Over $35,000 in Cash and Instant prizes

This month, don't miss your chance to win your share of $35,000 in our Snakes and Ladders promotion.

Here's what you could win:

  • - Up to $1,000 in instant cash each time you complete the game board
  • - Instant prizes including $109 seats into our $50,000 Guaranteed tournament
  • - Over $35,000 in total up for grabs

    How do I play?

    Just like the board game, you'll need to move through the Snakes and Ladders game board to win cash. Here's how!

    From February 1st to the 28th earn as many VIP Points as you can at any real money ring game or tournament. As you earn VIP Points you'll earn a roll of the dice. The more times you roll the dice the quicker you'll make your way around our Snakes and Ladder game board. Each time you complete the board you'll receive an instant cash prize up to $1,000.

    Only VIP points earned during the month of February will count towards this promotion.

    How many VIP points do I need to roll the dice?

    The first time around the board a dice roll will be awarded each time you earn 50 VIP points. Note that these points aren't deducted from your account when you roll. Each time you complete the Snakes and Ladders board and receive your cash prize the price of each dice roll will go up.

    RoundVIP Points needed to earn one (1) roll of the dice

    What can I win?

    Each time you complete the Snakes and Ladders board you'll receive a randomly chosen cash prize. Here's what you could win:

    Cash Prize Total Cash Prizes available

    $1000 cash 5
    $500 cash 10
    $100 cash 35
    $50 cash 150
    $25 cash 300
    $10 cash 500
    $5 cash 750

    Around the game board we'll also feature several instant prize spots. Land on one and you'll receive anything from a free roll to a satellite coupon worth up to $109. Each time you complete the board, the value of the instant prizes will go up.

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