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Posted on Oct 5th 2006  -  Subject: Generel freeroll talk
Why does so many talk bad about the freerollplayers? Most of the people say that its boring and that the play is bad, that people play like idiots and so on. But why do they play then.? The thing whith freerolls is that its a game for thouse who maby is learning how to play or dont have the mony to play end those who doesent have anything else to do. And then we have a small part who plays freerolls just for the love of the game and the fun of it. Come on, stop complaning or stop playing.
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Posted on Oct 6th 2006  -  Subject: Freeroll freeloaders
Yep i do agree on your point that you do get a lot of complainers on the freerolls. I think what a lot people are complaining about is the stupid all ins. What i have found interesting is the poker software most of time favouring the table chip leaders when it is a freeroll rebuy. It makes you wonder wether the software actually is random. People do get peeved of with it and it is very noticeable. This also happens on normal freerolls aswell !!
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Posted on Oct 6th 2006
What i have found with online poker freerolls (on many sites not just one.. and ive played alot of freerolls) Is that for some reason wins seem to come in big streaks... and then your forced to make a big laydown or lose half of it after becoming chip lead... I dont know if im just picking out specific times its happened in my brain but i have on many occasions layed down 3rd nuts only to have the other guy show nuts after winning a few big hands in a row. This is especially true if you play on TIGER gaming... after winning a big hang you will usually get rewarded with a big hand... Maybe its just my luck on freerolls but it seems to keep happening and happening over and over again, so i dont know how random it really is...
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Posted on Oct 6th 2006
What you have to do is sit out and fold every hand for the first half hour. By then the all in idiots are mostly gone
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Posted on Oct 7th 2006  -  Subject: freeroll
As with a lot of free games, some people dont care. It seems to make them want to get throw all in and either get ahead or just get out. When you ask why, their answer is> it is free. Too bad, there cant be freerolls for players who want to play with skill as well as dumb luck.
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Posted on Oct 7th 2006
If you are suggesting the the poker software is rigged richcat37 you are wrong. They use a secure number genrator. The only reason people always say that's it is rigged in frerolls and low stakes is that there are a lot of bad players that are going to make awful calls. It is much more notciable when someone cracks AA then when they hold strong. You always notice the bad beats more than the good ones
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Posted on Oct 27th 2006
yea i dont think any pokerroom would be better off cheating. its just when u get alot of bad players together crazy stuff tends to happen : ) i almost always make it to the top 100-200 everytime i play a freeroll. i play what i call super tight aggsive for the first half playing only aa or kk in early spots and only playin top hands late spots. this helps keep me from taking too many bad beats early on. by the way i,ve played 100rds of freeroll and only one time can i remmeber being the chip leader early. now im not going to say i always cash but i think im about 40% cash rate in freerolls but when i do cash i cash high up play the player not the cards
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Posted on Oct 29th 2006
I totally agree with you bighani! thx -------
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Posted on Oct 29th 2006  -  Subject: freeroll play
I made reference to agressive play in another post and questioned the NSRNG (not so random number generator) - that rewarded people going all-in or betting heavy with trash and hitting. Frustrating to watch, but I'm glad I'm not the only one mentioning this.
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Posted on May 18th 2007
I like freeroll..sou get there a chance to build some bankroll...develope your play and the possibility to have some fun..
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Posted on May 18th 2007
I play lots of freerolls, 1) to learn, and 2) for the free money. I have made the cash in lots of freerolls on many sites, and then taken this small amount and parlayed it into 300 and 600 on several sites. So in the year or so I've been playing I've made a good amount on risking nothing. While they might not be the best games around in terms of play, how can you not like a chance at free money.
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Posted on May 18th 2007
I find the best way to play a freeroll is to play loose at the beggining, tighten up in the middle, and then play super aggresive near the bubble because alot of players will fold their way to the money.
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Posted on May 19th 2007
freerolls are good for poker, they take a lot of new players in
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Posted on May 19th 2007
Freerolls are tough because people have no money invested so they will play lose and take lots of chances,not caring if they get put out,it"s all luck up until the first hour or so,then either the lucky ones are left or the ones patient enough to sit through the the B.S!!
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Posted on May 20th 2007
freerolls are good practice i think because if you win a few dollars, the micro-limits are not going to be much different playwise. you will still be called almost no matter the raise you put in. even at $0.20/0.50 i have seen alot of questionable play, and thats a $50 maximum buy-in. unbelievably bad play isn't going away because it's a cash buy in, so learn your patience, discipline, pot odds etc. before you hit the cash tables. played in 2 freerolls yesterday knocked out in 266/1000 and 244/1000 both i had 7k in chips and had nut flush, got outdrawn by full house that hit on the river. hard not ot call all in with nut flush with no pair on board. shit happens
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