industrial rust inhibitor price

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Posted on Jan 2nd 2018  -  Subject: industrial rust inhibitor price
Xi’an Yi Teng Petrochemical Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fuel additives, refinery additives and wastewater treatment agents. Our company locates in Xi'an, a beautiful city, an ancient city, a cultural center of Northwest of China. We have 30 specialists and more than 50 technicians, and we invested 60 million yuan and established factory covering about 6700 sq.m with 1000 sq.m workshop. Our factory is equipped with 10 sets of major chemical equipments such as gas chromatography analysis machine, spectral analysis machine. A comprehensive quality management system is established to ensure standard production process, flow and strict quality inspection. Our company produces fuel additives, such as High Efficiency Gasoline Antioxidant Agent, MMT, Non-metal Fuel Octane Improver, Ferrocene, Tetraethyl Lead (T.E.L), Diesel Stabilizer, Diesel Cetane Improver, Diesel Cold Flow Improver and Diesel Lubricity Improver. Refinery Process Agent such as Corrosion Inhibitor for Atmospheric Pressure Unit, Corrosion Inhibitor for Hydrogenation Unit, Petroleum Demulsifier, FCC Metal Passivator, FCC Slurry Oil Scale Inhibitor, Removing Thiol Activating Agent and Defoamer. Refinery Water Treatment Agent, such as Treatment Agent for Wastewater, Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor for Cooling Water Conditioning, Sterilization Agent, High Efficiency Sludge Stripping Agent. Among above additives, MMT can boost gasoline RON efficiently at low cost and reduce vehicle emission. Tested and certified by China National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, MMT is used by oil refineries domestic and abroad. We has achieved ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, the certification was awarded by China Quality Certification Centre. Beside this, we have acquired EPA certificate for our own brand "Fuel Antiknock Additive YT-04" and "Diesel Cold Flow Improver YTD-12". We had exported to Europe, Asia and Africa for several years, at present, our international market continues to expand. Therefore we can offer our customer high quality additives, competitive price and best service. Our philosophy is that with solid basis of technological innovation, final goal of environment friendly products, we step up into a scientifically managed, standard operated modern enterprise. We esteem quality, trust and service as our stepping stone, develop business with customers and create a bright future. We trust our company would have long-term development.industrial rust inhibitor price website: website2:
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Posted on Jan 17th 2018
well it is really great)
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