FIFA 16 Coins PS4? FIFA 16 Incredible Player Upgrades

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Posted on Sep 9th 2015  -  Subject: FIFA 16 Coins PS4? FIFA 16 Incredible Player Upgrades
[color=#FF4000]Recently, EA has revealed their [url=]fifa 16 accounts[/url] top 50 rated players and now the club ratings are there. You can see that some of the players are upgraded and some downgrade. One thing that confused us is someone's incredible upgrades. Today, we are going to release our confusion.[/color] Naldo is probably the least-familiar name to be included here, and that is part of the reason why it's surprising to see him flying so high in the ratings. The towering 6'5" centre back put in a dominant season for Wolfsburg as they finished second in the Bundesliga last season. EA have generously gifted him a 4+ bonus on FIFA 16. It is a very surprising jump. Does Santi Cazorla deserve to be in the top 10 outfield Premier League players at the moment? Given the huge summer of investment and the stellar talent already in the English top flight, we'd say that while Cazorla is a very good player, we don't think he's elite level. Kevin De Bruyne's transfer came with one of the most outrageous transfer fees in football history. He cost ?12 million more than Zinedine Zidane at his peak. The Belgian midfielder sparkled for Wolfsburg with an immense goals and assists tally, but this transfer has came just one year after Chelsea deemed him not good enough for their side and shipped him out for ?18 million. No player should see their value skyrocket that highly. Jerome Boateng is a very good defender, and he's been excellent for Bayern Munich, but is he really worthy of a rating higher than every other centre back on the game? For starters, Boateng was utterly annihilated by Lionel Messi during the Bundesliga giants' Champion's League match. Of course it was only one game, but he was made to look like a fool, not a man worthy of such an immerse rating. Georgio Chiellini is a monstrous talent and his excellence shone through on the road to the Champions League Final last season with Juventus. He's an Italian stalwart who goes somewhat under-praised, mainly because he's been so good for so long. It is a surprise to see him jump up 2 points at the age of 31, though defenders do tend to peak later than tehir whippet attacking teammates. Well, these are just what we are talking about and our opinions. Who else do you think doesn't deserve the upgrade or shouldn't be downgraded? [color=#008000]Contact us Skype: zyy4rsgold Website: >>>>Click Here to buy [url=]fifa coins[/url] coininfifa (XBOX/PC/PS3/PS4/IOS/ANDROID)
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