Omaha Hi and Hi Lo

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Posted on Oct 21st 2007  -  Subject: Omaha Hi and Hi Lo
I am by no means a top notch omaha player, but I do alright for myself, playing lower limits with a smaller bankroll (I am predominately a NL player). I find the game to be very profitable and the key to this is enabling yourself to get away from 3rd or 4th best hand on a scare board. I have found success in both omaha Hi and omaha Hi Lo and am interested to hear stories about omaha, or from any person interested in learning the game, or continuing to get better. So please, if you have anything regarding omaha that you would like to post, please feel free to do so. If you are looking for omaha information, there are some interesting starting hand systems (for Hi and Hi Lo) on this site.
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Posted on Oct 23rd 2007
One time I was hammered and sat down at a $5 Omaha high PL table. I left with something like $62...up over 11 buy max buy-ins. Totally crazy, but you're right about letting go of 4th and 3rd best hands.
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Posted on Oct 24th 2007
Four years ago won tournys 1000 players on party poker buy in $ 10 2nd place and than my account frozzen,lol
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Posted on Oct 24th 2007
Have not played much but have found that it has helped my holem game as it has made me more aware of hidden hands like trips.
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