Under the Tree

Win 15k Worth of Prizes Under Our Betsafe Poker Christmas Tree

The Christmas season just got a lot less 'Merry' with Santa reported to have 'gone bad'.
Not to worry though, while Santa is bar hopping, Betsafe Poker has come up with a plan to save your Christmas!

Want to win something from under our Tree? Click opt-in and say: "yes, me!" Play some cards, make some noise; win the coolest Betsafe toys. Xmas excitement is what you'll find, with casino spinners kept in mind. Come on down, play your part, 1st December is when it starts.

1). Earn Loyalty Points or Play Casino in Poker between 1st and 17th December to enter your chosen Qualifier tournament.
2). Play your Qualifier tournament on the 18th December where the top 40 players in each qualifier will win a seat to the final.
3). Play the final on the 21st December and be guaranteed a share in 15,000 worth of premium prizes

The Betsafe Christmas Tree is played on the 21st of December at 20:15 CET and you can qualify for as little as 100 Loyalty Points.


Spin Qualifier
( 40 players )

- Play 150* in any Casino in Poker Side Game
- 3500 chips in Final
- 18th December 20.00 CET


Gold Qualifier
( 40 players )

- Earn 100 LP
- 1500 Chips in Final
- 18th December 20.00 CET


Platinum Qualifier
( 40 players )

- Earn 500 LP
- 3,000 Chips in Final
- 18th December 20.00 CET


Diamond Qualifier
( 40 players )

- Earn 1000 LP
- 5,000 Chips in Final
- 18th December 20.00 CET

*GBP=120, NOK=1300, PLN=700, SEK=1300, USD=200
*You can only Opt-in for one Qualifier Tournament. It is the player's responsibility to complete the requirements for the tournament in time before the start of the Qualifier tournament played on the 18th December.


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