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Posted on Oct 9th 2006  -  Subject: Q's and above
when i get em i go all in right away and the odds are much better than 50%. so im going to keep it up.
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Posted on Oct 9th 2006
you do what you want, but all in isnt always the way to go.i would make a small raise(3 x BB) and just work up from there. i know i have put QQ out quite a bit
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Posted on Oct 9th 2006

Its all depend on... position,opponents,stacks etc etc... so many variable.. sometime you have to play them by feeling! Goodluck.

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Posted on Oct 9th 2006
yes if you have good sense of your opponents and the game overall you can make more money if you play every round til the river.. but to raise something callable with lower cards too preflop and then perhaps go all in i think is a better option than preflop..
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Posted on Nov 8th 2006
LOL, fish hooks can be a lot of trouble sometimes. Depending on teh player and the raises I don't mind throwing them down and waiting for a better hand. However, most players seem to like to bet hard when and overcard comes which usually end up in them losing their chips and money. Thus, you've got to be careful when over cards hit and think about the way your opponent has been playing previous. Poker sometimes isn't about playing the cards it about playing the person.
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Posted on Nov 8th 2006
I try to disguise the strength of my hand preflop and always raise the same amount preflop no matter what two cards I am holding. This way I hope to get paid off and any variety of hands. I have found that over betting just leads to crazy calls and weak A and then the A hits and you have already committed all of your chips to the hand and cant get away from it. It is important to be able to play hands after the flop and not just push them all in all of the time.
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Posted on Nov 8th 2006
I wouldn't really go all in, especially in a cash game with those hands, unless I knew I'd get called, when you know you're ahead (Q's and above are usually ahead pre-flop), and you can get all your money in and get called, why not? Otherwise I'd play them a bit slower (probably 4-5x BB) in order to get one or two callers.
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Posted on Nov 8th 2006
PI Simon.. I was going to answer .. but i said all... ty! thx --------.
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Posted on Nov 9th 2006
Going all in is just fear of losing with a hand that you can't let go of. Why would you risk your entire stack when you have a solid hand, just because you're afraid to see a flop. The odds aren't great that you'll have a bigger pocket against you, but placing a standard raise and looking to see how your opponents call or raise is a great way to get information on your hand. You will not always be the favourite when you get pockets, so why not see a flop before you make your gigantic over bet. I'm going to assume you play lower limits, and players there like to call big bets with any A. If you raise a pot and get a couple callers and see and A on the flop and you haven't made trips, then take a shot with a bet and if you get called, slow down. Going all in doesn't teach you anything about learning how to sniff out a bigger pair or a set. Poker is all about learning and getting better, don't take the suckers way out and just start pushing with big pockets. You are probably costing yourself money that you could have won with a standard raise (4xBB) or you'll lose more becuase people will start calling you down with Ax and sucking out. Make a raise, see a flop,, re-evaluate your hand.
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Posted on Nov 18th 2006
i agree with dingus. especially because the good players that will have called your Allin may well have KK or AA! you've probably chased away a lot of hands you could win big money from so its a bad thing to go alling with QQ. if in a tourney you're low on chips its a different story alltogether though.
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Posted on Nov 19th 2006
I like your style...I go em all in aswell aslong as I'm in the right position. If there were more than half the table still to bet, I'd probably jus make the big blind about 4 or 5 times what it would be. You don't wanna be playing 6 or 7 people with queens...one will do. I think you should aim to make more of your money off other hands though
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Posted on May 17th 2007
I wouldn't go all in with them..would only do a big raise and see what happens on the flop..
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Posted on May 18th 2007
Playing high pairs pre-flop depend alot upon the action in front of you. You do not want several limpers in front of you when you are holding cowboys, so you would raise enough to isolate 1-2 players. After the flop, play the pair like it is, just a pair! If there is a flop containing high connected suited cards that don't improve your hand, do not be afraid to lay those cowboys down.
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Posted on May 19th 2007
Like Simon says,it depends on alot of variables!
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Posted on May 19th 2007
i don't get dealt these hands very often and would rather play AK or KQ, you know if it's good right away. if there players on the table are any good at all, all in with QQ or KK is probably gonna get you the blinds, or reraised by AA. raise preflop because of the strength of the hand, but slow down if you don't flop trips same as any other pair, especially to overcards like an A, because Ax is a favorite hand online.
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