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We're a rag-tag group of poker mis-fits! This is a bit more than a team...we're a community within a community (join-up & see)

And keeping to the Canadian tradition, all are welcome to apply.

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Ah Kh Qh Jh Th
Ace High Straight Flush

Qs Qh Qc Qd 8d
Four of a Kind, Queens

8d 8h 8s 8c 3h
Four of a Kind, Eights

4h 4d 4c 4s Jd
Four of a Kind, Fours

Ah As Ad Jd Jc
Full House, Aces over Jacks

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SlipperyMerv posted on Oct 7th 2008 ...

Hi Ya cplbear: Thanx for your comment 2 days ago. I was watching you play and you are one "fiesty lady". Keep up the good work!

mothersquatch posted on Oct 6th 2008 ...

Well, I've had a pretty rockin' last 24. I missed the LB1, got knocked out of the fantasy in 11th ( just couldn't get any cards), I entered one of the qualifiers for the ECoOp studs (15 players finished 3rd and got nothin'), I entered one of the 100PT $50 and got 11th (.50, but there were 1000 players), then I got hot on a couple of stud tables (1-2, 2-4) and a limit (3-6) and it's carried over till this morning on a 3-6 stud table. Musta been a lot of hung over people this morning!!!

cplbear posted on Oct 5th 2008 ...

good day today cashed in 2 rebuy tourneys 2nd in lb 3 bubble in lb2 =(
(good job merv)
and a great day on the ring games 2 im done for the day gl to u all

SlipperyMerv posted on Oct 5th 2008 ...

Thanx Newfie: My wife plays .20 and .50 sit n goes all the time and makes tons of RH's

newfiegambler posted on Oct 5th 2008 ...

good job merv in the lb2

mothersquatch posted on Oct 5th 2008 ...

Well, I've found that any tournament (mtt's) will give you the standard 25RH's, but the old rule was there had to be a min tournament fee of .25. That's why I've never played lower than the $2 level, but I noticed that I got credit for my entries into the PI events and PTs tournaments i entered. So I guess when PI says "any" rake, they mean any rake. Anyone else know for sure?

newfiegambler posted on Oct 5th 2008 ...

hey ms, tournments can't help your rh's can they?

SlipperyMerv posted on Oct 5th 2008 ...

Hey Mom: Ya, I was real sad to see ya punted last night. Shouldn't of happened! I hate those all in players but we got him after awhile. I managed to pull of a third place tho and held the team banner high! I ended up against two Brazillians both talking in a funny language to each other, hmmmm can anyone say "fixed" ! Good luck to all of you this afternoon!

mothersquatch posted on Oct 5th 2008 ...

Well this has been a slow week for the team!!! I guess everyone is waiting to see what the prize pool will be for this month! We had a great month in Sept, even if we didn't hit a BIGGIE!!! Just look at Team Moneymaker, they had almost 90,000 and never hit better than trips!!! So we weren't alone. We will hit our share soon!

Anywho here's the weekly approx RH's for the team

1) jeff 3751
2) me 1506
3) netpharm 1079
4) Rosie 1000
Merv 1000
6) steel69 910
7) cplbear 677
8) newfie 313
9) Iamontilt43 262
10) Evan 196

Now I've been in touch with Iamontilt43, he's still transitioning between homes (he's living in 1 room while finishing the rest of the house) and he's hoping to be up and running again the next week!
Newf has emailed me regarding an issue he's having with BetMost, Plaese let me know how things are going, maybe I can help!
Steel69, I hope you got some studing in last week!! ;)
Evan, you can take a week off anytime, but if there's any probs, just let me know too!
cplbear, great start!!
netpharm, I noticed that you register for most all of the $50 Pts tournaments, good idea for boosting your RH's with out costing you!! I think I'll use some of my extra pts as well!!!
Last but not least,, nice week Rosie and Merv, drag about the Players last nite, EH? AK vs A2? Well I heard that BANKZ11111 didn't make!! Bluudy bingo player!!!

SERVER TIME GMT 10-05 21:00

Good Luck and see ya at the tables!!!

jeffshakalaka posted on Oct 5th 2008 ...

lol i doubt it bear!!

cplbear posted on Oct 5th 2008 ...

i think they are probably just figuring things out again hopefully will let us know soon good luck in the tourneys today everyone ill try to be nice EH and not knock ya all out till final table HAHAHA seriously tho good luck at the tables today

steel69 posted on Oct 4th 2008 ...

Is there even a team challenge this month? If not do you think they will put the money back in the freeroll that they took it from?

jeffshakalaka posted on Oct 4th 2008 ...

welcome bear!!

mothersquatch posted on Oct 3rd 2008 ...

Welcome aboard!!! Good Luck and Good Huntin'

I've been a little tied up this week with my son's school (parent council thing;) )
We had a great Bake sale tonite and I danced my but off!! Last time I danced was at the Grateful Dead, the kids luv it and we sold all my "Crossing Gaurd' Cookies and My "World Famous" 2 Chese Quiche was a hit and they want me to tale orders!!
Anywho, I'm back at it tomorrow, Cplbear I won't be sitting in again with ya at the table (unless it's a PI event or VIP tourney), but I got ya on my buddy list put me on yours that way we can talk during those slow points in the Players and LBs!!
See ya all tomorrow, hopefully the leader board will be going!!!

steel69 posted on Oct 2nd 2008 ...

Welcome aboard EH and good luck at the tables

cplbear posted on Oct 2nd 2008 ...

Hi everybody
Thanks for having me
not playing tonight as its the kids birthday but will pick it up saturday

cplbear posted on Oct 1st 2008 ...

hey mother do i have to w8 for my freeroll ticket to quit the other team or will i get it because i was onj thier team at the end of the month

Evannpuskas posted on Oct 1st 2008 ...

I hope you were succesful in your conspiracy chasing, but we all know ...no one is out there cheating us right? The RNG is very scary...does man made randomness exist in the first place?

Look i would show you the times i lost big $$$ or chances to make $$$, when i was ahead and lost!!!!...I win the small pots, bot the big ones for when it really counts...I LOSE!
AA vs 76s i lose....KQ loses to qj, on q44 flop!!! then theres the 4%...always!

good luck or good luck avoiding bad luck!


Evannpuskas posted on Oct 1st 2008 ...

Why didnt we win the Cash for 3rd place in september's Fantasy team challenge?
Why did a team with less raked hands overall wins? 1st..they hit good cards and got a 4 of a kind! LOL

newfiegambler posted on Sep 30th 2008 ...

hey ms, i got no bankroll and for some reason i am having trouble depositing to my account. I have written support for my entropay account and will c ya back at the tables as soon as they st8en this out.

newfiegambler posted on Sep 29th 2008 ...

Its hard to believe that we can't better than 3 of a kind in 200 fantasy hands. If we dont hit something this round where bound to hit a few big ones next month

jeffshakalaka posted on Sep 29th 2008 ...

WOW... i got the EXACT same hand 3 times in a row.. do you know the odds of that? the odds of getting 2 hands the same in a row are 1,326/1 the odds of 3 times in a row are 1,758,276/1 some "random" generator.. first my points dissapear , re-appear, dissapear... then I drop 2k to HORIFIC 1-2% beats hand after hand now this...I've written the rng creator and asked them to investigate these occurences via my account... will keep you all posted!

cplbear posted on Sep 28th 2008 ...

hi guys looking forwaed to coming over next challenge sry moyh==ther made a commitment so couldnt jump ship early will make the move on the 1st tho

steel69 posted on Sep 28th 2008 ...

very nice in the LB 1 MS. I dont think I will have many raked hands this week as I have two major test( I have gone back to school fulltime at 40 yrs old) and I dont anything in my account untill the end of the week.

mothersquatch posted on Sep 28th 2008 ...

Well I had a great showing in the LB1 today (i did get a little loosy goosy and shoulda won it) and got 2nd!!!

Now i go for the RH's!!!
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