Poker Maximus VI

The biggest and best poker tournament series is back! This time featuring over $3,000,000 in guaranteed prize pool over 85 events spanning 15 days!

CarbonPoker is excited to announce we are running our sixth tournament series with the launch of Poker Maximus VI. Poker Maximus VI will officially start on Sunday September 8th, 2013 and runs through to Sunday September 22nd, 2013.

Players have been asking for Poker Maximus to run longer and we have delivered. We have bumped the tournament runtime from 11 days to a whopping 15 days!

Players who have existing tournament entry coupons will be able to use them throughout the Poker Maximus VI series and buy-in with cash or VIP points.

Poker Maximus VI Tournaments Schedule

Poker Maximus VI features 85 events over 15 days and over $3,000,000 in guaranteed prize pool! Events run daily, starting on Sunday the 8th of September and concluding on Sunday the 22nd of September with $735,000 Guaranteed in our Main events.

The winner of each Poker Maximus event will receive a Poker Maximus VI Tournament Winner accolade.

Throughout the Poker Maximus VI series, there will be a minimum of 4 events on each day.

Start Date Start Time Tournament Name Game Type Buy-in Entry Fee
Sun, Sept. 8th, 201314:00PM #1 $5K Gtd - [+R]NLHE$1.00$0.10
Sun, Sept. 8th, 201315:00PM #2 $175K Gtd - [Deep]NLHE$200.00$15.00
Sun, Sept. 8th, 201315:30PM #3 $30K GtdNLHE$10.00$1.00
Sun, Sept. 8th, 201316:00PM #4 $45K GtdNLHE$55.00$5.00
Sun, Sept. 8th, 201316:30PM #5 $100K Gtd - [Deep]NLHE$500.00$30.00
Sun, Sept. 8th, 201317:00PM #6 $45K GtdNLHE$30.00$3.00
Sun, Sept. 8th, 201317:30PM #7 $10K GtdFL HORSE$30.00$3.00
Sun, Sept. 8th, 201318:00PM #8 $70K GtdNLHE$100.00$9.00
Sun, Sept. 8th, 201318:30PM #9 $7.5K Gtd - [6-Max]NLHE$2.00$0.20
Sun, Sept. 8th, 201319:00PM #10 $50K GtdNLHE$200.00$15.00
Sun, Sept. 8th, 201319:30PM #11 $10K Gtd - [Turbo]NLHE$5.00$0.50
Mon, Sept. 9th, 201318:00PM #12 $10K Gtd - [6-Max, +R, Turbo]NLHE$5.00$0.50
Mon, Sept. 9th, 201318:30PM #13 $10K Gtd - [HU, No Late Reg]NLHE$30.00$3.00
Mon, Sept. 9th, 201319:00PM #14 $40K GtdNLHE$200.00$15.00
Mon, Sept. 9th, 201319:30PM #15 $20K GtdNLHE$10.00$1.00
Tue, Sept. 10th, 201318:00PM #16 $20K GtdPLO8$30.00$3.00
Tue, Sept. 10th, 201318:30PM #17 $30K Gtd - [6-Max]NLHE$20.00$2.00
Tue, Sept. 10th, 201319:00PM #18 $40K GtdNLHE$200.00$15.00
Tue, Sept. 10th, 201319:30PM #19 $20K Gtd - [8-Max]NLHE$10.00$1.00
Wed, Sept. 11th, 201318:00PM #20 $7.5K Gtd - [+R]PLO$2.00$0.20
Wed, Sept. 11th, 201318:30PM #21 $20K Gtd - [6-Max]NLHE$100.00$9.00
Wed, Sept. 11th, 201319:00PM #22 $40K GtdNLHE$200.00$15.00
Wed, Sept. 11th, 201319:30PM #23 $20K Gtd - [Hyper Turbo]NLHE$10.00$1.00
Thu, Sept. 12th, 201318:00PM #24 $7.5K GtdFL HORSE$10.00$1.00
Thu, Sept. 12th, 201318:30PM #25 $2.5K GtdNLHE$1.00$0.10
Thu, Sept. 12th, 201319:00PM #26 $40K GtdNLHE$200.00$15.00
Thu, Sept. 12th, 201319:30PM #27 $30K Gtd - [6-Max]NLHE$30.00$3.00
Fri, Sept. 13th, 201318:00PM #28 $2.5K Gtd - [6-Max]PLO$2.00$0.20
Fri, Sept. 13th, 201319:00PM #30 $60K GtdFL STUD8$200.00$15.00
Fri, Sept. 13th, 201319:30PM #29 $10K GtdNLHE$55.00$5.00
Fri, Sept. 13th, 201319:30PM #31 $30K GtdNLHE$20.00$2.00
Sat, Sept. 14th, 201315:00PM #32 $20K Gtd - [Turbo]NLHE$10.00$1.00
Sat, Sept. 14th, 201315:30PM #33 $20K GtdPLO8$55.00$5.00
Sat, Sept. 14th, 201316:00PM #34 $20K Gtd - [+R]NLHE$20.00$2.00
Sat, Sept. 14th, 201316:30PM #35 $10K Gtd - [HU, No Late Reg]NLHE$100.00$9.00
Sat, Sept. 14th, 201317:00PM #36 $40K GtdNLHE$200.00$15.00
Sat, Sept. 14th, 201317:30PM #37 $10K Gtd - [6-Max]FLHE$100.00$9.00
Sun, Sept. 15th, 201314:00PM #38 $5K Gtd - [6-Max, +R]NLHE$1.00$0.10
Sun, Sept. 15th, 201315:00PM #39 $175K Gtd - [Deep]NLHE$200.00$15.00
Sun, Sept. 15th, 201315:30PM #40 $30K GtdNLHE$10.00$1.00
Sun, Sept. 15th, 201316:00PM #41 $45K GtdNLHE$55.00$5.00
Sun, Sept. 15th, 201316:30PM #42 $100K Gtd - [Deep]NLHE$500.00$30.00
Sun, Sept. 15th, 201317:00PM #43 $45K GtdNLHE$30.00$3.00
Sun, Sept. 15th, 201317:30PM #44 $10K GtdFL STUD$55.00$5.00
Sun, Sept. 15th, 201318:00PM #45 $70K GtdNLHE$100.00$9.00
Sun, Sept. 15th, 201318:30PM #46 $10K Gtd - [6-Max]NLHE$5.00$0.50
Sun, Sept. 15th, 201319:00PM #47 $50K GtdNLHE$200.00$15.00
Sun, Sept. 15th, 201319:30PM #48 $5K Gtd - [Hyper Turbo]NLHE$2.00$0.20
Mon, Sept. 16th, 201318:00PM #49 $25K Gtd - [6-Max]PLO$55.00$5.00
Mon, Sept. 16th, 201318:30PM #50 $2.5K GtdNLHE$1.00$0.10
Mon, Sept. 16th, 201319:00PM #51 $40K GtdNLHE$200.00$15.00
Mon, Sept. 16th, 201319:30PM #52 $20K Gtd - [8-Max]NLHE$20.00$2.00
Tue, Sept. 17th, 201318:00PM #53 $10K Gtd - [+R]NLHE$5.00$0.50
Tue, Sept. 17th, 201318:30PM #54 $20K GtdFL HORSE$200.00$15.00
Tue, Sept. 17th, 201319:00PM #55 $40K GtdNLHE$200.00$15.00
Tue, Sept. 17th, 201319:30PM #56 $30K GtdNLHE$30.00$3.00
Wed, Sept. 18th, 201318:00PM #57 $5K GtdNLHE$2.00$0.20
Wed, Sept. 18th, 201318:30PM #58 $2.5K GtdFL STUD8$5.00$0.50
Wed, Sept. 18th, 201319:00PM #59 $40K GtdNLHE$200.00$15.00
Wed, Sept. 18th, 201319:30PM #60 $30K Gtd - [6-Max, Turbo]NLHE$20.00$2.00
Thu, Sept. 19th, 201318:00PM #61 $15K Gtd - [6-Max]PLO$30.00$3.00
Thu, Sept. 19th, 201318:30PM #62 $20K Gtd - [6-Max, +R]NLHE$10.00$1.00
Thu, Sept. 19th, 201319:00PM #63 $40K GtdNLHE$200.00$15.00
Thu, Sept. 19th, 201319:30PM #64 $60K GtdNLHE$100.00$9.00
Fri, Sept. 20th, 201318:00PM #65 $5K GtdPLO8$10.00$1.00
Fri, Sept. 20th, 201318:30PM #66 $35K GtdNLHE$30.00$3.00
Fri, Sept. 20th, 201319:00PM #67 $60K GtdNLHE$200.00$15.00
Fri, Sept. 20th, 201319:30PM #68 $7.5K Gtd - [6-Max, Hyper Turbo]NLHE$5.00$0.50
Sat, Sept. 21st, 201315:00PM #69 $7.5K Gtd - [+R]NLHE$2.00$0.20
Sat, Sept. 21st, 201315:30PM #70 $20K GtdNLHE$10.00$1.00
Sat, Sept. 21st, 201316:00PM #71 $2.5K GtdFL STUD$5.00$0.50
Sat, Sept. 21st, 201316:30PM #72 $30K GtdNLHE$20.00$2.00
Sat, Sept. 21st, 201317:00PM #73 $40K GtdNLHE$200.00$15.00
Sat, Sept. 21st, 201317:30PM #74 $10K Gtd - [6-Max]FLHE$30.00$3.00
Sun, Sept. 22nd, 201315:00PM #76 $75K Gtd - [$60 Main Event]NLHE$55.00$5.00
Sun, Sept. 22nd, 201315:00PM #75 $250K Gtd - [$215 Main Event]NLHE$200.00$15.00
Sun, Sept. 22nd, 201315:30PM #78 $10K Gtd - [$2.20 Main Event]NLHE$2.00$0.20
Sun, Sept. 22nd, 201315:30PM #77 $5K Gtd - [$1.10 Main Event]NLHE$1.00$0.10
Sun, Sept. 22nd, 201316:00PM #80 $20K Gtd - [$5.50 Main Event]NLHE$5.00$0.50
Sun, Sept. 22nd, 201316:00PM #79 $35K Gtd - [$11 Main Event]NLHE$10.00$1.00
Sun, Sept. 22nd, 201316:30PM #82 $75K Gtd - [$109 Main Event]NLHE$100.00$9.00
Sun, Sept. 22nd, 201316:30PM #81 $125K Gtd - [$530 Main Event]NLHE$500.00$30.00
Sun, Sept. 22nd, 201317:00PM #84 $40K Gtd - [$22 Main Event]NLHE$20.00$2.00
Sun, Sept. 22nd, 201317:00PM #83 $50K Gtd - [$33 Main Event]NLHE$30.00$3.00
Sun, Sept. 22nd, 201319:00PM #85 $50K Gtd - [Last Chance]NLHE$200.00$15.00

Poker Maximus VI $250K Gtd Satellites

Everyday at CarbonPoker, we're guaranteeing 8 seats to our $215 buy-in $250,000 Main Event through our daily satellites.

Tournament Name Start Time Buy-In
PM $250K Gtd ME - [1 Seats Gtd, R/1A]Daily at 17:00$1.10
PM $250K Gtd ME - [2 Seats Gtd, R/1A]Daily at 17:30$2.20
PM $250K Gtd ME - [5 Seats Gtd, R/1A]Daily at 18:00$11.00

Poker Maximus VI Satellite Tournaments

Poker Maximus VI Sit & Go satellites are running around the clock.

Tournament Name Buy-In 1st Prize
PM $530 Coupon [6-Max, Hyper Turbo]$88.34$530 Coupon
PM $215 Coupon [6-Max, Hyper Turbo]$35.84$215 Coupon
PM $109 Coupon [6-Max, Hyper Turbo]$18.85$109.00 Coupon
PM $60 Coupon [6-Max, Hyper Turbo]$10.40$60.00 Coupon
PM $33 Coupon [6-Max, Hyper Turbo]$5.73$33.00 Coupon
PM $22 Coupon [6-Max, Hyper Turbo]$3.84$11.00 Coupon
PM $11 Coupon [6-Max, Hyper Turbo]$1.92$11.00 Coupon
PM $5.50 Coupon [6-Max, Hyper Turbo]$0.98$11.00 Coupon
PM $2.20 Coupon [6-Max, Hyper Turbo]$0.40$11.00 Coupon
PM $1.10 Coupon [6-Max, Hyper Turbo]$0.20$11.00 Coupon

Tournament Name Buy-In 1st Prize 2nd Prize
PM $530 Coupon [6-Max, Turbo]$124.17$530 Coupon$215 Coupon
PM $215 Coupon [6-Max, Turbo]$54.00$215 Coupon$109 Coupon
PM $109 Coupon [6-Max, Turbo]$30.42$109.00 Coupon$60.00 Coupon
PM $60 Coupon [6-Max, Turbo]$16.76$60.00 Coupon$33.00 Coupon
PM $33 Coupon [6-Max, Turbo]$9.92$33.00 Coupon$22.00 Cash
PM $22 Coupon [6-Max, Turbo]$5.95$22.00 Coupon$11.00 Cash
PM $11 Coupon [6-Max, Turbo]$2.98$11.00 Coupon$5.50 Cash
PM $5.50 Coupon [6-Max, Turbo]$1.40$5.50 Coupon$2.20 Cash
PM $2.20 Coupon [6-Max, Turbo]$0.62$2.20 Coupon$1.10 Cash
PM $1.10 Coupon [6-Max, Turbo]$0.42$1.10 Coupon$1.10 Cash

Poker Maximus VI Freeroll Series

Qualify for FREE to our $250,000 Main Event through our Poker Maximus Freeroll Series.

Multiple times each day, we're holding freerolls that grants the top 25 winners entry into our weekly freeroll. The only way to enter the weekly freeroll is to play the daily freerolls and win your way in. The weekly freeroll awards the top 5 places a $215 buy-in to our $250,000 Main Event on Sunday September 22nd at 15:00 Server Time.

Tournament Name Daily Buy-In
PM $250K ME Daily Freeroll02:00, 08:00, 14:00, 20:00 and 22:00Free
Tournament Name Daily Buy-In
PM $250K ME Weekly FreerollSaturday at 16:00Win a Seat via Daily Freeroll

Poker Maximus Freeroll Giveaway

Make sure you participate in our $10,000 Poker Maximus Freeroll Giveaway where players can win free seats ranging from $1.10 to $215 into Poker Maximus VI tournaments.

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