To calculat or not to calculate...that is the ques

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Posted on Jun 12th 2006  -  Subject: To calculat or not to calculate...that is the ques
Is it worth the effort and time spend using an odds calculator when playing texas holdem. Can it realy make a diff in your game? It feels to me as if it takes out the fun of the game? It may be worth teh money to some ppl. But wheres the fun then gone to?
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Posted on Jun 12th 2006
In Limit holdem it has quite a lot of importance, knowing the exact odds. As you have little control over what prices you are getting, it is important to know if you are making a profitable play or not. No Limit is so much more of an art form, the odds matter less. You still need to know the odds roughly (outs / 47) but no more than that, as implied odds count for so much. You may not be getting anywhere near the odds you need to make a call, but if you land your card, and "play your cards right" you could end up with every last chip that's in front of your opponent. So, in answer to your question: In my opinion I don't think odds calculators are necessary for No Limit holdem. But other may disagree.
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Posted on Jun 12th 2006
the best thing i can say in response to that is, wouldnt it be nice to know ur outs when u hold two marginal cards, possibly best hand? I believe its always best to know ur odds
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Posted on Jun 12th 2006
I think its good to have a general idea on what your odds are when it comes to the common draws that you will make like on flushes and straights. I also believe that odds are much more important in limit holdem then in no limit because of the amount of money you can make in no limit compared to limit when you do make your draws.
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Posted on Jun 12th 2006
For me, I have fun when I win and knowing the odds helps me to win. Therefore, allowing me to have more fun. So yeah, I think it is worth it.
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Posted on Jun 13th 2006
I dont acctually have the odds calculator infront of me while playing, i usaly just use it when im not playing to learn the percantages etc. about different situations. I only get frustrated using it when im playing, i play better when iuse the extra time to make a read on ppl etc. So ive just memorized the basic numbers, and play with theese :)
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Posted on Jun 14th 2006
I do mostly play limitand therefor do I calcualte odds in my head all the time. Example: Bord reads 25J rainbow, and I have AK. In most cases I would have the best hand if an A or K pops up on the turn or river. Lets say 90% of the time. There is 3 Aces and 3 Kings left in the deck, that means that I have 6 outs. 6 x 4.4 = 25 ish. and 6 x 2.2 =12 ish. That means that the the bet on the flop at least must be 25% of the pot on the flop (because that my pair wont be good all the time when I hit). And I round it off to 10% on the turn.
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Posted on May 15th 2007
I think to not to calculate becouse poker is only lucy and some bluff skills, only if oyu are playing 5 card draw you can trust your skills
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Posted on May 15th 2007
if you only plan to ever play online, an odds calculator might help you, but i think if you learned to do it yourself your game would benefit and you wouldn't need the crutch of the calcutor.
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Posted on May 17th 2007
Swiss had easy way to do it in your head does it help . Had 98 diamonds flop came 10 d kd and 7s . 9 Diamonds to the flush 8 to the opened ended str all in one caller with bottom pair so i pick up 6 more outs with my 89 . Total 23 outs times 4 plus 2 = 74 percent to win turn king 23times 2 minus 2= 44 percent before river. 4 on the river an out .So percentages are good but luck is better guy calls a 8000 bet with bottom pair and wins.Thats poker a gamble everytime no matter what the percentage.
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Posted on May 17th 2007
I think that to take your game to the next level it is critical to be calculating your odds of winning or your percentage for you hand to improve. If you are newer to the game of poker and are not sure about the odds then an odds calculater will help you make more informed decisions about how to play a hand. As you become more comfortable and get a better grasp of poker odds and of hand situations then it is more important to be able to try and get a read on your opponent and try and put them on a hand and do the calculations as best as possible. I think practice helps and the more you play and work at it just like you should be constantly working on your overall game you will improve and the need for the odds calculator will diminish. I have never used one but have played an aweful lot of poker and watched a lot of poker and the more you surround yourself with the game the easier it will be and the better your game will be. Read books, learn the odds, not just pot odds, but implied odds, +ev and so on and your game will take the next step. Hope the advice helps. Good luck at the tables.
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Posted on May 17th 2007  -  Subject: .
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Posted on May 17th 2007
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Posted on May 18th 2007
Calculating pot odds and implied odds are crucial in any poker game, but more so in limit games since the bluff is not used as frequently. In NL Hold'em, for example, reading your opponents habits, tells, and betting structures are often much more important than the odds.
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Posted on May 19th 2007
its important but you dont have to make all ur decisions based just on pot odds because in some cases implied odds are so high that you can call with few outs
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