How to Play Spades - Video!!!

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Posted on Oct 16th 2008
Thanks, nice video
Lets shuffle up and deal! Good luck ;)
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Posted on Nov 1st 2008
very nice vid thanks for all bye bye
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Posted on Jan 15th 2009  -  Subject: How to Play Spades - Video!!!
Thank you for Videos! I understand this game! Probably;)
no risk no fun
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Posted on Jan 18th 2009
I still don't really understand the tactic on whether to get the bags or not. Balancing the risk of going over against the extra points. Or trying to force another player to bag out. And now we are on the internet rather than across a table, shuld the game evolve to have blind bids. Why should the dealer have the advantage of knowing what the others have bid?  
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Posted on Mar 26th 2009
cool,thanks for explain that game:)
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Posted on May 19th 2009
Very nice video. ty
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Posted on Nov 2nd 2009
Hard game. I will never know how to play this Cosmic game :D
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Posted on Jan 3rd 2010
nice work!  
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Posted on Mar 21st 2011
The game looks interesting, should give it a try ! 
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Posted on May 10th 2011
are there any good books about spades?
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Posted on Mar 12th 2014
thank you, nice post
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