Fantasy Poker

Who says poker isn't a team sport? Join a fantasy poker team of up to 10 players, or create a team of your own, and compete against other teams for cash prizes and network bragging rights!

Why Play Fantasy Poker?

$1,000 Fantasy Poker Challenge Every Month!

Every month we have two freerolls for a total of $1,000 for our top 10 teams. Find out how Fantasy Poker works below.

$50,000 Team Jackpot

Get a Royal Flush of spades and your team will split $50,000 cash! We have consolation prizes if you get close, too.

Team Benefits are EXTRA

Any bonus we give you or your team is 100% EXTRA, on top of all othe rewards you get for playing with PokerInside.

How Does Team Poker Work?

Team Structure

Each team can have up to 10 players. A player can only be on 1 team at any given time.

Helping Your Team

Every 50 Raked Hands you play will give your team 1 Fantasy Card (see below).

Small Players Win Big

It doesn't matter what stakes you play. Every raked hand counts the same!

Join the Revolution
Help our Team Poker grow by telling friends to join PokerInside. We'll pay you!

Fantasy Poker Challenge

Our first team-based challenge pits teams heads up for great top prizes and network bragging rights.

Every 50 raked hands a team plays will earn that team 1 Fantasy Card from a virtual 52-card deck. Every 5 Fantasy Cards forms a Fantasy Hand which is assigned a point value (see table on right).

Straight Flush 70,000 Points
Four of a Kind 4,000 Points
Full House 700 Points
Flush 600 Points
Straight 250 Points
Three of a Kind 45 Points
Two Pair 20 Points
Pair 15 Points
High Card 1 Points