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A study done with monkeys showed that when one group of animals was fed a diet high in trans fats and another group was fed an equal amount of monounsaturated fat over a five year period, the animals that were fed the diet with the trans fats gained 5.4% more weight. Even worse was the fact that the fat they gained was on the abdomen. Abdominal fat is linked to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Trans fats may be partially to blame for the higher incidence of obesity and type 2 diabetes in younger people. "The replacement was worse than the original," says Meir J. Stampfer, M.C., Ph.D., professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. "Studies have shown that people who eat more trans fat have a higher risk for heart disease and diabetes." It is important to read the label on the food products you are buying and to check for partially hydrogenated oil, shortening, or vegetable shortening. They are all synonyms for trans fats. These fats can be found in energy bars, hot cocoa, snack puddings, baked goods, peanut butter, tortillas, pancake mix, muffins and microwave popcorn to name a few. Mandatory nutrition labeling and consumer pressure has caused many food manufacturers to reduce or eliminate trans fats. Many food products now carry the notation "no trans fats" on their packages. Almost all breads are now trans fat free. Denmark is the only country in the world to legislate trans fats, and limits them to 2% of the total fats in all foods. New York City recently banned trans fats from restaurants. In December 2006, the officials at the Board of Health voted unanimously to order restaurants to eliminate trans fats from cooking oils by July 2007 and from all of their foods by July 2008.