change the monthly private team freerollsystem!!!

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Posted on Feb 23rd 2007  -  Subject: translation
van itt magyar? Hogy működik a csapatverseny? could you write it in english ?
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Posted on Mar 7th 2007
Canada has the patent on two things poker and Hockey. Good luck in trying to bring us down in either. And I think things are fine just the way they are. There is no reason why umpteen(a bunch for those that don't know the lingo) other country's couldn't beat us, we have an in-superior # population. Especially you americans. You have us 15-1 in population, and with all those Casinos you think you might have learned how to play poker by now. Come on quite trying to come up with excuses. Play some poker and let the cards fall as they may. "Excuses are like * everyone has one and they stink" well, you might be the best team in poker here in PI....but in hockey ??? guess you are the ruling world champions ???? no ?? but in the olympics you must have won ?? with all the proplayers there ??? no ??? not that one either ??? but surely a canadien team must be the ruling champions in NHL ?? what ?? no ???......and you are hard to bring down in hockey ??? well..... :-)
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Posted on Apr 4th 2007  -  Subject: change
Oh yes, PI please change it! Perhaps you can make a tourney for top ten teams against eachother (Teamfight)!? What do you think about that?
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Posted on Apr 4th 2007

Email your ideas to our feedback team ( feedback @ ) thank you :)

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Posted on Apr 18th 2007  -  Subject: hy
how can i join private freerolls?
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Posted on Apr 27th 2007
I don't think anyone on team canada would mind if anyone else won, then you guys could realize we don't get any freerolls for winning the team challenge ever and you guys might stop caring.
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