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This is the ultimate team for allrounder who plays often and clever! if you want to join just ask me for password!! We are looking for players who makes 250+ RH a day!!
It would be great to have all my active PI buddys in this team!!
Together we will reach the top of the LB!
Additional I will create again some privat events, tournaments and leagues for Team Gamblers 3000 members and some wildcards!
The gambler who generates most RH till the end of 2008 will get a Team Gamblers 3000 T-Shirt for free!
Good luck buddies.........

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9h 9s 9d 6s 6d
Full House, Nines over Sixs

6d 6c 6s 4s 4c
Full House, Sixs over Fours

Ah Kh Qh Js Td
Ace High Straight

Qd Jh Tc 9c 8d
Queen High Straight

Qc Jh Tc 9h 8c
Queen High Straight

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fritzson posted on May 10th 2008 ...

I have to say: Good work! In a few days we has gone from 40 something to 11... that is really good. And Swiss... wow I say!! What a race you have done!! In 2 days you are over 2000 raked hand. I am impressed. :o)))) Pilelipe, nice for 1 day!! Welcome!!! And all the others too.. Neophron, sad for you br, but stuff like that happens sometimes.. you will be back. Stelli2 and HeinZH... nice work!!! I think this is good for just a few days!!! I need to play more cash tables.. it is easy to get stuck in tournies.

swissgambler posted on May 10th 2008 ...

Hey buddies...
welcome pileipe in team!! thanks for the nice work on your first day;)
good luck to all players in the PI 2nd Ultimate League!
Last slot is RESERVED for LAYANNA!!!!
Hey members I read your post abour busy days and 0 RH in a week, absolutely NO problem!!!
We all understand that and we are happy too if we can't play a week and you will be not angry about us!!! Take your time you need!!!
hey madjackel!! i am very sorry about hearing this bad news!!! Take your time, we are with you!!!
Stelli and heinZH, no problem, do what you have to do!! no problem!!
Good luck to all....
Regards swissgambler/swizzzocker

Stelli2 posted on May 10th 2008 ...

Hi pelipe, i think that is good, the teamowner will you give the passwort from the team when her is online.

pilelipe posted on May 9th 2008 ...

Hi ,can i join your team , i average 500-1000 rh per day(small stakes) , earn around 500 nibs per week
and place in LB1 freeroll

Stelli2 posted on May 9th 2008 ...

Hi guys, my problem is the same. No i have time to play, but after wednesday next week i have not time to play for many days why i at work of tournee with a german comedian. So when i have time between the days i will play, but it is not safety.

heinZH posted on May 9th 2008 ...

Don't worry guys!
Not everybody can play all time!!
I think somebody is kicked out only if we see, that he doesn't participate in building fantasy cards over weeks..
I tell about me: soon I will have important Tests, and I will have to step back with playing poker, and also the European Team Cup in Football is at the same time, so it will be hard to find time playing poker this time, but after that I will have time a lot and can collect many raked hands
of cours it's not me who decide but it is my opinion

madjackel posted on May 9th 2008 ...

hey the hole idea of a team is that we look after eachother and i have said i will not be able to do much this week due to a death in the family but im not worried about being kicked out because thaats not what this is a bout we are a team so play within your means and we will get to the top of the lb soon. our goal is the top 30 so we are going very well regards madjackel PS grea job team

neophron posted on May 9th 2008 ...

Great job teammates! Bad news, as you can read about in my blog. The short version, im overplayed my bankroll, lost alot and will have trouble pulling my weight in the team. I gonna try to get some money to the betmost account because im enjoing playing for the team. If im feeling im taking someome else place in the team im gonna step back and letting some else take over, but im gonna do my best to keep my place :)

heinZH posted on May 9th 2008 ...

Fantastic guys!
I am sure we can reach Top Ten!!

Have a nice weekend and enjoy relaxing and gambling!

swissgambler posted on May 9th 2008 ...

Hey Josh, welcome!!! I am very glad to have you in team!!
Good luck at the tables buddy!!!

fritzson posted on May 9th 2008 ...

Woohoo guy!!! This is good... 16th!!! I am sorry but I can't play right now.. I have to go to work and do the test... but it is only for 1 hour. lmao... ok.. 2½ maybe, because it is not in the near. hehe I am so glad to see that something is happening. Straight upwards.. I hope we can keep up the good work. I will play some when I get back home later. :o)))))

swissgambler posted on May 9th 2008 ...

Our climb going on! #18 in LB!! If the luck is back and we will have some nice fantasyhands!
@neophron : hehe, you didn'tknew?? hehe alright, good i told you, now you can defend your 2nd place!! No chance to reach 1st ;)

neophron posted on May 9th 2008 ...

20th place. Nice job. And 1st and 2nd on the blogleaderboard, i didnt know it was one :) Blogging is more profitable than playing right now :)

fritzson posted on May 8th 2008 ...

Nice work guys!! Rank 20 right now!!! And welcome Sparky!!

swissgambler posted on May 8th 2008 ...

Hey Sparky! Welcome in Team Gamblers 3000!!
I know you from PI for about a year!
We are all proud to have you in our team!!
Good luck and we see us at the tables!!

swissgambler posted on May 8th 2008 ...

Hey Buddies...
Now, I have the tool to kick members out of the team;)
And to invite others! If you have active cashgaming friends tell me!
By the way, we climb the LB up and up, good work buddies!! RH are good but not yet lucky in the fantasy hands! But I am sure it will come!
@neophron : it looks nice for us reach places 1 and 2 in the Blog LB! Nice one buddy!
@fritzson : go on your way you did in the Blog LB, I are close to the moneyplaces!
Soon we are on top!!! Good luck....

Stelli2 posted on May 8th 2008 ...

Last Sunday i was in the Casino and play Poker with 50 € sb2 and bb 4 €. I hat KJ s in the first game, i sit on the cut. somebody limpt in and i raise 10 € up to 14 €. all the players fold, but not the player on my right side. On the flop J 4 8 and i play 20 € and then gay call, turn Q and the gay play 20€, i go all Inn, river 4. i Think iam first but this gay has 4 5s and i can not understand this play, but i lostb 50 € :-(

fritzson posted on May 8th 2008 ...

I know the feeling.. I feel the same in my other pokerroom. For me, I guess.. I am more aware about my playing and want to win more. When I lose those good hands it hurts. Well, to cure that feeling I started to play less there... I left as soon as I had won some.. even if it was only some cents. Just to get back to this nice feeling. Poker playing should be fun... It shoud be ok to lose some dollars. Sooner or later those will come back to you. If you know what I mean. :o) Chin up.. take a little break! Breathe deeply! ;o)

neophron posted on May 8th 2008 ...

I hate badbeats!!!! I didnt care about them in the past, they come and go just like they do for everyone, but now im cursed!! I cant win 50% of the time im over 80% favorit, its a joke :(

But nice job teammates, we are at 27th right now, keep grinding!!

Stelli2 posted on May 8th 2008 ...

It looks good, bud the cards are not for us in this time. It can makes better in the next days.

fritzson posted on May 7th 2008 ...

Hopefully I can play some tomorrow.. but I have some stuff to do... I hope we can stay at least at the first page on the leaderboard list. :o)

swissgambler posted on May 7th 2008 ...

Hey gamblers!!! we are 6 members, it's a 7 because there was one more in the team but he left it!
Alright buddies......NOW I start collecting RH as hell;) hopefully will make a nice flush or something for the LB;)
good luck to all of you....see you at the tables.....

fritzson posted on May 7th 2008 ...

I can only see 6 members.. I am also sure we will get a good hand soon. I will play a little this evening.

heinZH posted on May 7th 2008 ...

do we have 6 or 7 members?
I see only 6

heinZH posted on May 7th 2008 ...

soon we will get a good Hand, I am sure about this!
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