May 12th 1976 
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Sep 17th 2007
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I have been playing poker for about 4 years now,but became serious about it last summer,I accepted a nodeposit bonus after 3 years of playing and learning in the playmoney stages of the game,and since recieving that bonus I have grown a bankroll of more than 15 thousand dollars,,and now have real money accounts everywhere.I really take advantage of mtts,freerolls,and rebuys..I am a moderator for a poker forum and give advice and feed back on mtt and cash game play

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Texas Hold'em 
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No Limit 
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8 Hours 
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I have had many great experiences but I would have to say my best one ever was just before christmas lastyear i played in 2 simoultaneous mtts and broke/demolished are forum record by placing 3rd in both of them..1 was a 10 dollar rebuy the other was a 20 dollar mtt winning more than 4 thousand dollars in them and also on a 3rd cash table i had open at that time i won more than 900 at a 50/1 dollar table,,,that day i started out with a 100 dollar bankroll and just been going ever since