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We're a rag-tag group of poker mis-fits! This is a bit more than a team...we're a community within a community (join-up & see)

And keeping to the Canadian tradition, all are welcome to apply.

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Top 5 Fantasy Hands

Ah Kh Qh Jh Th
Ace High Straight Flush

Qs Qh Qc Qd 8d
Four of a Kind, Queens

8d 8h 8s 8c 3h
Four of a Kind, Eights

4h 4d 4c 4s Jd
Four of a Kind, Fours

Ah As Ad Jd Jc
Full House, Aces over Jacks

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textilebuzz posted on Nov 1st 2018 ...

Thanks - https://www.textilebuzz.com/

SlipperyMerv posted on Jul 29th 2016 ...

Just wondering who else checks here periodically???

SlipperyMerv posted on May 15th 2016 ...

Thanks for the info Bear. I'll keep an eye out for ya!

cplbear posted on May 14th 2016 ...

i do really good in thier $20 tourneys pays for everything else plus a bit extra there one at 3 thats actually a $12 tourney but if you rebuy and add on its $36 the add on is 10000 chips makes it a deepstack then a deepstack 10000 chip tourney at 5 abd a regular 20 tourney at 8i usually cash in 2 of 3 and win some to keep the bankroll building if your going to try tourneys theese are the ones i seem tio do the best in

SlipperyMerv posted on May 14th 2016 ...

Your right it seems to be the only game in town (except for live). I'm just playing cash games at PlayNow mostly. I think you are going to hit it big there one day. I've seen how many tourneys you go into and your ship is going to come in. Patience (I lack that) Good Luck Mate.

cplbear posted on May 13th 2016 ...

ya looks like playnow is all that's left was mostly only playing there anyway playd the 30k and 90 k on the weekend 4 from the money and 10 from the money grrrr

SlipperyMerv posted on May 10th 2016 ...

Hi Bear Thanks, yeah I guess that it takes affect May 10th. So you just going to play "Play Now"?

cplbear posted on May 7th 2016 ...

ya igot it merv but seem to be able to play still

SlipperyMerv posted on May 5th 2016 ...

Just wondering if anyone else in Canada got this e-mail

We regret to inform you that William Hill Casino Club has taken a decision to withdraw all of its online gaming services for all residents of British Colombia for the foreseeable future.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you; however this decision has been taken for regulatory reasons beyond our control and with very short notice.

SlipperyMerv posted on Apr 4th 2016 ...

So, I just got back from 2 months in Palm Springs...... Are we done here? Is this worth anything to any of us?

peldini posted on Mar 23rd 2016 ...

With the poker payback, the points had no value anyway.

steel69 posted on Mar 22nd 2016 ...

do our points on betmost go to waste?

ZAkBarchuck posted on Mar 14th 2016 ...

I had an account on WH before BM and I was advised by BM/WH support to create a new account on WH to get 60% of RPV bonus.

SlipperyMerv posted on Mar 13th 2016 ...

Few questions: So is this the end of the Fantasy Challenge every month? And what if you joined WH before poker inside, will you still get rake back and credit for hands toward monthly challenge?

ZAkBarchuck posted on Mar 11th 2016 ...

The End?

"We are writing to inform you that BetMostPoker will be merging on April 1st 2016 with William Hill Poker.

William Hill Poker is the Poker site of the world's biggest bookmaker – William Hill.

As William Hill Poker is also on the iPoker Network, you can continue playing your favorite tournaments and cash tables and have the same players as you are used to.

From April 1st, you will no longer be able to play poker or make a deposit on BetMost. The Poker client will still be available for an extended period but inactive to gameplay..."

GL ALL. See you (but will not recognize?) on WH.

cplbear posted on Mar 6th 2016 ...

yes downsized tho

pekachu posted on Mar 5th 2016 ...

Hi guys!

It has been a long time. Is this challenge still running on Betmost?

peldini posted on Feb 3rd 2016 ...

Looks like we managed a 5th place for January despite no updates all month. See you in the freeroll team!

peldini posted on Jan 25th 2016 ...

Played, didn't cash

cplbear posted on Jan 24th 2016 ...

did you guys play today i reisterred for one on feb 14

peldini posted on Jan 24th 2016 ...


SlipperyMerv posted on Jan 20th 2016 ...

Hey Guys: Fantasy 1 is up for Sunday. Make sure you register even if you don't play!

SlipperyMerv posted on Jan 12th 2016 ...

I e-mailed support and got this reply


Yes there should be one each month.

So, go figure!

SlipperyMerv posted on Jan 12th 2016 ...

Looks like no FANTASY this month?

cplbear posted on Jan 7th 2016 ...

betmost working again was a problem withabode update for windows 10 they fixed it now
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