Member input on Fantasy 1 & 2

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Posted on Oct 4th 2009
I remember having a conversation with a member of the smoking donkeys. I forget their name(sitnstayawhile or something like that) but they were playing in both fantasies one month. They explained to me that they werent able to play in the previous months fantasy and had their token replace for the next month. I hope that PI can do this as I have had good success in these tournaments and would hate to loss these very valuable tokens. Thanks PI
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Posted on Oct 6th 2009

I am not sure it will be possible guy since other players that actually can be there will see it ''doesn't apply to them'' so why canceling it. Our hands are tied here a little bit. I recommend that you guys send us your suggestion for this morning tournament at support @ we then might be able to build a case for the situation.

Displaying #16-17 of 17 total posts First Previous  1 2