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Posted on Sep 18th 2006  -  Subject: Player Chat
I played a table the other night and this person kept calling us names and said we didn't know how to play. I mean he complained about everything people did. He tried to dominate the table with large bets and raises. Finally, someone made a move and called his bluff. He was caught playing the way he was complaining about. Everytime someone called him he was caught with nothing. Just goes to show you that, because someone talks about how you should play doesn't mean they know how.
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Posted on Sep 18th 2006
It might have been a tactic he was using to push peoples buttons.........some people do that just to annoy and frustrate others into bad decisions........If he got caught often and was dismissed with rags then he still has some learning to do before he can use that strategy effectively...... Even if it wasn't a tactic, and this guy was just a jaggoff, there is something everyone should always remember....... There is a lot more to winning poker than cards........our ability to employ this type of tactic (Matesow) or stay calm and play through (Ivey) are just another part of the game....
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Posted on Sep 19th 2006
I guess this guy wasn't as good as he thought he was. cheers..jeff
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Posted on Sep 19th 2006
We seldom are.
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Posted on Jun 3rd 2007
Seems that this player did a big show ;o)
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Posted on Jun 3rd 2007
It's a tactic that some people use, mainly to try to put you off your game. Just don't read it if it offends you.
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Posted on Jun 5th 2007
at cd poker right click anyone that annoys you, i hate when players go on in a different language, so i just mute em and play
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Posted on Jun 7th 2007
i hate this people
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Posted on Jun 9th 2007
These players are a real pain,but I just love taking them out and shuting there pie hole!
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Posted on Jun 16th 2007
During a tournament the 2 players were chatting in their own language - they were talking about cards they have etc. They didn't know I knew what they were talking about. I eliminated the both players from the tournament very easely.
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Posted on Jun 18th 2007
These people are also trying to get you going so that you will loose your concentration and call a hand when they really do have one....beware
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Posted on Jun 19th 2007
i certainly agree with you
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Posted on Jun 24th 2007
rude players...? right click and mute ..........poof......they're
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