come to team germany

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Posted on Oct 30th 2006  -  Subject: come to team germany
Hallo, whe are very happy when all the austrian and switzerland players will come to us. Make a great deal.
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Posted on Nov 12th 2006
done :)
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Posted on Jan 28th 2007
hey....i am a member now too... but hey i saw today that the team leaderboard is dominated by the canadian team, why is the space to the other teams so high?? there just no chance to win the team leaderboard for other teams or???!! sascha
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Posted on Feb 7th 2007  -  Subject: I'm interested
hi guys, Team Germany sounds good. Who is responsible?
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Posted on Feb 11th 2007
Comon Guys we need good german/austrian/switzerland pokerplayer we want to climb the Leaderboard
Displaying #1-5 of 5 total posts