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This is the ultimate team for allrounder who plays often and clever! if you want to join just ask me for password!! We are looking for players who makes 250+ RH a day!!
It would be great to have all my active PI buddys in this team!!
Together we will reach the top of the LB!
Additional I will create again some privat events, tournaments and leagues for Team Gamblers 3000 members and some wildcards!
The gambler who generates most RH till the end of 2008 will get a Team Gamblers 3000 T-Shirt for free!
Good luck buddies.........

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9h 9s 9d 6s 6d
Full House, Nines over Sixs

6d 6c 6s 4s 4c
Full House, Sixs over Fours

Ah Kh Qh Js Td
Ace High Straight

Qd Jh Tc 9c 8d
Queen High Straight

Qc Jh Tc 9h 8c
Queen High Straight

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pekachu posted on Sep 3rd 2008 ...

I would change one or two of my LB II tokens for LB 3 tokens.

heinZH posted on Sep 3rd 2008 ...

in what kind of a world do we life here?

I am on Fritzsons' side, LB II would be nice, I have only one, maybe someone wants to change with me? I have about 10 for LB III

fritzson posted on Sep 2nd 2008 ...

Probably, I would get LB II ... There has been times when I first recieve LB III and after some playing (the end of the payroll period) I recived LB II... without fantasy challenge. Huh.. Maybe they have change that, I don't know. I was not complaing just telling. ;o) I guess I will only get one LB III... it would be crazy if I get two of them. But still I thougt everyone recived LB III token, because it was bases on freerolls that everyone had passwords for earlier..

Of course, I have no right to complain... you guys have been doing a great work. I just can't play that much... it is not about the time, it is about money at the time and I can't handle 8 tables. I am sorry that I can't keep up with you.

pekachu posted on Sep 2nd 2008 ...

I think you have no right to complain fritzson. If you want a higher place in the Challenge, play more raked hands! But then you will probaly get a LBII token anyway. ;) Like me.:)
17musse even got a LB I token last week!!

fritzson posted on Sep 2nd 2008 ...

lol, now I have 1 token I can't use (or do they only send one to me?). hahah.... 500 dollar freeroll is too easy to get. Jaja... I hope we end up on top 5 next time. ;o) I thought everyone was qualified for 500 dollar freeroll, everyonw with atleast 1 nib.

pekachu posted on Sep 1st 2008 ...

We made 6 place this time. Finally we get a token i can use.:)

heinZH posted on Sep 1st 2008 ...

again this fugging interruptions?

such a pissoff system

fritzson posted on Aug 29th 2008 ...

I thought I have been playing more, but it feels like I have only get half of my RHs. Ok, some days I have been playing very very little because of visitors, but still. I am surprise. Jaja...

pekachu posted on Aug 29th 2008 ...

Not again! :(

17musse posted on Aug 29th 2008 ...

RH is not updating

pekachu posted on Aug 29th 2008 ...

Where is everybody? We haven't got a single hand since yesderday. Am i the last one who generate raked hands?

heinZH posted on Aug 27th 2008 ...

Hello guys!
have been on a festival in Czech Republic and I am going now to Graz watching a football game, but I will be back at the weekend, and I will do my effort on it to stay in top 6
wish you good cards

fritzson posted on Aug 26th 2008 ...

I was stupid enough to play to many sngs and tourneys.. That is why I went almost broke! I was thinking, just one more.. and one more. When I finally sat in on cash table I had a nice run of bad beats. Jaja, it happens from time to time.

Wow, 9 tables, how do you master it. I can have 4 tables running without problem, but 6 tables is a little problem, they do not fit on the screen properly... and more is not to think about. Anyway, my brain stops working after 3 tables. ;o)

Limit tables is horrible, there are only crazy players there who are crushing my AA with J3. Grr.. lol

pekachu posted on Aug 26th 2008 ...

What i meant is that i don't want to be in the top 5!
What i play for this challenge is an hour 9 tables limit holdem sometimes. 0,25 or $0,5 big blinds. It yields 300-400 rh/h and at least 10 Nibs/h.
And it's real hard to loose your bankroll by playing low limit holdem. ;) Biggest mistake you could make is folding on the river.;))

fritzson posted on Aug 25th 2008 ...

I agree with you pekachu, I want to stay in top 6. I am sorry for not playing that much, but I went broke in the end of july. I am struggling with my bankroll to grow a little more before I want to play for real. As it is now I am running away as fast as I have been winning some big money. Big and big..

I am curious, what stakes are you guys playing at... NL, Limit, omaha?

Pekachu, only 10k hands... lol... no problem, I am there tomorrow.. ehum.. not! Maybe next year!

What am I going to do with my fantasy token? shall I e-mail PI and ask about it?

pekachu posted on Aug 25th 2008 ...

We only get Tokens to the Payroll Challenge Freerolls at the moment. That's why i prefer place 6 to place 2.
Now i got for the last Challenge 3 LB II tokens. lol

17musse posted on Aug 25th 2008 ...

First I got this mail:

Great job this challenge period! Your team finished 2 out of all the teams participating. If you won a freeroll token this has been credited to your BetMost account. If not, then good luck during this new challenge period.

I could not find the tournament, so I send a mail to PI asking them: whats the date for the Fantasy Freeroll ?

And I have just received this answer:

Unfortunately, that tournament no longer exists. Therefore, I've replaced that token with a PokerInside LB1 token. Good luck at the tables!

Please let me know if you ever have any questions!

What is going on here ?????????????????????????


swissgambler posted on Aug 23rd 2008 ...

even teams with no members get flush... hehe ;)

pekachu posted on Aug 22nd 2008 ...

You can see our Fullhouse here:

17musse posted on Aug 22nd 2008 ...

Full House that must have been last week
We ended as number 2 - great job to everyone :)

17musse posted on Aug 22nd 2008 ...

Nice - but no Full House as you said
but we are close to one just now

pekachu posted on Aug 22nd 2008 ...

Finaly. :)) A new Leaderboard at last.

pekachu posted on Aug 19th 2008 ...

Still no Leaderboard.:-))

pekachu posted on Aug 16th 2008 ...

Today. 10 hours ago. That means the 10:30 update.
It shouldn't count for the old challenge. Ruins my plan to get a LB 3 token. :(

17musse posted on Aug 16th 2008 ...

WOW full house - did we make that yesterday or to day ??
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