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Posted on May 23rd 2008  -  Subject: User Guide :: Choosing a Table
Choosing a Table


To pick the table you would like to join, please click on the “Join” or “View” option listed next to every table in the Lobby. Once you have clicked on the desired option, a screen will pop-up automatically and you will see the Spades table.

* Please note: if you choose the "view" table option, you will not be able to play. The only
exception to this rule is when 4 players are seated but there was an error on one of the player's computers that removed him from the table before the game officially started. At this time the "Viewer" is invited to sit and join the game. Please keep in mind, the option in the Lobby will also change from "view" to "sit." If you do not see any of your friends online and you do not have a preference as to which table to join, please click on the “Sit Now!” button, located at the very top of the Lobby. Spades Table

Joining the Game:

To join a game and commence playing, please click on any one of the "Sit Down" buttons.  Once you and all of the other players have taken your positions, the game will automatically begin and each player will be able to make their bids in turn.
* Please note:
The game will not be able to begin until all four (or 3 for Cut Throat games) players sit down.  If there are only two players sitting at the table, the other players will have to wait until the remaining players have joined and sat down.

Joining the Game:
When you sit down, you will notice that a rectangular box appears where you can see your position, score, your bid,  how many bags you have and your geographical location will be indicated by the (N = North), (S = South), (E = East) and (W = West) next to your username.  Next to the starting player's bid and bag information, you will see the letter "D" in a gold colored circle to indicate that this player is the dealer.

At any time during the game you are able to check your stats by simply referring to this box.

Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts