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The ultimate team for railbirds.com fans.

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Ts 9h 8h 7c 6h
Ten High Straight

7c 6d 5c 4d 3h
Seven High Straight

As Ad 9h 7s 3c
Pair of Aces

Ah As 8s 4d 3h
Pair of Aces

Qc Qd Kc 7c 3c
Pair of Queens

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Calmheho posted on Mar 21st 2009 ...

Just a quick announcement, I have a team with only 2 members, if you got NEW players looking for a team, tell them to have a look at "The real railbirds poker team" thanks & good luck. BTW, I was member here but left due to inactivity of the team. Very sad as I'm a fan of the railbirds community too.

Calmheho posted on Dec 7th 2008 ...

Hey all, I'm a member of Railbirds too & saw this team here so I'm glad I joined in ... btw I'm Calmplay at Railbirds.

dtraviss posted on Feb 6th 2008 ...

hey railbirds, glad to be aboard, still freerolling trying to get a bankroll going on betmost.
Displaying #1-3 of 3 total comments

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