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Posted on Mar 31st 2008  -  Subject: SPONSORSHIP/BACKING
Help required i am a highly succesful player with some large tournament successes that i can prove through statements including a 55k (won) gntd 455 runner tournament on full tilt, i have managed now to pay off all my £20k debts and do no longer have a fund to play from. My question is does anyone have any recommendations of people who are willing to back a very talented player both online and in real life. I am based in London and am very versatile in terms of where i can play. As previously stated i have a 12 month p&l to support my case please respond in confidence to gjw1973@hotmail.co.uk
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Posted on Apr 4th 2008  -  Subject: teams
Start a new team! Í'll be the first to join you..
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Posted on Apr 5th 2008
people will be lining up to back u man, u sound awesome
Displaying #1-3 of 3 total posts