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Posted on May 19th 2007  -  Subject: odds
after all the cards have come off and you are staring at your cards there on the screen. i was thinking there are only 2 reasons left to bet. value bet because you have the best hand and want to be paid for it, or bet to try and take the pot from someone that might have a better hand and make him fold it. does this mean that you have 2:1 odds on the river to play marginal hands, middle pair, two pair low cards like 6622?. i never really thought about it and haven't read much about playing on the river. i basically play 4:1 hand odds if i get better than that with pot odds, i'll go for it with a descent hand even if i think that i might think be behind. eq $0.10 bet into a $3.00 pot, why not call 30:1 on your money, if you have anything at all for a hand.
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Displaying #1-1 of 1 total posts