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We're a rag-tag group of poker mis-fits! This is a bit more than a team...we're a community within a community (join-up & see)

And keeping to the Canadian tradition, all are welcome to apply.

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Ah Kh Qh Jh Th
Ace High Straight Flush

Qs Qh Qc Qd 8d
Four of a Kind, Queens

8d 8h 8s 8c 3h
Four of a Kind, Eights

4h 4d 4c 4s Jd
Four of a Kind, Fours

Ah As Ad Jd Jc
Full House, Aces over Jacks

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mothersquatch posted on Oct 22nd 2008 ...

Hey guys, I fracked up my back (actually, I didn't do a thing, someone dizzy mother clipped me with her car this morning, see my post in the forum under non-poker!) Anywho, I'll be a little out of it for a day or 2, (FR's only, I'm not puttin any $$ while I'm on meds) and it's the wif's B'day as well!!! I'm hopin to be back for the LB's, but I'll try to watch!!!
GL All!!!

mothersquatch posted on Oct 20th 2008 ...

Steel, you missed it, you can try support to see if you can get another. I'm not sure if they'll do it, but it can't hurt to ask'em.

BTW, remember Tuesday is reg'd day for the $5000 VIP as well as the Gamblers, then there's the $2000 VIP as well. I'll make sure that the next team tournament is posted here as a reminder!!!

Hope you're feelin better there cpl, chicken soup, sleep and a couple of shots is what the doctor ordered!!!

cplbear posted on Oct 20th 2008 ...

really sick the past few days so not on much now will make it up when i feel better

steel69 posted on Oct 20th 2008 ...

Hey Mother:

Have we played the PI Fantasy 1 for the Sept team play yet? I have not seen it as of yet and the tokin expires this week I think. Let me know

Thanks EH

mothersquatch posted on Oct 19th 2008 ...

Well folks, another week is over and it's time for the weekly appoximate RH's

1) jeff - 2766
2) cplbear - 1957
3) me - 1678
4) Iamontilt43-1250
5) Merv - 1028
6) netpharm- 955
7) Rosie - 800
8) newfieg - 575
9) steel69 - 375
10) Evan - 50
Total RH's=11,384 ave. 1,138.4

There was a little drop off this week, Evan took a week off (np) and steel69 has had school, but overall we've held our possition!! It's the last 1/3 of the month, let's hit another monster fantasy hand and we'll be in the $$$!!!!
Good Luck all and see you at the LB's today!!

BTW, remember the $2000 and $5000 VIPs are this week, so don't forget to reg'd for them!!!

and here's a hint to boost your RH's (if you have a lot of BMpoints), reg'd for the 4 daily $50 point Freerolls = 100rh's x 7 = 700 rh/wkly and if you add in the Gambler's and Player's + the VIP's, you're pretty close the weekly min!!!!

jeffshakalaka posted on Oct 15th 2008 ...

too many strange things going on here man.. fekk this site for a while... seriously

cplbear posted on Oct 14th 2008 ...

steel i think the sept fantasy tournament was like 2 weekends ago jeff hope yuou get it resolved i had an issue with BM they never deposited my tourney winning last week good thing i took a screen shot they credited me now

jeffshakalaka posted on Oct 14th 2008 ...

OMG... my points appeared and dissapeared AGAIN!!... motherfeker.. this is getting stupid.. luckily I had enuff sense to take a screenshot this time so they can't dispute it...!! will keep u updated

steel69 posted on Oct 14th 2008 ...

Does anyone know when we are going to get to play the PI Fantasy tournament for September?

steel69 posted on Oct 12th 2008 ...

I can't believe it!!!! I was getting my Turkey ready and completely forgot to register for the LB2 tourney. I missed it by 1 minute FFS LOL!!! Anyway Happy Thankgiving to everyone EH!!!

PS. I have a baby baptism next Sunday so I will miss that one also, damn.

cplbear posted on Oct 12th 2008 ...

dang i should slow down when i type i suck lol

cplbear posted on Oct 12th 2008 ...

thankis mother byu the way everyone if you say hi and i dont answer is because im playing too many tables and didnt see it

mothersquatch posted on Oct 12th 2008 ...

Well Merv, if you look at the leader board at the far right side colum, you'll see the the prizes, 1st-$500 2nd $300, 3rd $200, $500 FR 4th-10th, $350 FR 11th-20th $350 FR. Now as I had pointed out to me a couple of months ago by PI Mark, PI benifits shouldn't be played for but should be used to accent your regular play, that's why I haven't raised the weekly min. RH's, I don't want to pressure anyone to play more than they have committed to play already. I put this team together because, 1) I've watch the LB's since I started here (most of you folks are in the LB's regularly)
2) I've played with most of you in PI events
(and we had fun together in them!)
and last but not least,
3) I enjoy playing with you folks!!!
Point 3 is the most important, the joy of playing poker (at any level) is why I play and I hope you all are doing the same!!
With that said here's this weeks approximate RH's

1) Jeff 2834
2) cplbear 2573
3) me 1930
4) Iamontilt43 1527
5) newfie 1261
6) Merv 1248
7) Rosie 1027
8) Netpharm575
9) steel69 464
10) Evan 300
total= 13,739 team ave.- 1,374
Now that's teamwork!!!!
Iamontilt, you'll never finish your reno's!!! ;)
cplbear, that was a great week good to have ya aboard!!!
overall it's been a pretty good week ending with a great hand, now let's gett'em!!!

SlipperyMerv posted on Oct 12th 2008 ...

Hi Guys: Can anyone tell me what we are playing towards this month? I have been unable to find the prize structure for this month. Are they awarding freerolls or cash? Were is it on the site.

mothersquatch posted on Oct 12th 2008 ...

Well??? What did I say!!!! WE"RE ON THE MOVE!!!! Next comes a big boat!!!

cplbear posted on Oct 11th 2008 ...

77 hands and still just 2 pairs how many hands has this team all together through the competitions and 3 of a kind is the best so far must be holding out for the royal flush EH

cplbear posted on Oct 11th 2008 ...

dang mpk has 8 hands so far w a str8 and a flush we gotta get something soon

mothersquatch posted on Oct 11th 2008 ...

steel, I know how frustrated you are (and I know this sounds like PI PR work but...), this competition is a bonus to your regular benifits of playing with PI (I don't believe I just wrote that). Don't think that PI owes this team, or in other words, don't play towards team, but use the team competition to accent the bonuses you already get from PI (ie;Personal Payroll Plan, LB 1-3, Gabler's and Players FR's, sponsorships)
Now that I got that out, I'll repeat what I said b4....


( I see 2 boats and a straight in our very near future!!!!)

steel69 posted on Oct 11th 2008 ...

Only 2 team with more raked hands and we are in 12th place. Something has to give this month!!! Does this seem fair? we are consistanly giving PI raked hands and are not being properly awarded for are efforts!!! I am tired

steel69 posted on Oct 10th 2008 ...

No I am done with Pacific Poker. That site is terrible. It kept disconecting me and kept folding my hands even though I had the post blinds clicked. I joined one freeroll on that shitty site and couldn't get one hand in even though I was trying to play every hand. PI should not associate with that site.

newfiegambler posted on Oct 10th 2008 ...

hey mother, my bankrool is out till the 15th, so i wont be playing till then unless i can do something this weekend with the leaderboard tourney.

jeffshakalaka posted on Oct 10th 2008 ...

lol 3 years in the making...

PI finally does a team challenge..

and now they're 2 months late with the next 1....LOL...classic

cplbear posted on Oct 9th 2008 ...

66 hands and 2 pair is the best we got we gotta hit a big one soon

mothersquatch posted on Oct 9th 2008 ...

Well, PI gets the 4000pts according to the odds, I believe (check out this site, http://www.pokerhands.com/poker_odds.html), if you do the math, it works out to about 4000:1, so that's why soo much for the Quads. That's why I believe that we're due for a string of monster hands and I bet that they start hittin' once we pass 130,000 RH's!!! We're gonna win this round!!!!!

BTW, Steel, you playin at Pacific? I thought I saw a steel67 reg'd for the $10g warm-up?

newfiegambler posted on Oct 8th 2008 ...

is it just me or does anyone else think that 4000 points is crazy for a 4 of a kind? a team can have hardly any raked hands but luck out one 4 of a kind and win the monthly challenge. This is rediculas and pokerinside should look to change this.
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