Harrington on Hold 'Em?

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Posted on Jul 29th 2006  -  Subject: Harrington on Hold 'Em?
I was thinkin of getting this one off of Full Tilt. I just wanted some feedback before I do though. I hear everyone say it's a great book. I just don't wanna get bored with it if it's the same thing as every other book I've picked up. Worth it or what?
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Posted on Jul 29th 2006
I definitely enjoy reading the HOH novels. I own all 3, and would recommend them to all. Dan talks about a lot of different hands and suggests how to play them in a variety of situations. It's definitely worth your money and time.
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Posted on Aug 2nd 2006
Can't recommend volume 1 strongly enough, very, very worth a read (and a re-read).
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Posted on May 28th 2007
it's the only poker book which I red...it was very good..
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Posted on May 29th 2007
Harrington's books are among the best and having read all 3, I would definately recommend it.
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