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We're a rag-tag group of poker mis-fits! This is a bit more than a team...we're a community within a community (join-up & see)

And keeping to the Canadian tradition, all are welcome to apply.

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Ah Kh Qh Jh Th
Ace High Straight Flush

Qs Qh Qc Qd 8d
Four of a Kind, Queens

8d 8h 8s 8c 3h
Four of a Kind, Eights

4h 4d 4c 4s Jd
Four of a Kind, Fours

Ah As Ad Jd Jc
Full House, Aces over Jacks

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SlipperyMerv posted on Dec 28th 2014 ...

Did anyone get metals tokens for last week? Dec 14 to 21st. I didn't receive any.

mothersquatch posted on Dec 26th 2014 ...

Hiddy-Ho-Ho! Hope you all had a Merry day! :)

cplbear posted on Dec 25th 2014 ...

Merry christmas everyone

steel69 posted on Dec 25th 2014 ...

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Calmheho posted on Dec 21st 2014 ...

I can do min 1000 RHs/month not that hard IMO but 2000 is way to hard for me.

peldini posted on Dec 21st 2014 ...

Calmheho, we actually require 2000 RHs/month from all members, so I don't think you would fit. Sorry

Calmheho posted on Dec 21st 2014 ...

Hi mother, I'm here to ask if I could have one spot in the team for next month. I'm currently in the poker_for_life team currently in 3rd position and would like to leave and join a team which is pw protected. I can't promise making at least 1000 RH per month but I always do min 500 RH per month so it's up to you to decide if I can join the club. Contact me at williamng1990@live.com, thanks.

stewzom posted on Dec 17th 2014 ...

anyone know if the freerolls have stopped

kamiru posted on Dec 11th 2014 ...

Hi If you remember me!
I am back on bm. Second place current leaderboard playing alone=) I'm lucky)
See ya on freerolls!

mothersquatch posted on Dec 11th 2014 ...

1:30 am est & they are still down...? I was soo busy tonite & forgot to play the Gambler's, I guess I didn't miss anything?

SlipperyMerv posted on Dec 11th 2014 ...

Anybody know if BM is down right now?

ZAkBarchuck posted on Dec 7th 2014 ...

Hi All, hi mother.

I'm sorry but I'm still very busy in office. No idea when this ends by.

I'll accept this absolutely fair if you kick me out when you find someone to substitute me or even without this just for low number of RH.

I've been earning >5000 rh a month for more than 3 years and I'm very sorry that I joined your team at the end of this period only.

cplbear - my special apology for you. You invited me to the team but I did not meet your expectations.

I'm really sorry. But poker is poker and life is life.

GL all.

peldini posted on Dec 6th 2014 ...

The people who were active in keeping our team to task have left in the last few months. Now the team is lazy, including myself. we need to turn it around or weed out the ones who don't want to play.

AmUnNume posted on Dec 3rd 2014 ...

I had teeth problems, played 10-14 days maximum with shorts sessions that month, anyway maybe we'll make better next month !!! Go go :) ;)

steel69 posted on Dec 2nd 2014 ...

Sorry mother and teammates. Put simply, I have no money to deposit as things are tight on the home front and I have become unmotivated because of it. Very sorry!

If I do not contribute fairly this month I will leave the team in January as I do not see my finances getting any better in the near future.

mothersquatch posted on Dec 1st 2014 ...

Well last month was a bust & now I have to act...

So here are the pathetic totals...

Sandman 0 (GONE)
Zak 250 *
steel69 350 *
cplbear 375 *
peldini 1787
Merv 2500
mother 5058
AmUnNume 5393

So what's up?
BetMost is running 4 free rolls daily, then there is the JP & Gambler's! That makes 30 mtt's weekly & if you can find traffic or time to play to earn RH's how do you find the time to play the Fantasy Free roll?

So steel, no more excuses (or anyone else), Merv goes away & still can put in 2500 RH's.

Figure it out folks, no more free rides or holding your breathe, play 2000 rh's min this month or leave (Merv is on vacation & has let us know before & has regularly does 2000+ when he is here).

Bear, I have a feeling you're just miffed & I hope if everyone starts to contribute, you will as well.

Zak, What's your story?

So I hope this motivates you all to pull together & play, because if not I'll cut it back to just the guys who are contributing & take our chances.

SlipperyMerv posted on Nov 19th 2014 ...

Sorry about that mate! All I can suggest is that you move. It's not snowing here. May I suggest Hawaii. The only downside is no poker here.

mothersquatch posted on Nov 19th 2014 ...

I swear Merv...very time you take-off on another convert mission, it freakin snows here! Enough of this! :P

SlipperyMerv posted on Nov 14th 2014 ...

Hey Guys: We're off to Maui, Hawaii for 15 days, so I won't be playing until next month. Good luck to all in the Fantasy this weekend. Aloha!

steel69 posted on Nov 4th 2014 ...

Holy, back in Canada and relaxed after an unbelievable football game and I can't even get in on $1 twisters? Is it me or is no one playing? Incredible 10 minutes between games!


peldini posted on Nov 2nd 2014 ...

seems like everyone did their part last month, lets keep it up team

mothersquatch posted on Nov 2nd 2014 ...

I didn't have total hand as a base for last month, but I have a screen shot for this month's RH totals. So I will be keeping track for November...

Good luck to all this month!

steel69 posted on Oct 20th 2014 ...

very nice peldini!

cplbear posted on Oct 19th 2014 ...

way to go good job bud

peldini posted on Oct 19th 2014 ...

Great day in the freerolls today, 4 final tables including a win in the silver!
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