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We're a rag-tag group of poker mis-fits! This is a bit more than a team...we're a community within a community (join-up & see)

And keeping to the Canadian tradition, all are welcome to apply.

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Ah Kh Qh Jh Th
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Qs Qh Qc Qd 8d
Four of a Kind, Queens

8d 8h 8s 8c 3h
Four of a Kind, Eights

4h 4d 4c 4s Jd
Four of a Kind, Fours

Ah As Ad Jd Jc
Full House, Aces over Jacks

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mothersquatch posted on Aug 24th 2008 ...

I've got a shot posted of the clubhouse (the secrect HQ's, shhh, don't tell anyone), it's my little place for peace and poker!!!


Have a look and a laugh!!

mothersquatch posted on Aug 23rd 2008 ...

Thanks for the email Merv, I'd say that's a poster!! (but I'll leave that 1 to you) The whole house was wondering what was sooo funny, cause I was rollin' around my "den" killing myself! So I let them read it as well, my 11 year old son got it before his mother!!! :P

mothersquatch posted on Aug 22nd 2008 ...

Well PI's got the board back up and running and we've got a good start on this 1!!
(sorry Jeff, isn't that the luck of things!! :S) It would be great if we could great those Fantasy PTs here! (but I doubt it!)


Iamontilt43 posted on Aug 20th 2008 ...

Hey Everyone,mothersquatch finally got me all setup and ready to roll.Nice to meet you all.Lets get to the top of that leader board.I just joined and I have played about 12 hours already.Lots of bad beats already.lol
Any how lets kick some butt.

mothersquatch posted on Aug 19th 2008 ...

I'd like to welcome my buddy from my home games Iamontilt43 to the team!!! We go back 30 years and quite a few home games!!!
Now let go gettem!!!

mothersquatch posted on Aug 18th 2008 ...

I usually play 1 low limit (or nl) and I keep a string of super turbos ($2 or $5) and play for an hour or 2, or I'll play a Rio as well as the 1 cash table and the super turbos (when my BR supports it). That way I collect enough "Nibs" for the LBs!!!
Hope this helps, good luck grindin' attem!!!

maxperras posted on Aug 18th 2008 ...

yes.. playing 1 table at a time won'T get you many RH... your limit seems decent, raked hand about everytimes you see flop... so 2-3 tables at a time and you should be up for 1500 easy RH maybe more depending on how many hours you spend playing poker.

SlipperyMerv posted on Aug 18th 2008 ...

Hey welcome back Steel: I feel a bit like the woman on Saturday Nite Live. You know the one that always wants to up do who ever she is talking to. I had a great Sunday as well, I won the $3,000 points tourney! That was $600, not bad eh? Sorry for that. Anyway, does anyone know the best way to run up rh points? I've been playing the 50 cent a $1 tables and don't seem to be running up many points. What do you guys play? Lots of tables at a time?

mothersquatch posted on Aug 18th 2008 ...

I want to welcome jeffshakalaka, now we've got a force to be reckened with!!! I'm still waiting for a word on how things are going to be set for this round, but I believe it will be the same as last round. There is something in the works for Sept., but it's being kept under raps (I guess, no one's talking, yet). I'll let you know what I hear as soon as I hear it!
Good Luck at the tables!!!

jeffshakalaka posted on Aug 17th 2008 ...

e-mail me the pw


jeffshakalaka posted on Aug 17th 2008 ...

i need the pw

e-mail my name @google.ca

steel69 posted on Aug 17th 2008 ...

Hey All:

Back from my vacation and it seem everything went to hell in a hand basket from PI. I have a token still for PIfantasy 3 which doesnt exist anymore I thing but they will exchange it for me to a LB 3 token. I also won the leaderboard 3 tourney today worth 135 bucks cool eh!!! Anyway I hope PI makes things right for Sept.

mothersquatch posted on Aug 13th 2008 ...

NP, things still aren't settled yet, so we're going leave thing as they are till September, when we'll see how PI will approach the challenge then!! Till then GL all and see you at the tables!!!

newfiegambler posted on Aug 13th 2008 ...

hey mother you will see im not playing much, i have my daughter with me for the month of august so that is where i am spending all of my time. I will really get back at it in september

maxperras posted on Aug 12th 2008 ...

thanks mother for being very active about that thing.
I'm definitively back from vacation, I should get way more raked hand in this week!!

See you at the table all !

My betmost ID : supergodmaxxx

playing most of the time Holdem NL 1/2 with 2 tables. And sometimes a tourney.

mothersquatch posted on Aug 10th 2008 ...

Welcome newfiegambler, I think PI's got something firgured out for September, from the sounds of it, it will have cash prizes, but not as high as before.
Good Luck all!! See you at the tables!!

mothersquatch posted on Aug 9th 2008 ...

Well team, I've been trying to help work out a solution to get the team thing rolling again (check the forum). I'm hoping that in September PI will have figured out something with all the feed back they are getting.
But on a happier note (for me), I had a fanastic 24 hours where I managed to get through a qualifier for the $150G R/A yesterday. In the qualifier I went from 310 chips after getting my KK cut-down by J8c in the first 15 minutes to finishing in 5th. Then I managed a 27th in the main event for $870!!!!! NTB! :P
Then I get up this morning, take the dog for a walk, help a neighbour out, get my machine booted up for the Olympic #5 FR at CD (they gave me a bunch of free tickets this week, even the qualifier) and low and behold the tournament had started 15 mins earlier and I was in the BB, no-one had raised pre-flop!!! I'd hit a flush and 5 others were in for a rude awaking!!! Only 4 followed along to the turn, and only 1, who had flopped a str8, stay till the end. The lesson to remember to always raise the sit-out, or they can appear and bite you in the arse!!!
Good Luck all!

sef111268 posted on Aug 6th 2008 ...

hi mothersquatch,i to have stopped playing altogether until cash prizes for this challenge is reinstated.PI seem to think this challenge will still be a success with free rolls as the reward,but if u look at my team 1965 before we knew about the changes we generated over 17000 raked hands in 4 days and 66 fantasy hands,in the last 2 days this has gone up to 18000 only and 7 hands made now even i can see that this is a huge loss just on our team in rake we generate for the poker site and PI.Judging by the leaderboard hardly anyone is playing so if PI think its still a success they are very much mistaken,ok rant over thanks for your help and support over this matter and lets hope we can get it changed back to cash payouts and some healthy team competition.

mothersquatch posted on Aug 5th 2008 ...

I hope every one is following the threads about this. I think they just don't get it there!!!
Jason seems to think the prize moneys given out is some sort of gift from them and the top 20 on this site. As my father would say about Cuz P.E.T., he's talkin' out of both sides of his mouth and either way it stinks!!!
The only group that hasn't been cut back on is the "Whales" here, they could take a Grand from thier prize pool to fund this and they wouldn't notice it!!! Jason tries to put a possitive spin on this, but it's crap, we know it and so does many other here!!! Spyfus' thread best says it and Jason's reply says even more about the mind-set at PI about where they think the money really comes from! He doesn't even understand that changing the rules and pay-out so dramaticly from one round to the next and never announcing it before hands stinks (and so does the fact the boards are down regularly at the end of rounds). Jason acknowledges that work hard for thier $$ and spots but totally ignores the rest of the LB 1&2's hard work by giving tickets to thier rewards cutting in on thier %, he also ignores the fact that they've cut-off 30 teams from the playouts (300 less of the small players he claims to be trying to help out with this challenge) and if you look at the top teams, they are filled with the top 100 players who don't need a LB 1 or 2 ticket and yet they still claim this as a separate $6000 monthly. Then Jason claims that they are giving out more than IPoker network allows them. Now that's an interesting statement, how can IPoker have any say in what is done here with moneys that we generate? that's something I'd like the answer to!
As for your quetion SlipperyMerv, NOTHING!!!! I'm just going to wait them out on this one!! Sorry guys, but I lost a few bucks early in this round trying to boost our RH's because of teammates on holidays just to find this change?! I've got my ticket to the LB2 pretty much locked up weekly by playin a couple of Rio's daily and why would I push any harder if the reward at the end of the tunnel is the same if I only play 1 hour a day?
Till PI figures out (damn I said this in June also about this and the Ultimate League) I'm more than willing to keep my chips in my pocket and play my other accounts!

SlipperyMerv posted on Aug 5th 2008 ...

Hey Mother: So what is the big incentive to get a bunch of points, if all that you get is a freeroll for the top so many teams?

mothersquatch posted on Aug 5th 2008 ...

What a time for a change to the pay outs!!! I hope you're all emailing PI about this because if you look in the forum at Jason's explaination your head will spin!!!! (Mine still is)

UJM666 posted on Aug 5th 2008 ...

Thank you for giving me the opportunity.I will do my best to show i deserve place in team.Good luck at tables :D

mothersquatch posted on Aug 4th 2008 ...

I checked out ULM666 and given him a pass, he was a member of team 1965, thier team minium was 2000 RH's weekly and he was getting 1800, so I given him a chance with us till September when near the end of the first round I'll review the team then.
This leaves us with 2 spots left and we're doing great to start this round. I'm going to be holding the last 2 spots for newfiegambler and jeffshakalaka if they want them! Anyone who happens to be playin at a table with them make sure they know they are welcome here!!!!

mothersquatch posted on Aug 3rd 2008 ...

I'm checking out all new prospects b4 giving out the password!!
Please tell us something about yourself, how many hand you play weekly, tournament or cash games, limit or NL, where your from and so on...
Max, PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!! You haven't been playing and the team is filling up and you'll be booted if I don't hear from you soon or see some RH's!!! It's not fair to the team if everyone doesn't contribute!

BTW, If any of you know newfiegambler, he's a good one and has joined Team Canada, I've posted there inviting him over and if anyone else knows him, post him on the Team Canada page and see if we can get him over here!!!

UJM666 posted on Aug 3rd 2008 ...

Hy i am interesting in join your team mothersquatch.If you like to yoin your team you can send me pass on: urosjelenko@gmail.com Good luck to all.Bye :D
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