How should maintain wood floor?

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Posted on Aug 3rd 2017  -  Subject: How should maintain wood floor?
The different color that wood floor can plant by different tree, the picture with different make it, have in home at present powerful inside need the market. wood floor and photograph of real wood floor are compared, have environmental protection sex, sound insulation sex more, moistureproof effect also is met betterer, brinperson admirable crural sense. So how does wood floor maintain? Small make uaction to teach you to do calm. Picture of floor of sitting room wood 1, use 3, specific place is like to have afteyears wear away, OK and local use make up for, put on coating afresh in local office namely, its method is very simple, use sand paper burnish gently in gall, cleared the dirty content on its face, next dry soft cloth wipes reoccupy clean gently, recoat makes coating, or in local office Fu sticks polyester film. 2, to the wood floor that the surface brushs paint its maintain like be the same as real wood floor, it is OK that average half an year hits floor wax. The surface has what the wood floor of colophony wear-resisting layer is the same as compound floor to nurse euqally simple. 3, prevent to heat up harm. Avoid by all means spends isotherm of hot water cup taller article to be put on the floor directly, lest iron bad surface paint film. Should prevent the sun as far as possible at the same time long point-blank floor, lest paint film by ultraviolet ray after long-term and intense illuminate, premature and weather-shack with ageing. 4, floor installation just can put furniture to the floor after 24 hours, 24 personnel decreases to be in what its go up to ambulate as far as possible in the hour. Leave home when going out, ask you to close good window, door especially faucet, lest water of rainwater, drop immerses floor. 5, of wood floor maintain handier than other wood floor, in use process, had better avoid to take arenaceous bead indoor, have individual arenaceous bead is taken, also won't wear away floor. In after be being taken because of arenaceous bead, be being pressed into the foot to lay stretch layer namely, when the footstep leaves, can be played to go out again. Of course here wants to remind, unfavorable belt is entered too dirty too much arenaceous bead, still can produce flow to wear away so, accordingly, take indoor arenaceous bead to should keep clear of in time, do not need to deploy cleaner commonly, also need not fear be affected with damp be affected with damp is met warp, mildew changes wait fophenomenon. [url=]Antioxidative Garden Composite Fence Supplier In Qatar[/url] [url=]Affordable Lightweight Composite Material For Sale[/url] [url=]Watertight Wood Plastic Distributor In Helsinki[/url] [url=]Durable New WPC Floor Material Replace Wood Norway[/url]
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