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international gamblers association

2000 RH per week minimum

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Kc Ks Kd 6s 6d
Full House, Kings over Sixs

Ac Kc Tc 4c 2c
Flush, Ace High

Ah Jh 9h 4h 3h
Flush, Ace High

Jh Td 9d 8d 7d
Jack High Straight

9h 8h 7s 6h 5d
Nine High Straight

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Hinge1980 posted on Nov 29th 2008 ...

i wonder if PI will delete this team at some point... since there is no reason it is here...

Hinge1980 posted on Nov 8th 2008 ...

It will take some time for this team to get out of top 100..

Hinge1980 posted on Oct 31st 2008 ...

coming to the new team Ratboy ??

spyfus posted on Oct 27th 2008 ...

I have made the new team now.
It is called Roadrunners

Hinge1980 posted on Oct 25th 2008 ...

And i think i would have troubles with making a team just ads misterno because i also have had a team before so it has to be you spyfus and soon to...

Hinge1980 posted on Oct 25th 2008 ...

yeah im on board to lets make this new team before next month starts so we can be in it from the beginnig..
the terms for the other challenge i først til mølle ads we would say in danish wich spyfus understands lol...
so we need to be the first team to make 4 of a kind in order to get the 500$ that it gives in the other challenge the one called Best Hand Jackpot...

sef111268 posted on Oct 25th 2008 ...

hi spyfus,
i would be more than happy for u to make a new team and let me join thx.i think the conditions u have set below or fine.keep me informed on this team page and lets see if we can challege for top spot for the november challenge.if u start new team with say you me hinge mister and ratboy if he is still about then we can recruit more members on the forum.thx spyfus for doing this and i wont let u down..............
ps i promise not to leave team this time if they change things again lol

Hinge1980 posted on Oct 25th 2008 ...

well ads it is now we cant get any new members so this team is fucked so lets just make a new team...

spyfus posted on Oct 25th 2008 ...

OK if everybody want it then I will try making a new team. But what about the conditions?
I dont think we have a chance for making a topspot with only 4-5 members. Maybe we should lower the raked hand to at least 1500 every week. Then I will look at the stats twice for all members. First time after 2 weeks and next time after 4 weeks and then I WILL kick any member who had not done it. furthermore I think there have been to many problems with members saying that they go on vacation. Every one knows when she/he will go so they to prove their interest and try to make more raked hands before a vacation.
Tell me if you like me to make a new team and if you have some ideas for a new team.

misterno1 posted on Oct 25th 2008 ...

i tried to make a new team but for some reason i could not do it. when some of you make a new team, inform me on sindler555@yahoo.com

misterno1 posted on Oct 25th 2008 ...

i will make a new team because of sef. name is Yugo 45

misterno1 posted on Oct 23rd 2008 ...

you are most experienced in our team so it is natural that you are captain.

spyfus posted on Oct 23rd 2008 ...

lol...Why do you want me to make a new team? Will it not be the same like this team?

sef111268 posted on Oct 23rd 2008 ...

keep me informed and i will join any team any of the members in here want to start.hope to hear from u soon sef.

misterno1 posted on Oct 22nd 2008 ...

hi sef, nice to see you back, spyfus could make a new team and then we would join. what do you think m8?

sef111268 posted on Oct 21st 2008 ...

hinge ,spyfus,hi again anybody fancy making a new team and going for it again to try for top spot.

spyfus posted on Oct 20th 2008 ...

No I dont think any team will hit the jackpot. In fact I think they have "blocked" the possibility because 50k will be a lot of money for the site. But we will see some team getting the second and third prizes.
It is correct that the challenge have lesser prizemoney now but even that it is better than when they intruduced the system with tickets for the payroll challenge. That was a huge mistake.
They have some prizes in here again. The prizemoney was taken from the 2 weekly freerolls. And after I have talked with them I really think they would like to put up more prizes but they are not allowed. Nearly all poker networks make restrictions to affiliates. They told them there are a maxium for payouts. The iPoker Network says it is 35%. The reason for that is very simply. All networks hope many pokersites will join the network because it will means more players and more earnings. If they allowed free payouts for the affiliates then new sites would not have a chance for surviving. Bigger established sites would turn up the payback rate and force new sites to do the same but because the are new and small then they can hardly earn any money or maybe they will loose money because the are several expenses for running a site.

Hinge1980 posted on Oct 19th 2008 ...

what do you think of the new team challenge ??
I think its just a smart way to give away less money...
people think wuhuuu we get a chance of winning 50K but will any ever hit it ???
i dont think so....
biggest hand hit sofare is 4 of a kind...

spyfus posted on Oct 18th 2008 ...

lollll...I have played every day so far

Hinge1980 posted on Oct 18th 2008 ...

how about you guys ???

iwanThou posted on Sep 14th 2008 ...

Nice post spyfus. I've never liked to play satellite qualifiers... I'll try some of that now...

spyfus posted on Sep 14th 2008 ...

As you can see I am still playing each day but I dont pay so much attention to this challenge after the prize money was reduced. As I have told before i live in Thailand and make my living through poker so i have to focus on what is the most profitable for me and that is mostly tournaments but also PL Omaha $0.10-0.20 up to $1-2 and PL Omaha HL $0.10-0.20 up to $2-4. Right now I play the $2+0.2 nearly every day because I reach the final table 3-5 times a week with a least 1 win. And now the qualifiers for the ECOOP III are started so I will play a lot of Level 2 qualifiers. Many of them are $3+0.30 so they will count as 50 raked hands. I am always doing very well in satelite qualifiers. Especially because many players dont understand the concept of them. Let us say there are 10 tickets then many try to win the qualifier and risking their lives through that even there were sure of a ticket if they just folded the rest of the way. I have folded AA and KK more than 100 times preflop when they start to raise like insanes. Why should I risk my ticket in a bingogame with 3-4 other players. Last time (ECOOP II) I started at Level 2 qualifiers. When I then play Level 1 qualifiers I never made a single rebuy or addon but still managed to qualify for 6 ECOOP events. Even through the qualifiers I won money. Sometimes we played a Level 1 qualifier and then 1-3 would recieve a ticket for the ECOOP worth like $215 but because of the prizepoll number 4 sometimes could get up to around $200 in cash. If it were that close then I play like a maniac when we were 4 left. Small raises on crap cards so /i was sure some one paid and win. So through the qualifying I made close to $400 when my entries were deducted. And the ECOOP was much better. I made 3 top 25 places out of my 6 entries and made more than $3.500.
Qualifier are a good way to make money. On PokerStars they have $3+0.30 R/A qualifiers for both the Sunday Million and the Sunday Warm-up. Each ticket is worth $215 and you can sell it through 2+2 for $210-212. Lol I dont know how many times I have done that.

misterno1 posted on Sep 13th 2008 ...

ok ivan. i wish you good luck at fulltilt.

iwanThou posted on Sep 13th 2008 ...

After PI changed Fantasy Team rewards last month I stopped playing on BetMost and spent my micro bankroll on video poker.... I don't think I'll play much here anymore. Now one round lasts for whole month again and only top 3 are cash prizes. We don't have good chances now when sef is gone... I'm playing on FullTilt Poker now (not through PI) Omaha ring games and Holdem SNGs and I have small rakeback and good bonus so I like it there very much.

Hinge1980 posted on Sep 12th 2008 ...

im broke at the moment have had some bad spills....
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