curse of the KK

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Posted on Aug 11th 2007  -  Subject: curse of the KK
I seee kk lose quite often but i seem to get the worse of these two cards. RARLEY do I win with them maybe 2 out of 10 times but for sure i'll lose too them. I'm at the point just to toss em as i see them.............. Better to play Junk K2 suited than Kk thi rant Inspired by calling someones all in QJ o in the satalite million dollar toury 4 players left even chip count all in or fold situation-----flop 910k --2 --6 i had KK...............not just this hand KK Suck. my line my be I'll never surrender but iDont"t know anymore when KK is involved no matter how safe the flop looks
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Posted on Aug 17th 2007
Play it aggressive and hope for some luck,nothing wins all the time!
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Posted on Aug 18th 2007  -  Subject: Protect Them.
U cant win with them all the time but u can always try to protect them. I lose with them alot as well and it sucks when someone makes a donkey call with something rediculous and outflops you but thats Poker. Like the previous guy stated "nothing wins all the time"
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Posted on Aug 21st 2007
I try to play them as aggressively as I can before the flop. After the flop, I do the same unless an ace comes out. In that case, I may end up having to fold.
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Posted on Aug 22nd 2007
My tip, don´t slowplay it. Begin with a big raise pre-flop! 3x blind and more if people has called already.
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Posted on Aug 28th 2007
I know what u mean, but its like that for me with QQ, i win 1 out 9
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Posted on Sep 2nd 2007  -  Subject: KK huh
Come on. 2 out of 10. How big is your sample size. Try keeping track of every KK hand you play and you will find you do much better then that. Just seems like they are always getting beat because they are so difficult to fold for many players even on dangerous boards that when you do lose with KK it is usually a big pot. Play the aggressivley preflop and on the flop and if you are contested heavily after that then consider laying them down. It is only one pair after all.
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Displaying #1-7 of 7 total posts