why play poker??

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Posted on Oct 26th 2006
i play poker
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Posted on Nov 4th 2006  -  Subject: Action packed
I like a lot of things about poker... it's action packed, math and analytical parts are fun, as well as the psychology of it. not only are you battling everyone at the table, you are also battling yourself to stay disciplined. Beats any casino game as skill is such a major part, also you can always improve more, so much to learn, and finally, if you are good, you can make some cash. L8r, GBU, WG
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Posted on Nov 5th 2006
Best form of controlled gambling out there. You determine the outcome, unlike slot machines or horse racing.
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Posted on May 17th 2007
Because poker playing is fun..
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Posted on May 17th 2007
I play poker because it is an interesting hobby. It is challenging, fun, exciting, tough and provides everything the same as any real competition. If you can control your emotions and have an interest or desire to learn it is a skill that absolutley anyone can gain. Most of all I love the fact that it is a past time that you can make some money at and play against people of all different backgrounds, skills, age and be the best. Can play pros and can win with almost any style. What other game, passion, sport can you say that about.
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Posted on May 17th 2007
something 2 do
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Posted on May 18th 2007
always liked games so i picked this one up as well.
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Posted on May 18th 2007
Poker is the ultimate game of skill, smarts, gamble, and guts. It is the only game where you can be on the highest of highs then be crushed, but still laugh about it a day later.
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Posted on May 19th 2007
I like cdubya"s reply,lol!!!
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