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We're a rag-tag group of poker mis-fits! This is a bit more than a team...we're a community within a community (join-up & see)

And keeping to the Canadian tradition, all are welcome to apply.

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Four of a Kind, Fours

Ah As Ad Jd Jc
Full House, Aces over Jacks

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mothersquatch posted on Sep 12th 2008 ...

Well we're on a roll!!! Almost the halfway point this month and we're just where we want to be (& we're just warming up)!!! 6th place & we've moved into the top 20 in the over all, Newfiegambler's back with us (he sat in with me at a table 4 a while, till they got VERY slow :S), NOW WE GO FOR THIER THROATS!!! We're hittin' a BIGGIE this week, then there's no lookin back!!!

BTW, last nite I was just not feelin' "it" on the cash or tournament holdem tables, so I decided to change things up and play a little Stud, no one was on the 5 card tables, so I looked in on the 7carders. There wasn't much action at the low limits so I tried a $1-2 to start. I sat down with $21 and 47 hands later I'd doubled up and that table closed. So I sat in at a $3-6 table with $33 and after 10 hands, everyone left the table and I was up almost another $50. So I took my profits and sat in on a $5-10, I took a beating at first, but after 40 mins I left the table up another $210!!!
It just shows, sometimes it best to go with your "feelings"!!!! :D

newfiegambler posted on Sep 10th 2008 ...

hey guys, sry i have not been playing my internet has been down for a while. Im hoping it will be up and running when i get home from work today.

jeffshakalaka posted on Sep 10th 2008 ...

well i started @ 2-4 limit HU.. when i hit $500 i moved up limits HU limit games mostly, some cash games i just kept moving up as my br dobled or tripled.

Iamontilt43 posted on Sep 9th 2008 ...

hey Jeff what are you playing to win that kind of money? I need to get into games like that.Are you playing no limit or limit games and what stakes? And I guess you are playing cash games not tournaments?

jeffshakalaka posted on Sep 9th 2008 ...

man WHAT A RUN!!

I depsoited $150 and turned into over 5k!!

i lost 2k and withdrew 3k and lost my last $300

just shows it CAN be done!

gl guys keep those hands comin'


SlipperyMerv posted on Sep 9th 2008 ...

OK, got ya M8! Thanx

mothersquatch posted on Sep 9th 2008 ...

Sorry Merv, what I meant was that the way PI marketing this promo, we should have got our tickets for last month already. I got an LB3 ticket last week as well as my LB2, so if anyone didn't get thier ticket plaese let me know and email support as well.

SlipperyMerv posted on Sep 9th 2008 ...

Hey Mom: I am a little "SLOW" but I'm trying to figure out your second last post. Do you mean that we won't be getting a tournie token for finishing in the top 10 last month? Is that what your meant by last month doesn't count? Please inlighten me (if that is possible!)

mothersquatch posted on Sep 8th 2008 ...

Well guys we've overtaken the old Team Canada in the over in the over-all standings!! Next we enter the top 20!!! By the end of the month we're going to be a top 5 at least (we can't just keep on getting 1 &2 pairs for another month, we've got a MONSTER HAND coming up!!)!!

mothersquatch posted on Sep 6th 2008 ...

Well Steel, this is marketing 101, too bad they took it from the FR's, but PI considers this a "bonus" so last month doesn't really count in the PI world (where if they say the sky is pink, well then it's pink!?!) August doesn't count and Sept is a new month, the thing that bugs me the most is, PI had a news letter 2 weeks ago and they could have outlined the changes then. As much as I like these guys at PI, they are kids and act like them when it comes to acting responsibly with this bussiness. They are giving everyone a PPP, even brand new members, which makes no sense to me and half think things and impliment with out considering the effects to other areas of the bussiness. If you look at the total # of players on the LBs, they are going down weekly (last year at this time the weekly average was about 1000 active players, now this week it's just over 600) add this all up and you get a recipe for disaster!!!
So to sum it up, take what ever they give us, cause you never know when this well will dry up!!

steel69 posted on Sep 6th 2008 ...

Can someone explain how Sept is giving an EXTRA $2000 for the team play!!!! Are the advertised prizes on top of the tokens they are giving? In August they gave $4000 they claim divided in 2. Now for Sept they are claiming $6000 but it goes for the whole month now. I don't know what the true prizes are I only see the money that they have taken out of the 2 weekly freerolls to pay for the prizes and I dont see anything more. Please explain!!!! I am lost right now!!

steel69 posted on Sep 6th 2008 ...

What is going on with the Poker Inside Player Freeroll? You now need an invitation for it and they have taken $300 from the pot!!!!! Not 1 person is registered yet!!!

mothersquatch posted on Sep 4th 2008 ...

Great start and I hope everyone has seen that's there's a cash prizes for the top teams this round!!! Let's get att'em!!!

jeffshakalaka posted on Sep 1st 2008 ...

steel.. pushing on ANY flop is a terrible idea

jeffshakalaka posted on Sep 1st 2008 ...

i've been like a friggin yo yo up down up down.:(

Iamontilt43 posted on Sep 1st 2008 ...

Well eveyone how did we make out in the Team competition. I think we will kick some but this month.We are due to hit a 4 of a kind.It looks like we have a solid team here now.I hope you are all winning lots.I think I agree with mothersquatch about the double up tournaments.Top 5 and you double up out of 10 not too bad.I seem to do well in the 30 people tourny's as well.Have a great weekend everyone.

mothersquatch posted on Sep 1st 2008 ...

Well it looks like we've got 8th. Great job team!!!!
(if you include jeff's score from his previous team, we would been 2nd, damn I luv it when plan come together!!!)

steel69 posted on Aug 31st 2008 ...

Yea I am playing very tight but not aggressive at all. I saw that today when I was finally doing well in LB2 and in the top 10 when I lost it all in 2 hands and I realized I was not aggressive at all with my solid hands allowing hands to beat me on the turn and river when I wasn't pushing the issue!!!!!

Thanks Merv and a mental note is noted

Later EH!!!

SlipperyMerv posted on Aug 31st 2008 ...

Hey Steel: Man your asking every question that every poker player asks him/herself all the time. There is no real answer. I find that when I go into the loss mode, I go back to the very basics. Like the book says: Play good hands and tight agressive will win you money in the long run! And good luck EH!

On another note. It looks like we are 8th on board and might make it to the tourneys yet!

Good luck all!

steel69 posted on Aug 31st 2008 ...

Man O Man. Since I won the 135 bucks in the PI 3 tourney 2 weeks ago it has been all down hill from there. I can't get anything going and have gone bust again. I am afraid to use my tokens (I have one for the LB2 and the LB3) because of the luck I have been having as of late. Or should I use them both and hope that I do good on one of them? should I just keep plugging away and hope that my luck changes? Should I play extra tight or loosen up a bit? Input please

Later EH

mothersquatch posted on Aug 30th 2008 ...

Well folks we're in the home stretch, I feel a smokin hand is comin', we can get any more pairs, it's gonna be a boat, I can feel it!!!! See ya all tonite!!! GL & GB!!!

mothersquatch posted on Aug 27th 2008 ...

I had a pretty good day, I recommend the Double-up tournaments!!! They are like working in a factory, you only do what you have to, so you get paid!!! :P Just try to watch out for me, not that I think I'm great, I just hate having to play against fellow team members (it effects how I play sometimes and I play them VERY SLOW!!! sorry)
But after my last round (I've been playing the $2-$30, 2 or 3 at a time) I went to my CD account for my NL Nib run for an hour, well it started slowly on a .25-.50 nl table witha bunch of tight-wads, then a loon sat down went all-in 3 hands in a row (I nailed him on 1!!), slpit, then the very next hand I flop a ROYAL FLUSH!!! Well needless to say the tight-arses folded out on me and all I got was 4 blinds!!!! WWWHHHAAAAA!!!
I left that table and went on to scoop up another triple-up at my next table!!! I'm going to hate it when these mothers send thier kids back to school!!! The fishing is gonna get harder!!! :(
And lets keep kicking butt this round, man we had a lot of 1 and 2 pairs, we're do for a MONSTER SOON!!!!!

mothersquatch posted on Aug 24th 2008 ...

apparently if you're not using Explorer, it won't load!! Or it could it could have something to do with that ID tenT problem I've been having, bloody computers!!! (still laughin at that 1 Merv!!)

jeffshakalaka posted on Aug 24th 2008 ...


steel69 posted on Aug 24th 2008 ...

Hey Mother:

I went to look at the picture and it does not load for me!!!! Can you check and see if it still there for you?
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