PokerInside Weekly Freeroll

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Posted on Jul 29th 2006  -  Subject: PokerInside Weekly Freeroll
Once a week there is a PokerInside Freeroll at CDPoker! How well have you been doing there if you playd it?
- See you at the tables, ill probably be the one with all your chips! ;)
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Posted on Jul 29th 2006
I have cashed a few times...never made any good money. The structure isnt very friendly to tighter players.
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Posted on Jul 29th 2006
No freeroll is really that friendly to tighter players or smart players. I played $1 tournaments at CD poker where it favored the tighter and more patient player, and I finished in the money 9 out of 10 times, and finished first or second at least 2 out of 10 times. Maybe just a huge stroke of luck, but I like to think its patience. So since $1 isn't a lot of money, if the freerolls frustrate u then just play the cheap tournaments and you'll see a major difference.
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Posted on Jul 29th 2006  -  Subject: where do you get the pw
im interested in learning how too retrieve the pw
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Posted on May 25th 2007
I got sometimes in cash..but not a lot of it..only 2 Dollar .
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Posted on May 25th 2007
haven't played in one yet and there is a scheduled power outage this weekend so i will likely miss that one also, i have played in the PI$350 though found that players that i was against to be above your average freeroller. i chipped up pretty well, got close to the money, but went for it with AK and got taken out, but if you never gamble you will never win a freeroll. once your that far the blinds will eat you up if you don't keep taking in some chips.
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Posted on May 29th 2007
I haven't played it in awhile. Are their still dozens of sitouts...hate that
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Posted on Aug 4th 2007
you know what's worse?.. The guys who sit there for 3 hrs for $40 and then think they're good!! cheers..jeff
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Posted on Aug 6th 2007
no...I think sitting there every night at 3am(local time) and never finishing in the money is worse...been there done that...
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