playin a/q or a/k

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Posted on Jul 26th 2006  -  Subject: playin a/q or a/k
Ok these hands tend to get me in trouble..sometimes i tend to limp em early with the motive to reraise ( i play at an aggressive table) but more often then not i find myself up against a bigger hand or just simple getting out spun with these hands. I am lost on how to play em. I seem to well with em in tournys but em getting killed in cash games with em! Any tips??
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Posted on Jul 26th 2006  -  Subject: aq - ak
You still have to consider position, and the other chip stacks. Especially in tournament play a raise of 4-5x the BB sometimes isnt enough to get the donkey to lay down 5-8 off suit. lol
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Posted on Jul 26th 2006
always raise see where ur at pre flop,,if u get reraised its a big decision but usually will be ok to call,,se the flop,,if u dont flop it drop it,,best motto there is
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Posted on May 25th 2007
It must be easy to you to lay down for example ak if you feel that some one has a better hand
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Posted on May 25th 2007
AK or AQ is going to get you smaller pots, you will end up with TPTK or 2 pair, if your hand is small or weak then you want to try and take out smallish, or weak pots with it. no fancy all-in stuff, be patient and save trying to double up with monster hands fullhouse and up, those hands will stand up against a race or draw. there are so many hand variations that can bet TPTK or 2 pair that it is not worth risking your bankroll on it.. i lost most of my cdpoker bankroll doing this very thing, when i should have just bet a couple blinds and see more cards, then i could have seen the str8 or fllush coming and folded saving me tons of money. small hand = small pot, monster hand = monster pot.
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Posted on May 26th 2007
I agree it is tough to win large pots with AK or AQ unless you are at an inexperienced table with players who will overplay AJ, AT, KQ.
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