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THE EXPECTATIONS / EFFECTS FROM THE PUBLISHER'S PERSPECTIVE: The expectation of the call recorder free are high, because the changes make it possible to book infomation in the area of ??brands as well. The publisher hopes for additional traffic and higher earnings through the elimination of brand monitoring. Since publishers have so far mostly done generic SEM, it should be easy for many publishers to set up well-performing campaigns due to their know-how advantage. In the comfortable situation, the publisher is not only to direct his traffic to the brand, but also to the competition. But there are some other interesting approaches for the publisher: The publisher is interested in the highest possible CPC in the fire area. By setting up SEM campaigns, he can do arbitrage. In addition, he also ensures that performance is also taken into account in brand campaigns. Many merchants will simply not want to or can no longer afford to be at the top position for their brands at all costs. All in all, this will result in a shift towards performance-oriented advertising measures and SEO. CPC will increase and converting traffic will become more expensive. The publisher earns more. THE EXPECTATIONS / EFFECTS FROM THE NETWORK PERSPECTIVE: The expectation of the networks is to pull more traffic over the own platform, since publishers have the possibility to book Brandtraffic. This traffic has to be converted and billed somehow and this usually happens over the networks. This traffic source is now also available to the networks themselves. Since many networks are also active as publishers anyway, the networks will compete with the agencies. Tensions between publishers and networks as well as between agencies and networks are inevitable.

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