Poker its better to be lucky or to have skill??

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Posted on Jun 10th 2007
If you're WSOP Main Event champion Jamie Gold, Joesph Hachem, Robert Varkonyi, etc., you have to beal real lucky. To be Daniel Negranu, Doyle + Todd Brunson, Johnny Chan, or any other big name pro, you have to be really skilled. I didn't think Joe Hachem was as much of a "lucky player" as Gold and Varkonyi were. I don't think he was as good as Raymer but better than those other two. I'd like to be a player who tries to rely more on skill but have some luck to go with it at times.
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Posted on Jun 11th 2007
It's definitly both! But I think the higher the limits the higher the part of your skills! You will win a lot lucky hands, but for winning money constantly at playing poker you have to build strategies and skills! Sometimes you have to gambel, but most time you have to be patient and stay tight, till the moment and the circumstances are right to make a move!
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Posted on Jun 11th 2007
Jeff covered all the bases,there is more to play than your hand!
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Posted on Jun 22nd 2007
You certainly must know how to play poker well.....but I think luck is a lot more important....let the other guy take the bad beat!
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Posted on Jun 23rd 2007  -  Subject: I think
theat you need both if you play good but the others have enor luck then.....
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Posted on Jun 23rd 2007
skills ,luck or just self confident and nerves made from steel
wassup :)
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