Ok Ok...I know this is a little ..

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Posted on Aug 12th 2006  -  Subject: Ok Ok...I know this is a little ..
When you are holding pocket pair you are trying to make your 'SET' not trips ok??? Trips is when you have something like Q,9 preflop...then the flop is Q, Q, 6 then you made trips. LOL...how pedantic am I???? HAHAHHAHAHA
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Posted on Aug 13th 2006
Yeh, you made a set when you get that 3rd Q on the flop... But you have trips.
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Posted on May 30th 2007
I like sets ;o)
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Posted on May 31st 2007
Don't feel so bad because I tend to think of the terms "set" and "trips" the same way as you.
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Posted on Jun 5th 2007
There you go! I always assumed Sets where quads but your basically saying they are 3 of a kind of a different kind. I really dislike poker jargon its worse than another laugage. Still... thanks for the heads up.
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Posted on Jun 5th 2007
Thats just too funny!
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Posted on Jun 6th 2007
call it what u want.. i'll raise you =P
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Posted on Jun 15th 2007
This is true enough in regards to the current lingo. I prefer "3 of a kind" as it is inclusive to both situations. Then again, I prefer "tight"---- over "fullhouse" or "boat" and that is just because I like the connotation of the word in relation to the hand! Poker lingo is neat. It is good to learn all variations of the names of hands so you know wtf people are talking about at the table, when they bother to speak:) Play well.
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Posted on Jun 19th 2007
give me those 3 of a kind and I will raise the hell out of it before someone drawa a flush !!!
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Posted on Jun 25th 2007
high card.... pair.... trips...... straight.... fu fu... tight.... quads... straight fu fu ....
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Posted on Jul 2nd 2007
i know, its strange, but it anoys me as well when the terms get mixed up...
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Posted on Jul 27th 2007
I prefer sets to trips because they are harder to spot when playing ... anyone can see the obvious trips, but I have been caught out a lot when someone turns over a set and beats my kk or aa
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Posted on Aug 4th 2007
I tought sets and trips were the same thing...lol :)
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Posted on Sep 5th 2007
Call it what you will. I prefer the tem set as well for pp that hits the board. But doesnt really bother me one way or another.
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