the dreaded AA..

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Posted on Nov 13th 2006  -  Subject: the dreaded AA..
Okay i dont know how to play A,A anymore.. either i can raise big, go all in or just dont raise period.. and all of those get me beat badly or i win but with nothing in the pot.. what a rip..!
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Posted on Nov 13th 2006
just don't slow play 'em you want to raise enough so the flush/straigth chasers are out, but you'll still want the AK or JJ or the like in the game. maybe raise with something between 3 and 5 times BB and if they re-raise, move in! then just wait and see what the cards bring :)
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Posted on Nov 13th 2006
Always raise, its better to win a small pot than loosing a big one grtz Orion13
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Posted on Nov 14th 2006
I agree, you shouldn't slow play rockets cause they are only the nuts pre-flop
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Posted on Nov 15th 2006
I have no luck with AA. But i agree with a raising with this hand.
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Posted on May 17th 2007
I don't like aces...I loose a lot with them..
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Posted on May 17th 2007
It is never wrong to raise with AA. It is important that in order to maximize your winnings with AA you need to learn to minimize your loses. By this I mean tread lightly with AA post flop unless you have a strong feeling or a good read on your opponent and feel that you are definitley in front. You have to remember that although AA is very powerful preflop it loses some of its strength post flop. Unless you flop a set or you are up against another big pair your one pair can be vulnerable to many hands. Post flop play and the ability to fold AA is a learned skill and one that takes time, feel, practice and a little luck. Just remember that you always increase your chances of winning when you are putting pressure on your opponents, just make sure that you find the best spots to do it. Cheers and good luck to everyone on their AA hands in the future.
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Posted on May 17th 2007
welcome 2 poker
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Posted on May 18th 2007
always raise and if you get a bad beat you get one no risk no reward.
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Posted on May 18th 2007
I agree with buddy...but not very often it pulls through for me...rather have K Q !
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Posted on May 20th 2007
observation will help also, if you are on a $0.05/0.10 table and everyone is calling 4x5 times big blind you will have to raise even more to isolate a couple opponents. if you join a loose table where the average pot is $5, a little $0.50 raise is gonna get called all around the table. position also helps if someones already raised it and chased alot out for you all the better raise him again. i don't get AA alot, i see it alot but i hardly ever seem to be dealt it. JJ i see often but thats a different sort of monster.
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