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Environmental pollution and global warming in the relevant environment indicate an urgent need to switch from non-biodegradable to biodegradable products. Plastics, which are responsible for environmental pollution, are used as important for the packaging of various products. Therefore, it should be noted that today is an environmentally friendly packaging layout. It is a type of packaging that uses natural and biodegradable products capable of packing a variety of items. The following are generally eco-friendly packaging tips that need to be implemented for a green solution Options To Reduce Waste In Packaging Try using more paper bags in the kitchen than you do with regular cling film or plastic sleeves. Papers breathe in and out of fruits and vegetables instead of sweat. At the same time, thicken the paper. And absorbs moisture well. The cheapest, most versatile option for plastic in the kitchen is a worthwhile roll of unworthy newspaper print or brown paper. Grease can be a great alternative to paper film, sandwiches, and others that can be inserted into such papers. On the other hand, high quality containers such as tipper ware can be reused a thousand times without harming the environment as much as possible.

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