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We're a rag-tag group of poker mis-fits! This is a bit more than a team...we're a community within a community (join-up & see)

And keeping to the Canadian tradition, all are welcome to apply.

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Ah Kh Qh Jh Th
Ace High Straight Flush

Qs Qh Qc Qd 8d
Four of a Kind, Queens

8d 8h 8s 8c 3h
Four of a Kind, Eights

4h 4d 4c 4s Jd
Four of a Kind, Fours

Ah As Ad Jd Jc
Full House, Aces over Jacks

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theroofer24 posted on Nov 4th 2008 ...

Hi Guys, I am all set to help you guys hit a Royal Flush on the fantasy team hands.My buddy Iamontilt43 got me all hooked up today.So I am all set to Rock & Roll now.
I am a good poker played but not so good with the computer.So I might need some help sometimes.

steel69 posted on Nov 4th 2008 ...

Can anyone Please let me know if and when they see the tourney for the Team Fantasy play. Thanks

steel69 posted on Nov 4th 2008 ...

I just want to confirm what mother has said because I have never made a deposit into BetMost. Thats right not once!!! and I still come close most weeks or sometimes I have very little action for 2 or 3 weeks and then I go on a big run of RH's. So It is very possible to achieve the 1000 hands every week or at least an average of that over a month period. I can sit at a turbo .10-.20 limit with 6 players and do 200 hands in about an hour. Anyway goodluck all and goodluck to you Netpharm!!!

newfiegambler posted on Nov 4th 2008 ...

hey mother, my r/h's will be down a bit this week because im going to los angelas fri morning till early mon morning.

mothersquatch posted on Nov 3rd 2008 ...

I'm sorry to see you leave netpharm, but as I've tried to explain to everyone, the idea of the team concept is to take it as a "bonus" to your regular play. If you don't naturally play 150rh's daily, then the team play (at this level) isn't for you. What this team is looking for, is a player who regularly plays 150rh's daily. Some players can do this in 1-2 hours playing 2 tables (sng's and ring, if you pick the right tables). I will usually use 1 mtt (mostly FR's) then sit in on a 7 card stud table (.05-.10 or higher, with a min. of 3 players), because there is always a rake every hand. then I'll pick a sng (usually a double-up) or (if I'm takin a run at the top of the LB & my BR supports it!) I'll sit in (with table min) on a higher stakes Limit table (6 seater). REMEMBER, I DO THIS ACCORDING TO MY BANKROLL!!!! If I take some hits (& I usually do!) I'll step down stakes and play it through.
Since PI went to BM I've depositted once and have busted twice (back in Feb and Apr, by playin' stakes that my BR didn't support), but I've been able to rebuild my BR through PI FR's (I had a run in the early spring where it seemed that every Gambler's and the $350's I'd finish in the $$$, won 3-$350's and 2 Gambler's) and a couple of LB's, plus a few nice finishes in the VIP's!! Mind you I did lose a tidy sum through some reckless play, but I've managed to still cash-out a couple of G's this year. My point is the 1000 RH/wkly team min. can be achived through propper BR management, with a BR as low as $50! You just need to play to your level! Everyone on this team can do this, everyone here regularly are on the top 200 of the LB and you're good mtt players, you all should be getting a "Personal Payroll Plan" and with BR management you can reach 1000rh's without putting any pressure on your time or BR!

Enough of my "PEP talk" here's last weeks approximate RH's

1) Jeff 2848
2) cplbear 2422
3) me 1745
4) newfie 1186
5) steel69 924
6) Merv 817
7) Iamontilt 531
8) netpharm 469
9) Evan 75
10) Rosie 50

Thats a total of 11,067, almost double lastweeks total and reaches the team average! Now I'll let you do your own math, but I want to point out that everyone is now at or above the teams weekly RH min. I heard from everyone about next month, but Evan (you're above the 1000rh ave, but I need to know if you're going to be with us for the next round? please email me).
Oh ya I forgot, NTB folks, we got 5th, so we're still movin' up!!! Maybe this month we'll hit a real monster!!! (remember PI takes a week to get the board up again so be patient!!0

netpharm posted on Nov 2nd 2008 ...

Im afraid its time for me to say goodbye and good luck to the team.

As i have already outlined to Mothersquatch, it doesnt make economic sense for me to try to spend 40 hours and a $100 every month in order to attempt to win the grand prize which amounts to $50 per person. So far we as a team have never managed to win this.

To me there is only one winner here and that is the pokerinside coffers! So I am stepping down from the team in order to make way for someone who is willing and able to meet the miminum RH's. I wish you all good luck at the tables.

jeffshakalaka posted on Nov 1st 2008 ...

i have NO faith in the legitimacy of this site atm

jeffshakalaka posted on Nov 1st 2008 ...

LOL they scrrewed up my points AGAIN!!

well there ya have it.. 3 times in les than 40 days..... I have a recording of the convo with a "eric" apparantly a supervisor....and screenshots of the points... will kepp u updated!

cplbear posted on Nov 1st 2008 ...

same to you jeff limit not my game but seen you there so thought id stop by
keep it up and good luck at the tables

steel69 posted on Oct 31st 2008 ...

same to you BOOM!!!!!!!!! lol

jeffshakalaka posted on Oct 31st 2008 ...

steal.. bear.. nice to play with u guys..

keep up the good work

mothersquatch posted on Oct 29th 2008 ...

Hi folks, I've been monitoring things on my end and my RH's are moving according to my play. Have you look under the "My InsidePoker" tab in "Poker rooms accounts" and checked there? I also find sometimes the updates are a day behind (maybe a problem with the feed), but to make sure you're getting credit, you can either keep track of your own RH's or you can go to your account at BM and review your game history there and see if they jive with PI's #

BTW, I've had a reply from most of you, but I'd like everyone to re-confirm thier commitment to the team min RH's before the end of the month, so I know what I have to do for Nov. And if anyone knows of a "Real Player" who's not on a team and would fit in here, drop me a line a let me know who they are. We're soooo close to getting over the top in this competition, but we need all of us going at it, so if you can't keep up in NOV., please tell me now because I'll be cutting anyone who can't or doesn't commit to the Min next month!!!

SlipperyMerv posted on Oct 29th 2008 ...

Hey Everybody: I don't know if you document your RH's but I do and I noticed that mine hasn't moved since Monday. I played a lot yesterday and got no new RH's. Maybe that is why our hands are down right now? We're kind of at their mercy to know how many we receive at the best of times!

cplbear posted on Oct 28th 2008 ...

ok 4 days to go come on straight flush

cplbear posted on Oct 26th 2008 ...

good job in the tourny today steel i noticed same thing bout the vip tourney turns out it is awsome for me as i had no computor for the day i thought it started

cplbear posted on Oct 26th 2008 ...

congrats jeff sorry everyone for the crappy hands last week but woohooo eh im back had to shut down every bit of norton and my firewall to download betmost (kinda scary) but i got it see you at the tables today

cplbear posted on Oct 26th 2008 ...

ok bears having a bad week
sick then complete crash cannot access internet at all buy new compuiter cant download betmost for some reason hopefully not caused by vista as its all you canm get now still working on it hopefully up soon

mothersquatch posted on Oct 26th 2008 ...

I'll be sending out an team email today about this weeks totals (please look for it in your inbox)!!!!

BTW, Great job in takin' down the Players last nite Jeff!!!
I had a nice finish in the Omaha FR last nite and so did Merv, 27th & 52 (?) outta 1000

We're in the last days of this round folks, let's see if we can pull a MONSTER out of the hat!!!

jeffshakalaka posted on Oct 25th 2008 ...

ahh the break did me some good FIRST in player free roll!

mothersquatch posted on Oct 24th 2008 ...

Ya I'm waiting for a reply to an email, let you know what I hear!!

BTW, I'm feelin a lot better, had a bud work on my back (5th degree BB) and been playin a little with some nice results!!! A couple of Robaxacettes and a smoke, (don't try this at home, closed course, trained professional;))seemed to smooth over the last couple of dayz!!!

steel69 posted on Oct 24th 2008 ...

Can someone please explain how I register for a tournament 1 month in advance. The 2000 freeroll is next month all of a sudden!! I could of swore that after I registered the tournament was to start the next day!!!!

jeffshakalaka posted on Oct 23rd 2008 ...

running VERY bad atm...

gl guys I'm out for a bit

steel69 posted on Oct 22nd 2008 ...

Oh and by the way PI replaced my token from the fantasy with a LB3 token. Thanks PI

steel69 posted on Oct 22nd 2008 ...

Get well soon mother and have a good B'day with the wife. I would also watch out playing while on meds(especially if they are strong) cause they would make me lose a lot of cash. See ya soon EH!!!

SlipperyMerv posted on Oct 22nd 2008 ...

Hey Ya Mother!! Sorry to hear about your problems. We'll try to keep up with the RH's. Get well soon, we'll miss you at the tables.
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