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We're a rag-tag group of poker mis-fits! This is a bit more than a team...we're a community within a community (join-up & see)

And keeping to the Canadian tradition, all are welcome to apply.

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Ah Kh Qh Jh Th
Ace High Straight Flush

Qs Qh Qc Qd 8d
Four of a Kind, Queens

8d 8h 8s 8c 3h
Four of a Kind, Eights

4h 4d 4c 4s Jd
Four of a Kind, Fours

Ah As Ad Jd Jc
Full House, Aces over Jacks

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mothersquatch posted on Sep 28th 2008 ...

Well another week done and here's the approx. RH's for the week, remember that these approximated since there's no tools other than I take everyones RH's this morning and subtract the totals from last Sunday about the same time.
1) Jeff -2883
2) Me -1851
3) Steel69 -1718
4)Merv -1402
5)Evan -1372
6)Rosie -1275
7)Net -980
8)Newfie -818
9)Iamontilt -692

That's been a pretty darn good week, almost 13,000 RH's almost the whole team has reached the min (or are close enough, so no complaints!!).
As I had mentioned last week, Iamontilt43 is moving into his new home soon (congrats) and is renovating, so 70% of the min. pretty good (I hope you're not getting paint on your keyboard!) If anyone else has something this week, just post, Jeff maybe taking this week off, so we'll need everyone to pull together for the sprint to the finish!!!
Also I want to mention that Merv had a pretty good finish in the Players last nite!!
(sorry I didn't see where exactly, I was trying to multi-task, I had company,trying to watch Leaf game and multi-tabling, BAD COMBO!!!)
Good Luck all!!!!

mothersquatch posted on Sep 27th 2008 ...

Well both Newfie and I had money finishes in the $10g VIP today (61st &75th)
As a team we're holdin strong and we are in the home stretch!! I had a day off and had to finish my sponsorship requirements at Pacific on Friday, so now I'm Back and grindin' at BetMost!!!

newfiegambler posted on Sep 27th 2008 ...

good job guys, were up to #14

jeffshakalaka posted on Sep 25th 2008 ...

omg! 19k in points just "dissapeared from my account.... lb is fekked... i dunno about this site anymore guys... it's too fekking "wonky".. MS i'll ttyl online.. i may be leaving tho..

mothersquatch posted on Sep 25th 2008 ...

No, only BetMost & FatBet Rh's count towards the team competition, did you get a sponsorship for Pacific too?

jeffshakalaka posted on Sep 25th 2008 ...

i don't beleive they do m8 :(

steel69 posted on Sep 25th 2008 ...

Question for All

Does raked hands on Pacific poker count toward the team play? If not I will be offline untill Suday!! Later EH

jeffshakalaka posted on Sep 23rd 2008 ...

u will steel keep trying!

man.. I have had a SIK BAD run lately!

mothersquatch posted on Sep 22nd 2008 ...

it was a pretty good week all around,
Jeff had a 22nd, I had a 29th, Steel69 49th (too bad about the Steelers, I dislike the Eagles more than the steelers), Merv was 88th, Evan and Iamontilt43 finished tied.
We as a team have moved 15th overall and are holding #5. This weeks OURS!!!!

steel69 posted on Sep 22nd 2008 ...

YESSSSS! I can't believe it. I made it to 404 points holy shit am I tired LOL Good night untill Wednesday maybe!

steel69 posted on Sep 21st 2008 ...

Piss me off!!!! I think I missed 400 nibs for the week by around 20 or so DAMN!!! I wonder if I'll ever reach that 400 plateau!!!

steel69 posted on Sep 21st 2008 ...

Hey Merv:

I should have a ton more nibs and raked hands from the last two days and they are not there so it must be the same for all.

As for the cuts mother, you are our captain and started the new "EH" team and I think that you should absolutely do what is best for the team!!!!

mothersquatch posted on Sep 21st 2008 ...

Ok guys, heres the team Leader board for this weeks RH's
1) Steel69-1991
2)mother- 1866
3)jeff 1816
4)Evan 1754
6)Rosie 975
7)Merv 704
8)newfie 343
10) Max 0

Now these are approximate totals, since there's still no tools for me on the site to track RH's. I took the total RH's last Saturday nite and used the total RH's today to come up with these numbers.
As you all can see, 1/2 the team made the weekly min, 2 were close and 3 were way off the mark. This week, Iamontilt43, has a ton of work at his new home that he's moving into by the end of the month. So he's not going to be able to play as much this week (and maybe next). I'd like to hear about what going on with the bottom 3 players as to whats going on with them. Please post or email me and let me know whats going on & if or when you feel you can start getting your RH's back up to the weekly minium.
Anyone else who thinks they'll be busy this week and not be able to make the weekly min. please post and let us all know whats up?

Also, Cptbear, we were sitting together last nite during the Player's. I tried to chat with you but you didn't reply, please email me (mothersquatch@beer.com) and we can talk.

As for cuts, I think (as I promissed) there will be cut(s) Oct 1, not before! I'm just not sure if we'll do it as a team, ie: Surviour, take a vote or I do it like a dictator and linem up against the wall (lol, just kiddin). Any input you all have will be considered!!

Good Luck and let's gettem!!!

SlipperyMerv posted on Sep 21st 2008 ...

Hey Guys: Just wondering if anyone noticed that we didn't get any points for playing on Saturday. I didn't get any NIBs or payroll or raked hands. Is it just me or everyone?

mothersquatch posted on Sep 19th 2008 ...

Hey guys, check out the "What's New" tab and look at the New PI site!!! See what's new with the team comp, PI's put up $50,000 for the first Royal Flush Fantasy (in spades) hand!!!! I think we're due NOW!!!!
Also see all the new options under the "My PokerInside", you can take your daily progress easier (comes with charts) and if you're lucky (I was), I was offer a $50 sponsorship at Pacific (just waiting to see if I can get it)!!!

mothersquatch posted on Sep 18th 2008 ...

Nice finish in the Gambler's Steel!! And you're right, but we'll be hittin BIG soon!!!


steel69 posted on Sep 18th 2008 ...

Hey guys and gals:

If we can keep up our pace I think we can get at least 3rd without hitting a big hand!!!!! The "EH" Team shall prevail so lets keep up the pace on the 3rd place team. The 4th place team is nothing to us and it is only a fluke they are there. Nice work team!!!

cplbear posted on Sep 17th 2008 ...

hey guys i would be interested in joining your team next round if you will have me i joined a different team in aug 23 and have contributed over 5000 points already i theink your team looks a little better for most people contributing compared to my current team i will check in on your page near the endof this challenge and switch when the next one begins if you are interested

jeffshakalaka posted on Sep 15th 2008 ...

we must CRUSH!!

soon guys I feel A royal coming on!

and thanks for the comment lamon.... off the game till wed i need a break!

peace.. Jeff

mothersquatch posted on Sep 15th 2008 ...

You think we had it tough? Look at team Moneymaker, they have 20,000 more RH's than us and they've only have the same best hand as us, trips and are in 2nd with 500 more pts than us.
So let's catch'em, we're due!!!

Iamontilt43 posted on Sep 15th 2008 ...

This Fantasy Challenge is a bunch of crap.We are getting so many hands and we can't even hit a straight.We should have a flush or a full house by now.We should be kicking ass. Hey Jeff you are doing quite good I see. I think you are 5th or 6th,thats great.Keep it up.I was watching you play a few times,I love your style.

SlipperyMerv posted on Sep 14th 2008 ...


steel69 posted on Sep 14th 2008 ...

If the Poker God's are out there, Please, Please give us at least a flush so we can be properly rewarded for our Good Work!!!

Amen "EH"

netpharm posted on Sep 14th 2008 ...

Unluckiest? You know the last round too we had one of the least number of Fantasy Points in relation to the number of hands. How exactly are the fantasy hands selected ...is it a totally random process? I didn't want to think it before...but are we being penalized for being such vocal critics?

mothersquatch posted on Sep 14th 2008 ...

man we got to be the unluckiest team in this comp!! Never a hand better than trips and we're in it all the friggin' way!!! 4TH place #3 in RH's this round and every team in the top 10 has at least a straight!!! MAN!!! When we hit there's going to be a string of MONSTER HANDS!!!! We'll never be caught then!!!

(Did I say, "I like it when a plan comes together!!!!"?)

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