fantasy challange

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Posted on Oct 4th 2010  -  Subject: fantasy challange
Its just to funny to even talk about with all the hands that teams rake on here and that 4 off a kind is so hard to get ..aswell any royal flush should win...not just royal spades... they must really think were dumb to think that with all the raked hands these hands are not hit more often!!!!
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Posted on Oct 4th 2010
Hey, #1) its 5 card draw which obviously makes big hands harder to get. #2) $50,000 is a lot of money! Thus obviously its a Royal Flush in spades. If its was $500 or $1,000 we could make it any royal flush. But for such a huge amount of money obviously its not going to be something that happens on a regular basis.   Good luck at the tables!  
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Posted on Oct 5th 2010  -  Subject: ?
how many time it hapend that someone hit spade flush so far?
Displaying #1-3 of 3 total posts