started. I got 5th in the 4th round of this competion and am in 17th with 1 round left to go. Depending on how many players register for the last event this Saturday (with a good finish in this 1) I could get in the top of the board!!! And the Buy-ins are only $3.30

Good Luck at the tables all!!!

mothersquatch posted on Jul 23rd 2008 ...

What a crock!!!! I figured how Netpharm got booted, the damn page loads soo slowly we both probibly click on the return to team page just as it changed to leave team, cause that's what happened to me this morning, but don't worry, I dropped Ryan a line and recommended that in the next update they adjust the quit system to a doulbe confirm where you can't mis-click and make a mistake!!!!

mothersquatch posted on Jul 22nd 2008 ...

Well I had a good evening, got 9th in the $5000 VIP! Plus on the weekend I got a 5th in the Ultimate League tournament (no $$, but it got me in the top 20 in the league!!)

Now let's get some hands!!! Come on deealer give us some good cards!!!!

maxperras posted on Jul 21st 2008 ...

yup nice pix !! nice hand with the fourth 8' :P

mothersquatch posted on Jul 20th 2008 ...

Well ty, btw, I'm Hannibal! ;) Who wants to be Mr.T? (I pitty the fool)

netpharm posted on Jul 20th 2008 ...

Love the new pix. Its very innovative ! And a nice dynamic image for us.

mothersquatch posted on Jul 20th 2008 ...

Well? What ya all think of the Team Pix, EH?!?

mothersquatch posted on Jul 20th 2008 ...

Here's a Bad Beat for ya!!! I was playin' on a $2-4 Limit table and was down to my last $11.35 at that table and I was in late possition and I had 88. The guy in front raised and I re-raise, the BB calls and so does the guy in front, the flop comes up 7,7, 3. BB checks and so does the guy in front so I bet, BB raises buddy folds and i push, BB calls with 7,7. Turns 8, river 8.
But this does not constitute a Bad Beat because it's not JJ or better. Oh well! I won $28.25 and left the table 1 hour later with almost $100, not too bad considering I started with $21!!!
(the ironic thing is that 4 hands before that BB the same guy rivered a forth 7 to win a $40 against trip kings!! I guess what goes arround...;) !!!)

mothersquatch posted on Jul 19th 2008 ...

Fantasic!!! Igot rivered again in the $500 PL Ohmaha on the bubble! At least I think I've got the connection issue solved. Now to get this Vista crap running right again!!!!

See ya all in the tournament tonite!! GL ALL!!!

netpharm posted on Jul 19th 2008 ...

Im back...I came 3rd in PI Fantasy 3. Came back from 50 chips. Looks like the team is on a roll!

mothersquatch posted on Jul 19th 2008 ...

VN1!!!! Man I got done in bad today, plus my disconns!!! I'm going NUTZ!!! :S

steel69 posted on Jul 19th 2008 ...

Yessssss Mother, I just came in 3rd in the PI fantasy 1 and won 60 bucks. Now I can get that other cash yessssssss.

steel69 posted on Jul 18th 2008 ...

Welcome aboard Max good to see we are getting more players!! May the poker gods be with you and our team

The "EH" Team

steel69 posted on Jul 18th 2008 ...

yep I got my tickets mother. I am signed up for 2 tourneys tomorrow at the same time!!!!
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