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tip of the iceberg,,,

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Ah Ac Ad As 2d
Four of a Kind, Aces

Ad Qd Td 9d 2d
Flush, Ace High

Kd Td 8d 4d 3d
Flush, King High

Kh 9h 7h 6h 3h
Flush, King High

Ks 8s 7s 3s 2s
Flush, King High

Team Comment Wall

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kkslop posted on Nov 2nd 2009 ...

Hello, I would like to join the Team.

Raked Hands play at least a week in 2000.

I join you?

wentao9314a posted on Oct 16th 2009 ...

Hi, I would like to join this team, I play 1000 hands per week. My e-mail is wentaoji@hotmail.com Thank you

wentao9314a posted on Oct 14th 2009 ...

Hi! I want to join this team, I play 1000 round per week. Thank you

zoltan84 posted on Oct 12th 2009 ...

We have to increase our fantasy points faster.
Come on! Lets catch the top ten!


mickyboyd posted on Sep 21st 2009 ...

Hi id like to join your team im new to this site but play alot im averageing about 2-3k raked hands per week atm let me no if you want me

magick_mike posted on Sep 6th 2009 ...

I do about 3K hands per month. Can I join?

josh122 posted on Sep 4th 2009 ...

im looking for active team i was with bet to beat but me and my 2 brothers and i other seem to only play a good bit if theres room for 3 we will join

Caotico posted on Sep 2nd 2009 ...

Let me enter in this team?

alikutzu posted on Aug 16th 2009 ...

i've been on a huge downswing the last couple of weeks, thus didn't manage to rake in as many hands as before... but, eh, variance will find its way to positivity :)

Also, we're still inviting active players to our team. Bump me a message with your weekly amount of hands played and I'll be glad to invite you in.

Varszegi posted on Jul 31st 2009 ...

Dear alikutzu!

Sorry for not making so many rake hands.
The next few weeks I'll go abroad, but after that I'll be back at the tables.
After vacation I'll make about 600 rake hands a day, but nowdays I'm a little bit busy.
I hope you won't kick me. :)

Best wishes,

Tamas Varszegi

sorieno posted on Jul 29th 2009 ...

Hi :) I'm looking for a active team.
Joining the first that wants me.

15YROLDGURL posted on Jul 26th 2009 ...

Hello, I would like to join your team.

I play a lot of poker about 3 hours each day and need a good team to be on I can easily make 1000 rh per week and would like a chance to prove myself on your team. my e-mail is maplestaff04@hotmail.com

asdasdada posted on Jul 24th 2009 ...

Hello, Im not sure if you speak english but I would like to jion your team.

I play about 1500 raked hands per week.
I used to be in "french connections."

If you dont believe me you may kick me by the end of the week if you want if my results are bad.

my e-mail is Shu1522@hotmai.com please contact me for the password thank you. I might not be on pokerinside for a while, so remember to e-mail me


Varszegi posted on Jul 24th 2009 ...

Dear alikutzu!

Thanks for your invitation!
I'll be grateful. :)

Best wishes,

Tamas Varszegi

RaitisV posted on Jul 21st 2009 ...

I can give 0.5k to 2k hands per day, if u are interested let me know raitis.valodze@googlemail.com

Varszegi posted on Jul 21st 2009 ...


May I join this team?
My previous team was My King's German Legion, but it was too inactive, that's why I'd like to join this team.
I did 28000 rake hands there during two and a half month.

My e-mail address: vtomi18@freemail.hu

Best wishes,

Tamas Varszegi

bogdandejavu posted on Jul 10th 2009 ...

joc sit& go'uri asa de placere, dar joc mai ales la DirtyDozen.....de 2.40 $ inscrieream..si la turneu de 6000 $ NL Freezout ! .....pai acuma am inceput sa joc poker dupa o perioada destul de lunga fara activitate...nu pot sa ma arunc direct la mize mari...incerc s ami fac cat de cat un bankroll de peste 100 $...acuma am vreo 34,20 $ in cont din 10 $ depusi pe data de 3 iulie ! ....nush daca mai este posibil sa intru inapoi in echipa ta , pai si la sit&go'uri se da RH.....uite eu din sit&go'uri si cash game am facut 1280 rh in o singura saptamana...eu zic ca e binisor !

alikutzu posted on Jul 10th 2009 ...

bogdan, am vazut ca joci sit'n'go-uri mult prea mici ca sa avem vreo sansa cu tine-n echipa, frate. cand o sa maresti mizele te voi accepta cu cea mai mare placere. salutare.

bogdandejavu posted on Jul 8th 2009 ...

alikutzu mersi ca m ai dat afara , ti am spus ca sunt cu bacul acuma,,,,, si dupa bac ma apuc s ajoc poker....after i finish my school exams :|

bogdandejavu posted on Jul 6th 2009 ...

i finish whit my problem , so from now one i'll play more poker ! i wanna know if i can join back into the team ? :|...i was kicked......

zoltan84 posted on Jul 5th 2009 ...

thanks for inviting!

I try to do my best!

zoltan84 posted on Jul 4th 2009 ...


Can I join the team?
I'm an every day player (2-3 hours on 4-6 tables)

e-mail: szorenyi.zoltan@freemail.hu

Zoltan Szorenyi

alikutzu posted on Jul 4th 2009 ...

Wilou, seems like we're the only ones playing poker intensively... We've managed to win a token to a freeroll :)
If you want to talk, feel free to add me to MSN : alik@alik.ro

wilou67 posted on Jul 4th 2009 ...

sympa l iceberg

TommyTSW posted on Jun 30th 2009 ...

thx muguras !
Does anyone know when the pokerinside added sponsorships? Remained me only only CoolHandPoker but for a long time the booking status is zero
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